It had been a very long day. First training with lord Hiashi. Of course that improved my skills, but after that I had to train with Hinata and to top it all off with his youngest daughter, Hanabi.

I didn't mind training with Hinata, we sort of became friends. Training with Hanabi was the real trouble. She was a very arrogant girl and thought herself better than me. She was a sneaky brat that wouldn't listen to my instructions. How was I going to learn her anything if she didn't even listen to me. She was annoying me to death.

That was why I really needed today, or better yet tonight. Kiba had arranged a boys night out. Usually I didn't participate, but Naruto convinced me to come. I couldn't deny that I was really looking forward to the alcohol. Getting a little drunk would get my mind off things. Pointing at a little girl that should be locked up forever.

I feel a headache coming up…

After a long well deserved shower I was changing in a clean pair of clothes. My hair was all brushed out and tied in its usual ponytail. I was as ready as I could be, never really putting much effort in my appearance. I thought of myself as a quite handsome man. I liked the fact that I was tall, taller than most of my friends anyway.

After one last check in the mirror I was on my way. I didn't feel like hurrying, so I just walked to Yakiniku Q. Chouji demanded we'd go there. He needed to eat or something. I assumed he already ate, as it was ten at night. Apparently I was mistaken.

When I finally got there, it seemed everybody was already here. Chouji eating most of the meat that was ordered, Naruto and Kiba yelling at each other about who was faster or something, Shino being silent and unreadable as always, Sai and Sasuke talking quietly to each other. I still thought it was strange he was back, but Naruto got mad when someone would mention it. And last Lee who tried to drink some sake, but was stopped by a bored looking Shikamaru. A full table indeed.

I sat down silently, ordering a sake for myself. Let the fun begin and let it begin soon.

'Hey, Neji. When did you get here?'

'I just sat down, Naruto. Don't make a big deal out of it,' I replied.

He mumbled something like 'stuck up ass', which I chose to ignore. Shikamaru, who was sitting beside me, gave me a slight smile. I looked at him as if he had gone nuts and I got a full out smile because of that. What was up with this guy?

Lee tried to get my attention by waving his hands in front of my face. He sat on the other side of me.

'What do you want, Lee?' I asked annoyed. I really didn't need this tonight.

'Neji, I wanted to ask you if I can have a sip of your drink. The others won't let me have any and I was curious to what it would taste like.'

I gave a loud sigh. 'You know there is a reason why you can't drink, Lee. Didn't Gai talk to you about this?'

'Oh, you are right. Sensei did mention this. Thank you for reminding me.' And by now I chose to ignore him the rest of the night. It was bad enough we were in the same team. Dealing with him and Hanabi in one day cost just too much energy.

Another sake made its way to the table right after I finished my first one. I looked at it confused, but drank it nonetheless. The alcohol was welcoming.

'I thought you needed one.' I turned to the left again and saw Shikamaru still smiling.

'Is it that obvious?'

'You look tired and you're not really having fun. Even Sasuke is smiling, so there must be something wrong with you.'

I suppressed a smile. 'Does it ever seem that I'm having fun.'

He leaned back in his chair and kept studying me. 'Now that you mention it. I believe I've never seen you smile.'

'Ah, it's rarely seen and people have to do their best to actually get me to smile.'

'What does it take to make you smile then?'

The smile kept tugging at the corner of my lips. 'You're doing a good job, but keep the drinks coming. They really do the trick.' I kind believe I was really flirting with this guy. Of course it had been a while since I've been with someone, but I made an agreement with myself that I would never have a thing with friends. It would only make things awkward.

But this guy, he seemed to be really into it. His smile turning more in a smirk and a naughty gleam in his eyes. The curiosity was tingling inside my stomach.

'Shall we get you another drink then?'

I couldn't hold in the smile anymore, so I just let it go and would deal with it afterwards. Maybe it would get me something really good.

'I believe I've just witnessed a miracle. You are smiling, Neji. Does that mean I'm that good?'

'Well you are a strategist. I actually didn't expect anything less of you, Shikamara.' I know gave him a smirk of my own, but he seemed unfazed. We stared at each other for a while, thinking about what would come out of this.

After a few or a lot more drinks, I really have no idea how much I already drank, Shikamaru and I were still talking, laughing and flirting. The table had emptied somewhat, most of our friends gone home already. Only Kiba, Naruto, Sasuke and us two were still here. Sasuke seemed to want to go home already, but had to wait for Naruto. They lived together and the rumor that went around was that they were a couple. I didn't really care and they seemed happy. Who was I to judge, especially since I'm openly gay.

Kiba and Naruto were still having a discussion, but now about something else. Who was the best lover or something. A really strange subject to discuss out in the open, but they also had their fair share of alcohol.

Shikamaru suddenly started yawning loudly and stretching is arms above his head. He made sure that everybody noticed.

'Well, guys. I think I'm gonna head home. You coming, Neji?' This was it. I had to make a decision right know. If I said yes I would possibly get laid, but maybe ruin this friendship. If I said no than I would go home alone, still thinking about that stupid little cousin, but still had a friend I could count on.

I looked him up and down one more time, figuring out my decision.

'Yeah, it's getting pretty late.' Yes, I know. Even the great genius is led by his hormones sometimes. Can't be helped.

We casually made our way out of the restaurant and as soon as we felt the cold night hit us, we started kissing. I wanted him so bad. I needed to release some of this stress and he was definitely going to help me out. I guess he really was a good friend.

'Your place or mine?' he asked between kisses.

'Yours, we won't get on the Hyuuga grounds without being seen.' I felt him smile against my lips. I guess I made it obvious now that this was a onetime thing. At least he wasn't offended.

'Alright, my place is closer anyway.' He grabbed my hand and started pulling me along the street. He seemed in quite a hurry, but that only seemed better to me. The quicker we got there, the quicker I would find release.

When we got there he fished his keys out of his pocket and tried to put in the lock. He had a lot of trouble getting it in and I couldn't help but laugh. Must be the alcohol, because normally I wouldn't laugh at that and it's weird that I know that right now.

'Open the door already. I'm fucking freezing out here,' I whined.

'I'm doing my best and did you just say fucking?' He turned his head towards me and gave me an unbelievable look.

I crossed my arms and gave him a smirk. 'So what if I did?' I looked like an arrogant little boy.

He shook his head and finally unlocked the door. We stumbled inside and I was glad I lived on his own. We definitely would have woken up his parents.

I became aware of the fact that I was horny again and forgot everything that seemed funny at the moment. Like the junk that was all over the place. I pushed Shikamaru against the wall and started kissing him again. I bit his lip, making him open his mouth in a pained gasp and shoved my tongue in his mouth. I was so going to top tonight.

Clothes were left behind as we made our way to his bedroom. Which was quite a challenge seeing our drunken state and the mess Shikamaru had made of his apartment. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to my surroundings, but I couldn't miss the sink that stood full with dirty dishes. It left an unpleasant smell in the apartment.

'It's the door to the left,' Shikamaru whispered. I pushed open the door while stumbling over his feet. It wasn't a real surprise when our body's fell to the floor.

Shikamaru let out a pained groan and gripped his head. His head had met the floor pretty hard. I on the other hand had landed softly, right on Shikamaru. It was actually quite pleasant.

I didn't pay any further attention to the pain in his head and dragged him to the bed. A pain in the head wasn't going to stop me from getting laid, even if it wasn't my head that hurt.

'Come on, Shika. Climb on the bed,' I whined. He let out an annoyed sigh, clearly wanting to give his head a little more attention, but got on the bed anyway. I gave him a pleased smile, which he rolled his eyes at.

'I'm already in the bed. You can stop smiling know.'

'I resent that,' I said annoyed, my smile failing immediately.

'Neji, I think you're drunk.'

'Just a little bit.' I pointed out with my fingers how drunk I was, but couldn't see them clearly. I'm not really sure how drunk I am right now.

With another roll of the eyes he slapped my hand away and started kissing me feverishly. Right, that was why I was here. I pushed him down on the bed and laid myself on top of him, trying to feel as much as possible. Shikamaru felt soft, like velvet or satin or something else that feels really soft.

My hand made its way down, caressing his skin on the way. I gave is cock a teasing squeeze, earning a pleased moan from him. I liked being in control and it was great that Shikamaru did everything that I wanted him to do and I didn't even need to ask. He was so much better than Hanabi.

Suddenly Shikamaru grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I wasn't really hard yet and the alcohol was to blame.

'I need a little more to work with, Neji. This isn't going to fill me up,' Shikamaru whispered in my ear. I couldn't help but moan. I wanted to be inside him and fill him up until nothing would fit inside him anymore. It isn't even making sense anymore, but I still wanted it.

'Just keep doing that. I will get hard for you, I promise.'

'Maybe you need a little more help.' He pushed me off him and slid down my body. With a big suck he took my dick in his mouth. A sudden whine left me lips by the sudden contact, blood pumping to it immediately.

He bobbed his head up and down a couple of times until he was certain I was fully hard. 'You're pretty big, Neji, but I think we can fit this in.' He was about to slid down, when I felt the need to stop him.

'Idiot, that's going to fucking hurt.'

He gave me a slight smile. 'I've got enough alcohol in my system to feel no pain at all and I want you right now.'

Before I could even respond and tell him about the pain in his head from before, he was already down, my cock fully sheeted inside him. He let out a paint scream and I couldn't really do anything to relieve him from some of it. In an attempt to make him feel better, I started stroking his sides. I was clearly worried about him, but he also felt too good to stay still for a long time.

'Are you alright?' I asked carefully.

'Yeah, sorry. That was really dumb. It's gonna be a pain in the ass tomorrow, literally.' He tried to smile, but his face was soon full of pain again. I felt sorry for him, but it was his own fault. He was supposed to be the genius. Well not when he's drinking alcohol.

Slowly he lifted himself off me and just as slowly made his way down again. I moaned softly, still giving him his time to feel comfortable. Even though I wanted to pound into his body with all the strength I have left.

He looked me in the eyes and said, 'Can I lay down again? It still kinda hurts and I'm really lazy.'

I rolled my eyes and turned us around. 'We will do this my way now.' He nodded and I put him in the perfect position for myself. His legs folded around my neck, his ass somewhat lifted in the air and his face still shown to me. I wanted to see his face when he came. It always gave me such a kick.

Slowly I entered him again. I just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt him anymore than he did already. A slow pace was set after that. I was angling my thrusts, looking for the spot that what make him see stars. It took me quite a while, my drunken state not really helping.

'Right there, Neji. Right there.' Now we were ready to get things really heated up. My pace got a little quicker, pulling moan after moan out of the wriggling body beneath me. He felt really good. He wasn't too tight like some virgins are, but also wasn't so stretched you really couldn't feel anything anymore. It still made me curious who he did this with before. I hadn't even known that he was gay in the first place.

'Harder, come on harder,' he screamed. So I slammed into him this time. I felt my orgasm coming already. I wasn't ready yet, but couldn't really stop it. A horrible time to come, but it still felt so good.

I made a grab at Shikamaru's hardened length and started stroking it at the same pace with my thrusts. Screams rolled of his lips, clearly enjoying what I was doing.

When I least expect it, he came all over me, including me face. This would have really annoyed me if I wasn't in a state of bliss myself. I stuffed him up with my seed, letting out a final moan.

The next morning I woke up with an enormous headache. Stupid alcohol always making me feel bad the day after. I turned around and saw sleepy eyes meeting mine.

'Morning,' Shikamaru said in a raspy voice. 'How are you feeling?'

'Like crap, you?'

'I can't move.' I laughed at that. He would be in pain the rest of the day if not the rest of the week.

We just lay there in silent for a while, watching each other through sleepy eyes. I really had fun with him last night and he really did me a favor.

'Do you think we could do this again sometime?' he asked in a small voice, very uncertain of what my reaction would be. I kind of made it clear this would be a onetime thing last night.

'Definitely,' I said.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto