We were lying on the couch. I on my back, my head against the side pillow and Shikamaru on top of me, his head on my chest. He had his eyes closed and slept silently. Even in his sleep he made almost no noise. I was stroking his hair softly, his hair tie long gone.

After we sort of made up this afternoon we had kissed and stopped there. It was the first time it didn't lead to anything else. We just broke the kiss and got something to eat. It became one of the only times Shikamaru cooked for me. He was usually to lazy for it, but today was special according to him. I wasn't about to oppose.

We had eaten dinner and after that just laid down on the couch and enjoyed each other's company, like we used to do. I closed my eyes also and relaxed. The first time in days, no weeks I felt good again. This was how it was supposed to go. I guess we really belonged together.

'If we are going to sleep, shouldn't we just go to bed?' Shikamaru rumbled against my chest.

'Well, I can't move unless you get off me.' He lifted himself a little higher and softly kissed my smiling mouth.

'Let's go then.' He wiggled his hips against mine to emphasize what his real intentions were and then moved away. I didn't know how fast I had to get off the couch and follow him into the bedroom.

When I finally got there he was already lying under the thin sheet. It was warm enough that we didn't need the duvet. The sheet didn't really cover anything up. Every contour of his body was shown off by it. His erection clearly noticeable under the sheet. At least he was already naked, easy access for me.

I strip out of my traditional white clothes and crawled on top of him. Only the thin sheet laid between us.

'You forgot something,' he whispered against my lingering lips.

'And what's that?' I stole a kiss from him before he could answer and immediately wanted more.

He tapped on my forehead protector. With a sigh I took it off and threw it away. It landed somewhere with a loud thump.

'Better?' I asked.

'Much, now I can see you in all your beauty.'

'Sappy much?'

He laughed before kissing me on the forehead. He did that a lot, but this was the first time I didn't really mind. He could love me even with the curse mark. Something I never felt possible.

I grabbed his chin and pulled his head down so I could kiss him more properly. I nibbled on his bottom lip and then gave it an apologizing lick. He whimpered softly, granting me entrance. I slid my tongue in and deepened the kiss. I rolled my tongue around his, before retreating again. He took his chance and slipped his tongue in my mouth. I let him rule the kiss, while I fumbled with the sheet between us. It needed to lie on the floor instead of on the bed.

After a lot of wrestling and cursing it was finally gone and our naked flesh was pressed against one another. I left his mouth for what it was and kissed his chin, his neck and that little patch of naked skin right behind the ear.

I kissed him softly on his Adam's apple and felt it bob under my lips. He was swallowing his anticipation away. I had now reached the spot between his collarbone, a soft and sensitive spot, or at least to Shikamaru. His chest deserved a few hickeys. No one could see them when he wore his uniform, so that wouldn't be a problem on missions.

My hands were currently in his hips, caressing his hipbones with my thumbs. He shivered do to the tickling feeling, but still bucked his hips into mine. One of his hands grabbed my hair when I latched my lips on a nipple. He squeezed his hand into a fist, pulling my hair softly. It didn't really hurt, but the sudden movement made me growl at him. I would be in control tonight and I would savor every bit of skin he had to offer.

My tongue lapped at his six-pack, loving how firm they were. I was really looking forward to what was right below. My eyes focused on him, but my head kept slipping down. My chin made contact with his head. I let my right hand grab his length and let it stand up straight. After a few clumsy moments my mouth finally found his head. It's very hard to do when you're not looking at what you're doing.

I gave it a hard suck, before releasing it again. I let my tongue swirl around the head and lingered a bit longer on the sensitive spot right under the foreskin. He tasted a bit salty and it wasn't the greatest taste, but I didn't mind it. It pleasured him and that was all that mattered.

Two hands were currently messing up my hair. Tangling in between his fingers and then pulling in the knots tightly. It will be hell tomorrow, but that didn't mind today. He moaned loudly. Making me take his length fully in my mouth. I wanted to be pleasured and I wanted it really soon.

'Give me the lube,' I mouthed around his dick. It was a miracle he even knew what I was talking about, but he threw it against me head nonetheless. I would thank him for that later…

I slicked up my fingers with a lot of effort. I must have looked cross-eyed when I was doing it on his stomach. Next time I'll remember to look good to, but I'm sure Shikamaru still found me hot.

A finger entered him without a warning and he gasped do to the sudden intrusion. He relaxed soon enough and I let another finger enter him. I wanted to do this quickly. We both wanted this enough as it was. A third finger stretched him further and then I was done. I let his length plop out of my mouth and got back on top of him.

'You want me to ride you?' he asked huskily. Oh, he was ready alright.

I kissed him softly and pressed my erection against his entrance. 'No, I'll ride you today.'

'That's just wrong,' he said through a smile.

'And you love it.' I pressed the head in, shutting him up. He groaned, the pain being still a bit overwhelming. It had been a while for him, so I wasn't about to rush.

I pushed in a little further and when he didn't make any objection I slid in the whole way. Before I started moving we kissed passionately. A little distraction for me and a little time to adjust for him. When I couldn't take it any longer I started moving slowly. I didn't want to fuck him into the bed today, but make love to him.

I gradually moved in and out of him. He moaned softly at the same pace as my thrusts. His eyes looked so beautiful like this. Half lidded dark brown eyes, glistening with lust. I kissed him again, nipping at his bottom lip. He felt so good around my length. So tight, he never seemed to stretch fully.

It seemed we were making love for hours and I never grew tired of it. I felt my orgasm rising and at the look of Shikamaru he also was pretty close. I gave a few more thrusts and came with a loud moan. I had to give Shikamaru a few more pulls on his erection and after that he also came all over my and his stomach.

After another stolen kiss we looked at each other.

'I love you,' I whispered.

'I know,' he whispered back.

After a few weeks and loads of crap from my uncle, he finally approved of my relationship with Shikamaru. Yes, we told everyone and most of them actually already knew. We hadn't been as secretive as we thought we were. Our hints not as hidden as we hoped.

It didn't matter now. We were happy and no one could take that away from us. Except maybe Izumo, but he kept his mouth shut, for now. Shikamaru didn't want to know who I had slept with and I had no problem with that. I guess Izumo had noticed how happy we were, because I knew he knew about Shika and I. He still talked normally to him, but ignored me a bit.

Currently we were sitting in the grass against a tree, the shadow protecting us from the sun. His head laid against my shoulder and he had his eyes closed. We enjoyed the silence and each other's company as much as we could.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto