Clothes Make the Woman

"I can't believe we have to dress up for this," Edie groused.

Winry gave her a look. "Did you think you could wear that old red jacket of yours to the Fuhrer's inauguration?"

"Hell, yeah! It'd add some color to the ceremony. Mustang'd probably shit if I did." Edie rubbed her chin, obviously contemplating the idea.

"That jacket doesn't fit you any more," Winry reminded her. Hopefully.

"Bet Al'd transmute it for me." The gleam in her eyes let Winry know that Edie wasn't only thinking about the idea, she thought it was a good one.

Oh, god. "Al's not transmuting your old jacket!"

"He would if I asked him!"

Winry shook her head. "He won't if I ask him not to."

Edie glared at her, her eyes narrowing. "You wouldn't."

"I would." Winry glared right back. "Besides, I already picked out what you should wear." When Edie groaned, she went on. "And what I'm going to wear. And I think you'll like both of them." Glower melting away into a wicked grin, Winry spun on her heel, leaving the room. She made sure to roll her hips the way that always caught Edie's eye, and sure enough, it didn't take long before Edie followed her into their bedroom.


Already behind the dressing screen, her dress draped over the top of it, she'd tossed her clothing on the floor where Edie couldn't miss it. "Yes?"

"Wha…" There was a soft rustle and Winry peered through the decorative grating at the top of the screen to see Edie in the doorway, her cheeks flushed. "I can't wear that!"

"Yes, you can." Winry pulled the corset on, wriggling to get it to move into place. "If I'm wearing this." She stepped out from behind the screen, waiting for Edie to notice.

"That's – that's - " Edie floundered to a stop, her mouth dropping open at the sight of Winry. "What is that?"

"A corset," Winry said. "So I can fit into my dress." She walked to their bed, leaning her hands against the footboard post. "It needs to be tightened," she said over her shoulder, "want to pull the strings?"

Edie swallowed loudly, but came closer, wrapping the strings around her fingers. "You…you'll tell me if it's too tight, right?"

"Mmhmmm." Tossing her hair so it was out of the way, Winry grinned at Edie. "I'm ready." She could just see Edie's reflection in the mirror, and loved how she studied the corset back before giving an experimental tug on the strings. "You have to start from the top, Edie, not from the bottom…like tightening a pair of boots."

"Yeah, okay," Edie said, and her cool fingers brushed the top of the corset and Winry's bare back, making her shiver,. She began tugging the strings carefully and Winry had to snort. "What?"

"You can pull harder than tha-aack!" Winry gasped, grabbing the bed post and hanging on. "Not that tight!"

Edie's reflection grinned at her, though she loosened the corset at the top a bit. As she continued pulling the strings, the corset forced Winry's spine to stiffen. The leather and bone contraption embraced her torso, and she couldn't take a deep breath, but when she turned around after Edie tied the strings off, the expression on Edie's face made it completely worth it. "You can't wear that to the Inauguration, Winry!"

"Why not?" She spun in front of the mirror, stopping to face her reflection. Her breasts looked huge in the mirror, the corset accentuating them and emphasizing the natural curves of her torso.

"Because! You'll look – I mean – gah!" Edie slapped her hands on the dresser. "You're too pretty!"

"Too pretty?" she asked quietly. Maybe too quietly.

"I mean," Edie backpedaled, "Everyone's going to want you! I'll spend all night dragging men off of you!"

Winry moved Edie's arm out of the way so she could slide between the dresser and her lover. "Are you sure that's the only reason?" Lacing her hands behind Edie's neck, she sucked Edie's lower lip into her mouth.

She pulled back, her lip leaving Winry's mouth with a 'pop!' "That's not the only reason." Edie grumbled, "They don't need to know how big your boobs are, for one thing."

"Are you sure?" Winry thrust them at her, grinning when Edie's eyes dropped.

She jerked them up again, her cheeks darkening. "Yes!"

Winry looped her legs around Edie, crossing her ankles in the small of her back. "Positive?"

"Winry," Edie growled, though her gaze darted down and back up. She braced one hand on the dresser, and used the other to try to untangle Winry's legs from behind her back. "What do you think you're doing?"

She arched her back just so, her nipples popping free of the corset. "I think you know." Freed from the confining leather, they stiffened, rosy and sharp. Edie bent her neck so she could lip one of those nipples into her mouth. Legs tightening reflexively around Edie's hips, Winry let out a soft moan that ended in a whine when Edie straightened. "Why'd you stop?"

"You're a tease," Edie told her, tapping her on the end of the nose. "And now's not the time for that."

Winry pouted but unwound her legs from Edie's waist, letting her feet touch the floor again. "So, when is the time for that?"

Going to the bed, Edie picked up the dress Winry'd laid out for her. She held it up experimentally, shaking her head. "Mustang really is going to shit."

"So he'll see you as a woman for once." Winry scowled at a sudden thought. "Maybe you shouldn't wear that dress."

Edie danced it in front of her. "Afraid he'd take me away from you?"

Making a rude noise, Winry said, "I'd be more worried about Riza. Or Colonel Armstrong's sister."

"Hell no, Armstrong would bite off my head after she was finished," Edie snapped, though her hand came up to rub her chin. "But Hawkeye." Her gaze drifted to Winry, making her frown.

"What are you thinking?"

Edie didn't give her time to react, grabbing her and flinging her onto the bed. Leaping on top of Winry, she kissed her hard, her hands capturing her face, holding Winry still. When she broke off, she grinned, running her thumbs over Winry's cheekbones.

"What?" Winry asked, trying to think past that kiss and its implications.

"Just wondering if we can talk Hawkeye into giving you one of her old uniforms," Edie said, her grin widening.

"If you have fantasies about Riza," Winry felt Edie stiffen slightly, though she didn't drop her hands from Winry's face. She wriggled underneath her, reaching down and grabbing Edie's ass to make her squeak, "you'd better share them with me."