So many years... how long had it been now? She'd lost count ages ago; killing everyone that dared come near her had irreparably skewed her perception. Hanging out in this blasted forest for so long hadn't helped... where the hell was the way out and how could you fit so much bamboo in one space?

Laughter drew the fuming female out of her thoughts, along with the sound of chatter. Conversation, in this forest? And... that voice... it couldn't be the same person she'd tried and failed to find for so long. Curiously, she crept towards the sounds of life and peered curiously. There was... one girl with odd ears, who was otherwise thoroughly unremarkable, and a cascade of black hair and fine silks.

Not even waiting to confirm that this was definitely the right person, she sprung out of hiding and latched onto the passer-by, knocking the black-haired female down and sparing only the tiniest second for to let her see a maddened grin before fire consumed everything. The black-haired girl's companion backed off hastily as the entire path they'd been walking on was consumed by flames.

That wasn't enough for her revenge, though. The fire would certainly kill but she wanted to inflict something more... personal. Good thing she had the tanto, then. The dulled blade was repeatedly brought down heedlessly, occasionally slipping through the ribs but mostly glancing off bone. Eventually, the battered and abused blade snapped.

The murderer still wasn't satisfied. Spying a particularly deep-looking wound amongst the flaming mess, she forced her fingers in and started to pull the flesh and bone beneath apart. A normal person's strength wouldn't be enough but her anger, and the magic she'd picked up... it was more than enough, and soon pieces of rib were being ripped out and tossed aside.

She gazed down at the organ. Still beating, but weakly... time to put and end to that! She could have punched it, or shoved her hand through it... but that wasn't enough. Time to make this girl know what she'd felt. A hand darted down and wrenched the organ out, gazing at the pulsating mass of muscle.

Then she bit into it. Revenge wasn't a dish best served cold; it was best served at body temperature.

Laughing, the murderer stepped away from the body. It had taken most of her life but she'd done it! She'd finally made the bitch pay and killed her! In her laughter, the female didn't notice as the wounds sealed up, regenerating to smooth flesh as the flames within petered out, leaving the both of them naked and very, very bloodied.

"What was that for? It was meeeeeean..." the black-haired female whined, her words only intensifying the laughter. So, she was immortal too? It would never end, ever...

… And in its own way, this seemed better.

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