Bulma is smart, beautiful, adventurous, and desired by men all over the universe. She is the princess of Earth. For the past 18 years she has been spending summers on planet Vegetasi getting to know the prince and her future husband. They love to hate each other and hate to love each other. Their marriage was arranged a week after she was born. They shared the common goal of wanting Lord Frieza destroyed. But what happens when Frieza pays Bulma a visit? He wants the girl for himself but she remains loyal to her fiancé and the Saiyans. So Frieza takes matters into his own hands. He threatens the one thing he knows she loves but her pride won't let her show it. Prince Vegeta. He only agrees to not harm him if Bulma will become his bride she has 2 weeks to make a choice. What will she do? Will the lizard monster keep his promise and not hurt Vegeta until she decides?

It was a week before her eighteenth birthday. The palace was buzzing and alive with preparations for her ball. The ball would be held on her birthday. There was no secret that men all over would be crushed to find that she's been engaged to marry another. She had to get some air and get away from all this. She wished she was on Vegetsi with her soon to be husband, she'd never admit that out loud that's for sure. He was the perfect match for her, he was intelligent, strong, brave, and extremely handsome. He was also self-centered, arrogant, selfish and a spoiled brat! But he never lied to her, he never hid anything from her, and she liked that about him. She enjoyed their verbal spars. He was witty and after spending so much time at his palace each summer since her first birthday the young princess was indeed falling for the prince. Bulma put on her gown and over coat and left her room.

"Where are you going Princess?"

"Oh Chi-Chi, hi! I'm uh just going for a walk. I need get some air."

"Well you know the rules Bulma, I'm coming with you."

"Fine Chi, but only because I know there is no arguing with you!"

"No there's not, let's go grab my overcoat and then we'll go walk in the private gardens away from everyone."

"Sounds perfect! You know me so well!"

"Your my cousin and we've grown up together Bulma I hope I know you!"

"Ha ha ha ha yes I know"

The two young girls walked to Chi-Chi's room down the hall to get her coat. They then made their way through secret halls and tunnels to get to the private gardens.

"So what's wrong Bulma? Not happy with the marriage to Prince Jackass?"

"He's not that bad Chi-Chi, and no that's not it, I love planet Vegeta, and the King and Queen and well even Vegeta has grown on me."

"Good because I'm excited to move there with you and get to see Kakarot all the time!"

"Well gee let me just be miserable so you can see Kakarot!"

"Your such a drama Queen. So how did you manage to get away from Radditz? I thought King Vegeta gave him strict orders not to leave your side."

"I am a genius remember"

"Whatever you say, but we both know he is going to be furious when he finds you."

"Yea I know he is, but I can handle Radditz."

"So what's on your mind, I know you needed to come out here for a reason."

"Well a lot actually, I'm only 18 and I'm being forced to marry and move away and aside from inventing all the amazing training bots, and armor and stuff I don't know what I'll do there. Vegeta always trains and the little time he spends with me he's insulting me or my inventions. The king and queen are wonderful towards me so that's nice. I guess I'm just nervous. I've lived there for months at a time but now it will for good. Will I see my parents again or my friends?"

"It's going to be fine, you know that you can come back whenever you want to, and your parents will come see you, and I'll be there with you! The prince I'm sure just likes you and it trying to hide it."

"You should listen to her my pretty princess, she is right."

The girls froze at hearing the high pitched feminine voice behind them. They slowly turned around to see a short lizard like man with a long tail. He was holding an unconscious Radditz by the collar.

"Who-who are you and what did you do to Radditz!"

"Oh my dear girl you should know to bite your tongue with me! My, my the rumors of your beauty did you no justice."


He threw Radditz at the girls and he landed with a thud. Radditz was slowly waking up.

"L-lord Frieza"


The girls said at the same time looking terrified at each other. Radditz quickly jumped up realizing who was standing in front of them. He pushed Bulma behind him and took his stance.

"Radditz my dear boy you can stand down, I'm not here to harm anyone, I'm here to talk"

"Then speak"

"Princess, mind if we talk in private? They may follow us but behind us where they cannot hear."

Bulma looked to Radditz and Chi-Chi, then took a deep breath and pushed all her fear aside. She was to be the queen of the Saiyan's and will die to protect them. She stepped from behind the massive body guard and nodded for the two to do as Frieza had requested. Frieza smiled and extended his arm for her to take. She did and they began walking.

"What would you like to speak about my Lord?"

"Well you see I received word that the most beautiful creature seen in thousands of years was going to marry a filthy monkey and I could not let that happen. You should be with someone on your level my dear, not below you."

"With all due respect, the Saiyan's are NOT filthy monkeys and I am very pleased with my parents' choice of a husband for me. Prince Vegeta is not below me and neither are any of his people."

"You are a naïve fool my dear. You have two weeks to make a decision. Should you make the wrong choice and pick that monkey I will simply remove him from the picture and then you have to be with me."


Bulma was barely able to speak her heart was not in her throat but she did not want to show the lizard monster he had won.

"I thought the prince was arrogant and insults you all the time? Why would you care what happens to him? Unless, oh I see it now! Ha ha ha ha you have fallen for the selfish prince!"

Bulma looked to the ground, he had hit the nail right on the head. She had fallen for the prince, but also for the planet, their people, their culture she loved everything about Saiyans, especially him.

"Lord Frieza, you see you misunderstand my respect and my duty as his bride to be for love, it is my responsibility as a princess to follow the orders of my father. And I do enjoy the time I spend with his family and his people. I do not love anyone one man my Lord you see as a princess I love my people, my planet, and since I will be the queen to the Saiyans I do indeed love the Saiyan race."

She hoped he didn't see through her lies, she did love Vegeta but she was terrified what Frieza would do to him if he knew.

"I see, well then you would want to do what is best for both planets?"

"Y-yes of course I do."

Frieza stopped and turned her to face him. He grabbed her chin forcing her to look up at him. He stroked the side of her face with his cold hands. Her body shivered under his touch.

"Well then you have two weeks to make a choice. I shall return and I do hope you've made the right one. I would hate to have to hurt that Prince of yours."

Frieza pulled her in close and whispered the last part in her ear. While pulling away he kissed her cheek lightly. She wanted to vomit. How dare he touch her? Radditz was fuming, the prince will not like this one bit. Another man touching what is his, especially Frieza.

"Now I must be going, I will see you soon princess. I do hope you make the right choice."

Frieza took to the sky and when he was out of sight Bulma collapsed to the ground. Radditz and Chi-Chi rushed to her side.