Okay here it is! The last and final chapter of the story! Not as long as I thought but I'm happy with the ending. I didnt want to draw it out and have so much fluff and not enough story. Hope you all enjoyed it! No plans of anymore stories in the near future. Please please review! :D

Vegeta noticed Bulma had been in the bathroom for a very long time so he went in to check up on her. He was not prepared for seeing a very naked Bulma sleeping soundly in the tub. She had been in there so long all of her bubbles were gone. Vegeta did the honorable thing and wrapped her up in a towel and carried her to the bed. He placed her gently down under the covers while he grabbed her sleeping gown from the drawer. The prince was a total gentleman while he dressed her and placed her back down on the bed. She began to stir and slowly opened her eyes to see Vegeta pulling the covers over her body.



"I guess I fell asleep huh?"

"You did"

"Thanks for putting me in bed, oh and dressing me."

"I'll be outside of your door, sleep well."

"Vegeta wait"


"Stay with me"

"I am"

"No, not outside, stay with me in here, please…..I feel safer when I'm in your arms"

"I do not think I should"

"Vegeta please"

"Fine woman, I'll stay"


The prince climbed into bed with her and she snuggled up against him while he wrapped his arms around her tightly. She let out a deep breath and smiled against his chest.



"Thank you"

"You do not need to thank me woman, I am fulfilling my duty as your prince and your mate"

"Not just for protecting me, for everything. For loving me and taking care of me."

"I always will"

"Do you think we're safe with Frieza gone?"

"For a little while yes, but I am the legendary now and my strength is endless"

"Good, well good night"


Bulma closed her eyes and let the sleep take her. Vegeta soon followed suit. They slept peacefully in each-other's arms for the entire night. They both woke the next morning earlier than usual thanks to Kakarot's arguing over who gets to eat first.

"That fool does not think of anything else but food."

"No he doesn't Vegeta"

Bulma responded with a chuckle and a smile. She began to climb out of bed when something grabbed her and pulled her back down. She began to laugh and struggle to get out of his grasp.

"Vegeta stop it! I need to get in the shower and get ready for landing"

"Five minutes"

"No, now"

"Five minutes"



" .Go"

Bulma spat while pulling away from him with all her might.


Vegeta let go and Bulma fell out of the bed with a thud. Vegeta let out a deep chuckle and looked at her on the floor with a smirk on his face.

"You're an ass Vegeta!"

"You told me to let you go did you not?"

"ugh, yes I did. I'm getting dressed and going to see when we land"

"I'll meet you in the control room. Your parents should have the court yard ready for the wedding"

"Finally, I'm ready to start our lives Vegeta."

"As am I woman, now get dressed"

Vegeta climbed out of bed and put his armor back on and Bulma went to her changing room to get dressed. They met in the control room and saw they would be landing in only a few hours. Bulma couldn't wait to be back home and see her family again. She has been through enough crap and is ready to start her new life with Vegeta as King and Queen of Vegetasi. When they landed they were welcomed by her parents, Chi-Chi and a full courtyard ready for their ceremony. Bulma was ecstatic! Her mother and Chi-Chi helped her get ready into her new wedding gown since the last one was destroyed and fixed her hair and make-up for her. She no longer looked like a teen, but now she was a woman. A woman that was strong, confident and ready to mate with her prince. Bulma was daydreaming about children and what their palace would like when her mother snapped her out of it.

"Radditz is here to escort you down dear"

"Oh good, send him in"

Radditz walked in and bowed to both royals and then smiled at Bulma. He had watched her grow into a beautiful woman and even grew attached to her.

"Your look amazing princess"

"Thank you Radditz"

Radditz and Bulma once again took the walk down the long halls to finally say "I do". She was so happy and was grinning from ear to ear. No longer nervous or afraid, she and her people would be forever safe with Vegeta and the Saiyan's protecting them. When they finally reached the ceremony she noticed Jeice and some of the other elite soldiers of the rebellion sitting and smiling. She smiled and gave a slight wave knowing that they had helped greatly in her rescue. They would always have a place in her army. She looked up to the altar to see Vegeta standing tall and proud. His emotionless face turned to look at her and smiled. Not a smirk but a truly genuine smile. She loved when he did that, he was such a handsome man and that smile melted her heart even more. Radditz handed her off to Vegeta and the ceremony was to begin. They did a mixture of Earth customs and Saiyan. It lasted thirty minutes and when it was over Bardock announced them as King and Queen Vegeta. The crowd cheered while her mother wept tears of joy. The party was held in the grand ballroom and everyone was having such a great time. As the night drew on into the early morning Vegeta and Bulma said their good-nights and headed to their chambers to enjoy their wedding night together. Bulma changed into a satin night dress that hugged her curves perfectly and Vegeta let out a low growl in appreciation. She slid into bed with him. Vegeta wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. She let out a moan against his lips and he smirked.

"Are you sure you are ready for a lifetime with me?"

"I never had a doubt my King"

With that the two deepened the kiss and made passionate love for what seemed like the whole night. Both exhausted, sweating and panting for air. Vegeta rolled off to the side and looked to his Queen. She smiled lazily at him through half open eyes.

"Sleep well my queen"

"And you…..my king"