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Chapter Eleven: Turn for the worst

"What are you doing here?" Quinn asked irritated that the woman had come after her, she'd planned on having the rest of the day to herself. She just had to follow me, why can't she see that I want to be alone? If Quinn were being honest with herself, then she wouldn't be able to say exactly why she was so angry since there was a handful of things she could choose from.

The main thing was probably the pain she was in, her leg was throbbing and her medication wasn't much help. The other was the phone call she'd received earlier that morning, waking up with the loft to herself as everyone else headed to school. It'd only taken a glance at the caller ID to send her into turmoil, it was her older sister Frannie who only ever called to gloat over her successful life or to rip her to shreds and make her feel like absolute shit.

This time, like most times it was the latter.

Frannie had called to tell her that she'd found out about her act, telling her how she'd fight her to the end to make sure the Fabray name wasn't tarnished by her lies of her father's beatings. Quinn had given up trying with her sister long ago, it was clear to her the moment she'd shown up at the older Fabray's door a year or two back, crying and beaten bloody only to be turned away and sent home being called a liar.

So her day hadn't exactly gone to plan and she'd gone to school hoping to find an escape from the drama, only to be given more when Rachel pushed her too far.

"You can't skip your lessons every time we get in a fight, Quinn." The teacher's voice brought her out from her thoughts, "In fact, I-I wouldn't even call what happened between us an argument, It was more like-like banter-"

"Will you stop rambling." The skank muttered, cutting the woman off, "I skip all the time, okay? What difference does it make whether I'm avoiding you or not?"

"Don't avoid me," Rachel told her with folded arms, tapping her foot rhythmically on the ground. "I just want to help you."

"Don't patronise me." Quinn manoeuvred her crutches, allowing her to move backwards and make the distance between the teacher and student greater. The punk knew she was overreacting but her head was spinning and all her pent-up rage was only urging her on, "Why can't you just leave me alone? I'm not some project for you to fix, I don't want your help!"

Quinn didn't want to upset Rachel, but right now it felt as if she were getting lectured from one of her parents and that's not what she wanted from her future girlfriend. She dropped her head, inhaling deeply to try and find some way to calm herself, but when her eyes lifted from the ground and found the other woman's expression hurt expression it was all she needed to realise what a mistake she'd made taking her anger out on the singer.

Shit now look what you've done, Quinn cursed, her heart aching at the small frown which appeared on her lovers forehead, she looks like she's going to cry!

"I'm sorry," The pink-haired-girl said honestly, feeling a pang of guilt in her stomach, "I didn't mean that... I'm just not used to someone following me, the teacher's here never cared enough."

"That was before you met me." Rachel huffed, seeing the argumentative mood the teenager was in and knowing it was probably going to get her nowhere. She knew that Quinn didn't care much for school but the older woman was desperate to help her see a new light before finals, so that they could leave the school together if they ever did find a way to get her back to Broadway.

"That may be true," Quinn chuckled, "but I don't plan on drastically changing my punctuality or attendance any time soon."

"But why not? Why can't you understand that your education is important? You have to work for everything in this world, you have to earn it, you can't just be expected it to be handed to you." Rachel was about to continue when she saw the younger girl turn and begin to hobble away in the opposite direction.

"Catch you later, Miss Berry." The skank called over her shoulder, "I'm going home, It's been a long day."

"Why are you being so damn difficult?!" The teacher yelled, her frustration getting the best of her.

"Because you don't get it," Quinn spun around, slamming the bottom of the crutches into the floor as she did, "I've never been given anything my entire life, my father raised me to be perfect, to work hard so I could one day become someone important and successful."

"I-I don't understand the point you're trying to make." Rachel said, exasperated.

"For the first time in my life, I'm free of the pressure and judgement now that my parents have disappeared." Rachel could see a hint of a smile as Quinn continued, "I know what I want to do, okay? I know what I want to be but I want to do it my way, I'm in control now, nobody else."

"I'm not taking that away from you," The teacher tried to explain, "I'm just trying to give you options, without a proper education you won't go far and you could do so much Quinn."

"I'll be back in class tomorrow," The expression on Quinn's face was soft and Rachel could see that the girl wasn't trying to annoy her, "my leg hurts, I just want to go home."

"Will you be in the loft later?" The teacher asked quickly, "I'd like to stay the night."

"Yeah, that sounds nice."


"You've got beers in the loft right?" Puck muttered the question as he started down the ladder. He was exhausted, having spent the last few hours up on the roof of the abandoned building his friend was residing in. Since Quinn had needed a lift home because she couldn't yet drive her car thanks to her leg, Puck had offered to drive her as a way of ditching classes. Not like either of them needed excuses but they wanted to hang out and Quinn thought as he was offering she may as well have put his muscles to work. The football player would deeply regret offering her the car ride when he would arrive at home later that night.

"I have a few, but you're not drinking them." Quinn chuckled, she would play the boy back for his efforts on another day. Yes she felt a little bad for making him do all the heavy lifting but what could she do with broken ribs and limp. So she would have to make sure that he knew he could watch the next couple of football games on her large television, she though that was a good enough payment anyway.

"Dude, whose the hot blonde hanging with Miss Berry?" Puck pointed through the window, only to be pushed backwards out of sight when Quinn spotted the two women in the apartment.

"I think that's her ex..." The skank answered, ducking between the two windows, "Rachel text me before saying that she was in town and wanted to talk, I said she could use the Loft if she needed it."

"Why would you do that?" The boy cracked his knuckles as he questioned his friend.

"Rachel's only doing this so she can find a way of getting back at Jesse."

Puck made is way over to the staircase and starting the decent, "Whatever, you coming?"

"Um-I think we should stay here for a bit." The girl told him, ducking her head around to peek into the room. It was awkward, since she couldn't stand properly on her weak leg. The medicine still in her system was dulling the pain, so it was bearable.

"There's not much trust in your relationship you know." The boy shook his head, stepping back up to the metal platform and walking over to stand beside Quinn.

"It's not Rachel that I don't trust, I'm worried that she could be getting herself into trouble without realising it." The punk sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Is that why we're out in the cold spying on your teacher with benefits?" The boy chuckled, finding amusement in his word choices.

"We're just going to observe the reunion to make sure everything goes smoothly."

"So you're stalking her," Puck nodded, "I get it."

"I'm not stalking my girlfriend!" Quinn hissed, hobbling up the next set of stairs, leaning on the banister to keep herself from putting too much pressure on her weaker leg.

"Since when was she your girlfriend?" Puck arched his brow and Quinn scowled at the fact that he was right.

"Stop talking." The skank dead-panned, narrowing her eyes at the sight in the room. Rachel was laughing at the other woman, she couldn't help but be jealous. Quinn didn't want to lose Rachel, she wouldn't be able to bare it.

"You know, you should probably talk to her about your trust issues." Puck commented, poking his head around to look into the building, but staggering back when he received a slap on the top of his head.

"Keep back, she may saw you." Quinn muttered.

"Whatever dude." The boy smirked, not bothering to say anything more, he was tired and wanted to go home.

Some minutes later and Quinn was becoming restless, she would keep looking through the window for any sign that the two inside were getting too close or any arguments were arising, but every time she only see the two talking and the conversation seemed to have no end. Around twenty minutes later Puck had the joy of pointed out that the blonde women was leaving the loft.

"Can we leave now?" The Jock grinned, hoping to finally get a rest.

Quinn pushed him away, "Yeah, get going, I'm going to stay here."

"Alright, give me a call if you need anything." He shouted, all but running over to the ladder and starting the decent. Quinn on the other hand headed for the window, knocking lightly and waving at the brunette inside.


Rachel had been sat in Lima Bean for a little over an hour and she was becoming more anxious by the minute. She knew it was her own fault in the first place for arriving too early for the meeting but her patience had gotten the better of her. Lately she hadn't much control over anything in her life and the mere chance that her old lover could give her something of her old life to hold on to was the best thing she had to give her hope of one day returning.

"Hey there." Came a soft voice from her side, Rachel's eyes shot up from her coffee. The blonde stood before her was just like she'd remembered, tall and beautiful. Rachel couldn't help but compare her to Quinn and she knew right then that the troublesome teenager was someone to hold onto, however the younger girl may hide herself with bandanna's, make-up and hair dye. Quinn was flawless and ever so perfect in Rachel's eyes.

"Ashley..." The teacher smiled warmly, getting to her feet to hug the other woman briefly.

"It's good to see you, Rachel." Her ex replied, taking the seat across from the brunette. Then there was a long and awkward pause, both feeling uncomfortable from having not seen each other in such a long time and being in the same vicinity as each other was a little strange.

"It seems like it's been forever," Rachel said under her breath.

"I know." Ashley agreed with a laugh.

"Why are you in Lima, did you just come here for me?" The brunette had been wondering for a while now and it baffled her as to why the woman didn't just call.

"I'm here to see a relative, they live just out-of-town and I thought I may as well have stopped by whilst I was here."

"But why-I don't understand, why did you give Jesse the letter?" Rachel didn't see why he would help Ashley after she was involved in the affair that broke them apart and that he was now holding over the teacher. "Why would he help you?"

"I paid him off," She hesitated before shrugging, "the amount of money he cost me made it impossible for him to not be civilised, I asked for a favour and he couldn't turn me down."

"You sent me your number, that was it. Why did you come here if it wasn't to help me get back on Broadway?" Rachel demanded, wondering how Jesse could be blackmailing her when Ashley had probably forced him to sign papers against the release of the tape or he'd end up being sued for all he had.

Something's wrong.

"I'm dating this guy-a director." The Ashley leaned forward, "He has a role that he thinks you'd be perfect for."

"What is it?" Rachel scooted to the edge of her seat, the memories of the stage coming back to her. However much she didn't trust the other woman in this moment, couldn't take away the feeling of hope when a new role was ever mentioned to her, she wanted back on the stage and she'd do anything to do it.

"This new movie that's supposed to hit it big-" Ashley was cut off mid sentence.

"I thought you were talking about Broadway." The Music Teacher shook her head, "I can't just jump from acting on stage to behind a camera, it doesn't work that way."

"Rachel, If you haven't noticed you've not been on stage for a long time." The woman said with a sympathetic look, "I get it, you don't want to give it up yet but this is a huge chance for you. If this goes well, then you could have your pick of roles on Broadway."

"...Even Evita?" Rachel looked down at her hands, which were wrapped around her cup.

"Yes," Ashley confirmed.

"May I ask, why you aren't taking the job?"

"I'm dating the director, that's way too personal." The blonde giggled, "Plus I'm working on the stage at the moment, nothing big but I'm hoping it may lead somewhere."

"That's great..." Rachel said, trying to be as enthusiastic as she could be.

She's offering you a chance, take it and this could be your way back to Broadway.

The teacher breathed in deeply, her eyes locking with the other woman's, trying to find any hesitation.

It's a good offer but I'm missing something, there has to be a catch.

"Would you like to come back to my apartment?" Rachel raised her eye brow, she needed more information. More time to try to catch the other woman out, so this was the best chance she had. She had to find out what was going on with Jesse, she needed an explanation before she made any decisions.

"I'm flattered Rach, but I kinda like this boyfriend and I'd like to keep him."

"Oh-no!" The woman gasped, realising what she'd said, "I meant for more coffee and a catch up, everything's overpriced her and I just thought it would be nice to talk. Nothing more."

"Then I don't see the problem in that." The other woman agreed awkwardly.

"I'm also kinda dating someone too." Rachel added, her voice strong, hoping to make it clear that she was off the market and had no plans for her relationship status to chance in the foreseeable future.

"Oh really? Do tell."


After Ashley had returned home, Rachel was left in the loft with only her thoughts for company. That was until she heard the faint knocking from behind her, she turned around slowly, trying to find where the tapping was coming from. A flash of pink and the singer knew exactly who was trying to get her attention. She furrowed her brows at the sight of the young teenager waving her over to the window, her eyes moving over the small lock on the windowsill. Rachel pressed her thumb into the button, going purposely slowly as she lifted the glass pane as Quinn rushed her to move faster.

"Why were you taking so long?" The teenager grumbled, shivering as the heat from the room engulfed her and only then did she realise how cold it was outside.

"What were you doing out there?" Rachel ushered the girl over to the couch and taking a seat beside the younger girl, wrapping her up in her arms and pressing a soft kiss on the underside of her jaw.

Quinn smiled, leaning into Rachel and whispering, "I was making sure your ex-girlfriend didn't take advantage of you."

"Please tell me you're joking." The brunette furrowed her eyebrows, "Do you really not trust me that much?"

"No-no, I trust you I really do, I didn't even mean to do it I was up on the roof and on the way down I stopped." Quinn promised, taking Rachel's hands and holding them between her own, "I haven't pissed you off have I?"

The teacher wanted to be angry that Quinn had been watching her, but she could tell that the other girl was being honest and she knew that Quinn cared so she looked past it, "She came to offer me a job, nothing more."

"So she'd not going to help you with Jesse?" The skank was confused, she thought the point of the ex sending that letter was because she had some helpful information or something.

"There's something a little off with her story," Rachel answered, curling up into Quinn's side, "but the job offer is legit. It may not be the career path I planned on taking but it's far away from Jesse and since it's not going to be in New York I don't think he'll bother me If I do go."

"What is it?" Quinn looked at her from the corner of her eye, biting her lip nervously. I don't want to lose her, we were supposed to go to New York together, that was the plan.

"A book series called 'Weather Warden' is being made into a film and I have a chance to play the lead." Rachel lifted her head from Quinn's chest, raising her hand and brushing a piece of pink hair behind the young girls ear.

"What happened to Broadway?" The teenager swallowed, the fear of losing one of the few things good in her life becoming too hard to visualise.

"It's being postponed."

"Sounds like you've made up your mind then."

"I have and I want you to be happy for me," Rachel tried to put on a smile but it was obviously faked, "I really want to do this."

"Then you should," Quinn agreed, even though her heart told her to do whatever it took to keep Rachel close to her she knew it would be wrong and one day the woman may end up resenting her for it, so she put on a smile, "where's the set?"

"Los Angeles." The music teacher sighed.

"...I could move to L.A," The punk uttered quietly, "that is if you want me there."

"You'd move with me?" Rachel was suddenly sat up straight, looking down into the younger girls eyes with awe. Never had she expected that Quinn would be so willing to follow her, but then again she'd never expected to fall so hard for the teenager the day she'd went looking for her in the bathroom.

"I'd follow you anywhere as long as you want me there." Quinn said, trying her best not to sound like a stalker, "I can follow my dreams in L.A. I mean, there are some pretty awesome photography schools I can attend there."

"Kiss me." Rachel ordered, pulling on Quinn's chin.

The skank smirked as she saw the bedroom eyes Rachel was giving her.

Shit. Quinn pounced, pushing her back against the sofa.

Their lips met and their tongues clashed together almost instantly. Rachel didn't even try to hold back her moan and her back arched. She'd missed the way Quinn touched her, she craved her and it was becoming a challenge to not act upon it. She was a little worried that one day they'd get caught because of her lack of control but she couldn't bring it upon herself to care in that moment.

Rachel knew she had to be careful with Quinn, she didn't want to push her into doing anything that could hurt her. Until she was back to good health the teacher would have to stop them before anything got too heated.

The only problem with that was how much she wanted Quinn and how hard it was to stop.

The New Yorker brought her hand up, running her fingers through the skank's short and messy pink hair and pulling her closer and making the kiss even more intimate. They knew that it needed to stop soon but as each second passed by, the harder and harder it got to let go.

Quinn's head spinning, she couldn't focus on anything more than Rachel when she felt the woman's hand slipping under her shirt and begin to trail her fingertips up and down her spine. Quinn was the first to pull away from the kiss, her forehead coming down to rest against her lovers. She could see nothing but love in the singers eyes and it brought tears to hers, she'd never felt anything so strong before.

"I have something I want to show you." The student whispered onto Rachel's parted lips, pecking them gently.

Rachel hummed, nuzzling the teenagers cheek and then kissing it softly, "Lead the way."

Quinn got to her feet shortly after, still a little short of breath and her cheeks didn't lose the pink tint until Rachel reached out to entwine their fingers. Her confidence returned at the sight of the older woman biting her bottom lip, she made her nervous and Quinn loved that she was able to do so.

"Close your eyes..." Quinn told her tugging on the singers hand, directing her the way she wanted her to go until the two of them were back out in the cold. She looked around quickly to check that everything was in its correct place before whispering in the brunette's ear, "And open."

It took a moment for the teacher to adjust to the sight, at first she didn't believe it and she was sure her mind was playing trucks on her but the loving smile on Quinn's face made her realise that it was all real. Nobody ever gone to this much effort for me before.

"Quinn..." Rachel breathed out in wonder, "When-how-why did you do all this?"

The music teacher looked around the rooftop, taking in each lantern that hung from wires that Quinn had carefully manoeuvred to line up with the others and fairy-lights that decorated sections of the floor, she walked forwards and down the clear path for her. On her way to the other side, she made a mental note to ask Quinn if she was the one to plant all the flowers growing up there. She stopped at the edge, looking over the wall for a second before pulling back in fear of the long drop to the pavement. Rachel soon realised there was no need to be scared, not when she could feel Quinn's arms circling her waist and holding her tightly.

"I wanted to make this romantic so It would be more special when I asked you." The skank said in a husky tone, breathing lightly onto the smaller woman's neck. Actually she'd wanted to take her on a date, one that Rachel would remember for the rest of her life but she couldn't wait any longer and she decided that would just have to wait until her injuries had fully healed.

"Ask me." The teacher licked her lips, she knew what was coming but she didn't want to rush the moment, she wanted it to last forever.

"Rachel Berry, will you be my official girlfriend." Quinn asked, a little fearful of the rejection she could face but as she saw the big brown eyes looking up at her, shining with tears that were ready to fall she knew that wasn't possible.

"Yes, I-I really want to be your girlfriend." Rachel nodded, sucking in a breath before turning around and kissing Quinn slowly and languidly.

"I love you.."

"I love you too..."

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