# Chapter 1- Misson to Konoha #
Howdy! Me no own -Man nor Naruto.

Summary::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Allen Walker is not from nineteenth century England. No, he is from the Elemental Countries. His true name? Uzumaki-Namikaze Nerra... and is a six-year-old girl.

"Argh! I need a vacation! I wanna go back to Konoha!" A certain white-haired child flopped on their bed in the Black Order. Uzumaki-Namikaze Nerra, or Allen Walker as she called here, sighed. "Why must it be so hard to act like a boy?"

'Because, pup.' Came a demonic voice

'Because is not an answer, kaasan! Besides, Naru acted like a boy since she was born! She's my sister! Che...'

'That is because she holds my sister, Miaka, the Kyuubi no Kisune. She has always been the tomboy amongst us five sisters.'

Nerra holds the Juubi no Ōkami, known as Yui.

Nerra was interrupted by a knock on her door.

"Allen? Big brother wants you in his office." Lee Lenalee told the exorsist/ninja.

"Why? Is it a mission?" Nerra yawned loudly, before opening the door.

"Yes. So, come on!" As Lenalee dragged the girl, Nerra asked questions about the mission, but Lenalee held her tongue.

The two young women just entered the office when a loud crash was heard.

The eldest of the two ran through the doors to find her idiot of a brother laying facedown on the floor with a huge bump forming on his forehead, courtesy of a certain Japanese samurai.

"Oh, Lenalee brought Moyashi!" A redheaded boy with an eyepatch and a green bandana jumped up from behind the angry samurai.

"Lavi... it's Allen!" Nerra yelled before she punched the 'rabbit'.

"Urusai, moyashi!" Kanda Yuu snapped before going over to the downed head-chief. "You summoned us for a mission. Now talk."

"Ah, yes... it seem that you, Kanda along with Allen, Lavi and Lenalee will be traveling to Japan. Specifically to the place known as the Elemental Nations. A note has been sent from the leader from one of the villages, the Sandaime of Konohagakure no Sato, Sarutobi Hizuren, has requested some exorists to guard the town from Akuma that have been popping up randomly in the recent months. Pack enough for a week, but you'll be there for 12 years. You leave in two hours."

Nerra excused herself and ran to her room. After placing the necessary silence seals, she activated them. She took a big breath a held it. '*Kaasan? Are the seals working?*' After Yui confirmed that they were, Nerra let out the breath in the form of a yell. "HELL YEAH! I'M GOIN' BACK TO KONOHA! Ooooh... I can't wait! Finally out of this dreary place! Yay! Must write note to Naru..." After a few minutes searching for the special paper, Nerra sat down and started writing. She rolled up the note and with a few mumbled words it disappeared with a -poof-. She set about finding her nin-outfits that were sealed into a scroll that time long ago.

'*Now to continue packing...*' After about ten minutes, Nerra found what she was looking for. '*Wonder if they still fit...*' She unsealed the scroll and wonders happened.

"I don't know who threw this closet together, but if I find out who did, there will be roasted pervert for dinner." Nerra swore. Before her was an opened chest full of revealing dresses and clothes, and while searching though it, trying to find something more modest, she found another sealed scroll. She unsealed it and another chest was revealed with a note perched on its cover.

"Dear Nerra,

If you are reading this, you have discovered your godfather's 'gift'. Hopefully, you hated it. If you loved it... well, nevermind. Anyway, here is what I thought you may like. If you are like your mother, then you'll be happy to know that I have placed several civilian clothes and shinobi and kunoichi gear. Also, if you open the second scroll, you'll be transported to another dimension, where you'll be stuck there for a year. But don't fret, a year in that dimension will only be a minute in this dimension. After you return, you will be a minute older. Nothing more, nothing less. Bring with you the scrolls that are in the bottom of the this chest.

Love, your Godmother. Senju Tsunade.

P.S. Also if you are like your mother, please don't roast your Godfather, Jiraiya. Although he is a pervert, you cannot toast the Toad-Sage. I know because I have tried. He always bounces back, so it will be a waste of time, energy, and chakra to try."

"Hmm... well let's see what Tsunade-baasan packed..." Nerra opened the chest and her eyes grew huge. "Oh my Gods..."

The chest was filled with yukatas, kimonos, fishnet shirts, everything you can imagine in every color imaginable.

"Whoa..." Nerra was speechless.

'Enough with the awe. You have some training to do, young lady!" Yui commanded.

'*Hai, hai...*' Nerra grabbed all the scrolls and unsealed the transportation scroll. It was if she had blurred before going up in smoke, not to see her friends for another year.