Over The Hedge 3: A Relative Reunion


Alright, folks. This is it. This is what all of you have been waiting for. The third and final entry of the Over The Hedge trilogy that started with the first one. The first sequel showed that RJ has no memory about his parents until his confrontation with the forest critters' newest foe, Max, who killed RJ's parents and ordered his minions to capture him and his new family as well. This one shows that RJ is unaware that he has a cousin although the cliffhanger at the end of Over The Hedge 2 clearly shows that the only surviving raccoon found out that his cousin is in El Rancho, Camelot. Meanwhile, RJ and his new family must face their dangerous and most fearsome foe named Tyson and defeat him once and for all.

Well, it's been two months since I, LandoftheFuture, last made the first sequel. Now, the wait is over. I'll start the first chapter in about two days or so. So, until then, enjoy and don't forget to review, dear friends.