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Komuro Takashi was feeling lower than dirt. Miyamoto Rei, his longtime girlfriend, had dumped him for his best friend Igou Hisashi. He knew a lot of it was his own fault, but that didn't make him feel any better.

"When are you going to stop this moping around?" a sharp voice said from behind him.

Takashi looked back to see Takagi Saya, one of his oldest friends, "Please leave me alone, Takagi. I'll get over it when I do."

"Baka! Serves you right for not paying attention to what is going on around you!" she said.

"Oh, thank you so much for telling me the obvious!" Takashi snarled as he spun to face her. "The fact that I trusted her to abide by her promise had nothing to do with it, huh? Hell, even her father and mother thought we would end up together!"

Saya quieted down with his statement, "I know; I'm sorry. It's just, I hate to see you acting this way over her, after what she did."

Takashi turned back to lean on the rail and look down on the courtyard of the school. Noticing someone looking up at him, he glanced back at Saya, "Hey, who is that?"

Looking around him the pink-haired girl replied, "Busujima Saeko, captain of the kendo team and a third year. She is reputed to be standoffish, and a bit of an ice queen. She probably heard us arguing."

So that's Busujima Saeko, Takashi thought. She's at the top of Morita's 'hottest girls in school' list. I can see why.

"Well come on, we need to get back to class before we get sent to the principal's office. I can just see trying to explain that to mama and papa," she said.

Like you would get in trouble, Takashi thought as he followed her back inside. At the door he stopped and took one more look down at Busujima-san, who met his eyes for a moment before starting toward the kendo dojo again.


Busujima Saeko was walking across the courtyard toward the kendo dojo when she heard a pair of loud voices above her. Looking up, she saw a dark-haired boy and pink-haired girl arguing. Glancing around her, she motioned two of her kohai over.

"Do you know who that is fighting on the stairwell?" she asked motioning upward.

The other girls looked up, and one said, "Ah, that's Takagi Saya and Komuro Takashi."

Saeko's eyes narrowed, "I am not one to interfere, but is she in danger?"

"Oh no," the girls told her. "That's just Takagi being herself. She is probably chastising Komuro for skipping class again. He's been depressed since his longtime girlfriend, dumped him for his best friend. Komuro and Takagi are childhood friends; he would never do anything to hurt her."

The first girl looked at the other, "You know he's unattached now, and not bad looking…"

Her friend grinned, "Maybe he will consider someone else once he gets over his depression."

"Very well, go on to practice," Saeko told them as they ran off talking about the chances Komuro would pick another girl anytime soon.

Looking back up, she found Komuro looking down at her as he stood in the doorway leading back into the school. Blushing at being caught watching, she turned and headed toward the dojo.


"So you got a solid look at Busujima Saeko huh?" Morita said with a smile on his face. "I told you; hot stuff, huh?"

Takashi smirked and nodded, "No, not bad at all from what I saw of her. Takagi says she's a bit of an ice queen, though."

Morita nodded, "Yep, never had a boyfriend as far as I know, unless she has one that doesn't go to this school. I understand her father runs a dojo and teaches the sword. Hear he's high ranked in the kendo competition world, one of the top in Japan."

"Is that so?" Takashi asked.

"Soooo…Takashi, taking an interest in Busujima-senpai?" Morita asked with a smirk.

"Huh? Oh, no, she was just looking at Takagi and I when we were arguing on the stairwell the other day. Only reason I noticed her was she was looking up when I looked down."

Morita stretched and rubbed the back of his neck, "Never know, bro, stranger things have happened. Hey, if you are interested, you should go to the kendo tournament tomorrow. She will be the star competitor for sure."

"Naw, why would I do that?" Takashi said, but in the back of his mind, he thought, Tomorrow's Saturday and I really don't have anything to do; might be fun to see her in action.

Morita smirked as if he already knew what Takashi was thinking.


The tournament started at 10am and Takashi got there at the last possible moment. After finding a place to stand on one of the upper walkways, he watched as the different schools worked their way through the fights.

He had never paid much attention to kendo before, but it did look interesting so far. After three matches, it was Fujimi High School's turn.

Takashi watched the teams square off, as an older man with black hair that was greying over the temples, stepped up beside him to watch also. Takashi noticed he was wearing a traditional kendo uniform and wondered if he was a coach or some official. When the man looked his way, Takashi gave a short polite bow to which the man nodded with a satisfied look on his face.

They watched for a while as the different fighters came forward. The vans and the second guards fought and Fujimi won both matches. When the mains fought, there seemed to be a dispute between the judges over something and the contest was halted while they discussed the problem.

The man beside Takashi grunted as if he was disgusted with what was going on.

"Ah oji-san, please forgive me for bothering you, but I'm new to this; could you tell me what is going on?" Takashi asked the man with a polite bow.

Nodding, the man said, "The judges are in a dispute over a minor point. I think it is a ploy by the complaining judge to give the fighters with the losing school a chance to regroup though. This happens once in a while, but there is not a lot that can be done about it, because the rules for interschool competition are loose…ah…"

Realizing the man was looking for a name, Takashi bowed again, "Komuro Takashi, second year, Fujimi High school, Sensei."

The man smiled and nodded in return, "Busujima Kage, it is a pleasure to meet a polite, well mannered, young man, Komuro-san. Fujimi you say? Do you know my daughter?"

It's her father! Takashi thought as he smiled in return. "Only by reputation, Sensei; I have never had the pleasure to meet her personally."

"Yes well then…oh, they are starting back. Let us speak later," Kage said.

Takashi nodded and watched as the fighters stepped up again. The ploy must have worked, because the main and vice-general for Fujimi lost quickly. This left the general to finish and win the match. A general named Busujima Saeko.

Two strikes or points had to be earned for her to win her match. She squared off against the other fighter as the judge called start. The opposing fighter leapt forward and was struck down by her shinai in a flash.

"Point!" two of the judges called as they raised the white flags representing Fujimi High.

The fighters stepped back into the positions and the head judge called start again.

This time, the opposing fighter held his ground and she came to him. She stopped halfway as he suddenly charged, hoping to throw her balance off. She hit him four times before he could even think about defending.

"Point!" called two judges as the third called, "Foul!" This started a whole new round of arguments.

"Baka!" Kage snarled. "Another ploy! He will soon find out, that will not work with her!"

The opposing fighter went back to his bench while the debate was going on, but Saeko stood at her starting position, never moving. The boy drank water, paced and fidgeted with his gear as the judges debated.

Kage grunted and leaned over to Takashi. "Watch the opposing fighter, Komuro-san. He is getting more and more worked up because she did not return to the bench. I call this her 'stone statue'."

Finally the head judge stepped forward. "To keep the match moving we will call the point void and refight the point." The boy nodded as he picked up his headgear and strode forward. "HAI!" was all they heard out of Saeko.

They squared off again and the judge called start. This time the boy shuffled forward and went for a sword high strike. Saeko never moved from her sword down position till his second step. In a sudden flash almost too fast to see, she went from sword low to sword high and slammed her shinai into his forehead.

She hit him so hard he was launched backwards with the blow. He hit the floor on his back as his headgear flew one way and his shinai another.

"POINT! MATCH!" cried two judges as the third judge stood stunned.

Saeko returned to her staring position and waited, but the boy was unconscious and had to be helped from the floor. His coach, looking furious, came forward in his stead and bowed to her as she returned the honor.

"Ha!" said Kage. "That should teach them not to play games with her!"

Two more matches later, the team from Fujimi High stood and received the honor of tournament champions.

Kage smiled and turned to Takashi, "Please come with me, Komuro-san; I will introduce you to my daughter."

Takashi didn't know what else to do, other than follow Saeko's father. They went downstairs and walked over to where the Fujimi team stood in front of the antagonistic judge, who was berating their coach for letting Saeko attack the way she did.

"And another thing! If you cannot control your fighters, I'll have the council suspend your ranking…" he was saying.

"Really, Tomo-san? Do you think for even a minute you possess the power or authority to do such as that?" Kage said from behind him.

The judge froze as Saeko looked up and smiled slightly at her father. Her right eyebrow rose as she noticed Takashi standing next to him, slightly to the rear.

"Ah…er…Really Busujima-sama, I feel that…" Tomo started.

"I feel that you tried to inhibit the match three times, Tomo-san. Of that, I will be speaking to the Federation. You can expect to hear from the honor committee very soon. You may leave now."

The judge went pale as he understood Kage's words brooked no reply. He turned and ducked his head as he scurried off.

Kage bowed to the coach and said, "You have no worries, Sensei; I saw the whole thing and made record of the indiscretions."

Saeko smiled as the coach thanked Kage. The other students also bowed before him and then started to chatter happily as they packed their gear.

Saeko stepped forward and bowed, "Greetings, father. I hope I made you proud today."

"Always, daughter. I am never unhappy with your performance. Oh…I met a schoolmate of yours up on the walkway. He told me it was his first time to see a competition and had not personally met you. Komuro-san, I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Saeko."

Takashi bowed low, "Komuro Takashi at your service. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance Busujima-senpai, and I offer my congratulations on winning the tournament."

Saeko returned his bow and said, "Busujima Saeko, thank you for your kind words, Komuro-san, but I did not do it alone."

"Of course, but even as a novice, I could see that your leadership inspired them to winning."

Saeko blushed slightly as her father chuckled. "Well how about I take you to supper, Saeko-chan? Oh, Komuro-san, would you like to join us?"

Takashi paled slightly at the idea of eating with Saeko and her father, "Ah, I'm sorry, Busujima-sama, but I am to meet my parents in a short while and should really go. I thank you for the offer."

Kage nodded, "Very well, maybe some other time. I look forward to meeting you again, Komuro-san."

Takashi bowed low, "Again, I am honored to have met both of you, Busujima-senpai and Busujima-sama." They bowed slightly to him again as he back away three steps, before turning to walk out.

"Hmm…very polite and well-mannered young man, Saeko. You had never met him before?" Kage asked.

Saeko shook her head, "No father, I have seen him on campus and know he is a childhood friend of Takagi Saya."

"Oh, Souichirou's daughter, hmm, well that says a lot about him right there!"

Saeko nodded, Very interesting. I wonder why the sudden interest in kendo? she thought with a slight smile.


It was the middle of the week before Takashi felt the need to hang out on the stairwell again. He had gotten up in a funk that morning and just could not seem to shake it. Class seemed to drag on and on, so when they took a break, he walked out.

Hanging on the rail, he looked down on the courtyard and the students going back and forth to classes and clubs. He noticed several times, different girls stopping and looking up at him. He sighed, knowing he had become the subject of much speculation by the girls over what he would do next.

Hearing the door open behind him he turned expecting Saya, only to find Busujima Saeko standing there.

"Ah, Busujima-senpai, are you lost?" he asked with a surprised look on his face.

She smiled slightly, "Greetings, Komuro-san. No, I had some free time today and thought I would come up and see what was so appealing about this spot." Looking around her as she walked to the railing she said, "I see…it is a good place to watch the coming and goings of others without being obtrusive."

Takashi ducked his head and smiled. "I can come out here for a bit and clear my head before going back to class. Lately, it seems the teachers drone on and on making me sleepy."

Saeko leaned on the railing and took in a large breath of air. "The air seems cleaner up here also. Sometimes down in the courtyard it feels heavy and lifeless."

Takashi nodded as he watched the beautiful girl look down on the students below them.

The door crashed open as Saya stormed out. "Takashi! What are you doing out here…oh…" her tirade tapered off as she realized Saeko was standing there. "Umm, I'm sorry, senpai, I didn't realize there was anyone out here with this delinquent."

Saeko smiled at Saya, "Ah, that's alright…Takagi-san?"

Saya bowed slightly, "Takagi Saya, second year, I am glad to make your acquaintance, senpai."

Saeko returned the bow, "Busujima Saeko, third year and captain of the kendo team. I am pleased to meet you also Takagi-san, please take care of me."

"Was there something special, Takagi, or were you just looking for a reason to fuss at me?" Takashi asked the pink-haired fireball.

Her eyes narrowed as she thought about whether or not he was picking on her in front of Saeko. "This time there was a reason. Sensei is handing out history report topics. If you don't get back in there, you'll get stuck with doing a report on turnips or something."

Takashi grimaced, "Yeah I better get back inside. No telling what I'll get stuck with."

Bowing slightly to Saeko, he said, "Maybe we could continue our conversation another time, senpai?"

"It would be a pleasure, Komuro-san. It was also nice to meet you, Takagi-san. I hope we can talk again also," Saeko smiled and started down the stairs.

Takashi grinned and started towards the door as Saya stood dumbfounded.

He looked back as he opened the door, "You better come on, Takagi; all the good stuff will be gone."

She looked down the stairs again before turning to follow him.

"What the hell? It was just a week ago you were asking me who she was and now you're talking?" she said as Takashi laughed.


As they entered the classroom, Morita waved Takashi over, "I saved your butt, man! I took a report on sports history and told sensei you would be my partner."

Saya groaned, "Mine's going to be growing turnips! I knew going after you was a bad idea!" She walked up to the teacher and asked, "What do you have for me, Sensei?"

Looking up, the teacher replied, "Oh, Takagi-san; military history of World War Two is all I have left, and you need a partner."

Saya stared at him slack-jawed. "There's nothing else? I just stepped out for a minute to get that baka Komuro!"

The teacher shook his head, "I'm afraid everything else went quickly; this is it."

"But I don't know anything about military stuff! How am I going to…" she stopped as someone cleared their throat behind her.

"Please excuse me, Takagi-sama. I know quite a bit about military history and I don't have a partner yet."

She turned to find a chubby boy with black hair and black-rimmed glasses bowing to her. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Ah, Hirano Kohta, I sit next to you on your right?" he replied with a pained expression on his face.

Creepy eyes! Saya thought as she realized it was the boy that was always looking at her out of the corner of his eyes.

Looking back at the teacher she exclaimed, "Isn't there anything else!"

The teacher shook his head, "A failing grade?"

Saya's right eye twitched. Turning back to the boy, she held up her fist, "One perverted move out of you, and I'll end you! Understand?"

He shrank back under her stare, "I would never do anything like that, Takagi-sama!"

"You better not!" Turning to Takashi who was talking to Morita, Saya roared, "And you! I'll get you for this!"

Takashi looked up in surprise. "What did I do?" he asked as she stormed off to her seat with the chubby boy behind her. Looking at Morita he asked, "What just happened?"

Morita laughed, "Man, you really don't pay attention to what's going on around you, do you? Takagi-san just got stuck with Hirano Kohta as a report partner and she's pissed!"

"Why? What's wrong with him? I guess I've never paid any attention to him," Takashi said as he looked over where Hirano was making notes while Saya fumed.

"Oh not much really, just your basic otkau, into guns and military stuff I hear. Of course all the girls think he's creepy, but who knows? Might be a nice guy."

Takashi shrugged his shoulders, "Well, I'll keep an eye on them just in case. Not that I think Takagi can't take care of herself."

Morita sat back and looked back and forth between Takashi and Saya, "Komuro? Why not Takagi-san?"

Looking up at him Takashi was puzzled, "What do you mean 'why not Takagi'? Takagi what?"

"For a girlfriend, Komuro! She's damn good looking and you've known her for most of your life. Hell she's your 'childhood friend'; that's points right there!" Morita said as he watched Saya.

"I just can't see her that way. I know her too well. It would be like dating my sister if I had one," Takashi said.

Morita's eyes glazed over, "Dating your sister…that's a whole 'nother level of kink there man! So what are we going to do the report on? Baseball?"

Takashi shook his head, "Everybody does baseball. I was thinking something different, more like…kendo?"

Morita spun around and stared at him, "Kendo! Oh my god! You've got it bad don't you? What? You think you can do 'research' and go interview her?"

Takashi blushed, "No, I was thinking more of her father than her."

Morita's eyes narrowed, "Her father?"

Takashi nodded, "I took your advice and went to the kendo tournament Saturday. I was talking to this older guy on the walkway and it turned out to be her dad. He insisted I come meet her and now just before class, she met me on the stairs. Nothing to it, just polite, friendly. I'm sure if I asked, he would tell us all sorts of stuff."

"You're a god among men," Morita said. "That's a hell of an idea, get to know the father first and then get to know her."

Takashi frowned, "It's not like that, it was all just coincidence to begin with. He's a nice guy, if a little gruff."

Morita leaned back and put his hands behind his head, "I'm gonna do you a solid then. You do the research and I'll write it up. Then we will edit it together. This will give you a good reason to see her while you talk to him. I'll stay out of the way and let you work."

"I'm telling you it's not like that," Takashi said.

Morita waved it off with a wink, "Whatever you say, Bro. Just know I got your back."

Takashi sighed again as he noticed Saya looking at him with one eye twitching.


The next day, Saeko looked up at the stairway, but did not see Takashi there. Starting across the courtyard, she was surprised to find him sitting on the edge of the fountain. He got up as she approached and bowed slightly.

"Konnichiwa, Senpai; may I speak to you for a moment?"

Her eyes narrowed as she thought, Surely this is not a confession? I thought more of him than to rush into something like that!

Nodding to him she said, "Konnichiwa, Komuro-san, what can I do for you today?"

Rubbing the back of his head Takashi chuckled slightly, "If you remember yesterday, Takagi-san came and got me because sensei was handing out report topics? Well my partner, Morita, got us sports history and I thought we could do it on something like kendo."

Relieved, she smiled, "Kendo? Why not baseball?"

Takashi blushed, "Everybody does baseball! I thought since I was just learning about kendo, it would be a good subject to report on from a novice's view point."

Saeko smiled and laughed. To Takashi it was like music spilling forth into the air. Several other students paused and looked towards them when this happened. The two girls she asked about Takashi the other day put their heads together and began to whisper as they went by.

"That is very smart of you, Komuro-san! Not only would it be something different for the teacher, but you would gain knowledge in something new you have taken an interest in."

Takashi nodded, "I thought I would get your point of view, as a student, and if he is available, your father's views as a sensei."

"I can agree to that," she said.

"So…do you like coffee, Senpai?" Takashi asked.

Smiling she said, "Yes, I have been known to enjoy a cup or two."

"Well, there is a nice shop near here, and if you have time after school, I would like to buy you a cup, or two, and talk."

"I have no problem with that. It's a date then…Oh! Did I say that! I'm sorry, Komuro-san, I didn't mean anything by that!"

Takashi blinked for a second before responding, "T…that's alright. It kind of is in a way…"

"For the report…of course…"Saeko said as she blushed.

Takashi nodded, "Yeah, for the report…"

"Ah then I'll see you after school?" she asked.

He nodded, "Will meeting right here be fine?"

She nodded 'yes' and excused herself to the dojo.

Takashi watched her for a moment, then headed back to the main building.

As Saeko reached the dojo, the two girls jumped her. "Senpai! Was that a love confession? Did Komuro-san confess to you?"

Surprised and caught off guard she waved her hand in front of her, "No, no! You misunderstand! We were speaking about schoolwork. He has a sports history report to do and decided on kendo. He was simply asking for information."

"Aww, I was sure senpai was getting confessed to!" said the first as the second crooned. "He is SOOOO cute! I wish he would ask me about kendo!"

"Don't you two have one hundred strikes to do?" Saeko asked.

The girls nodded and raced away twittering over Takashi.

Looking back at the boy, who was now reaching the school building, Saeko thought, He is quite good looking…


The afternoon came and Takashi sat fidgeting on the on the edge of the fountain. A date? he thought. Well yes; this is kind of a date. Don't think too much into this, Takashi, he told himself.

Saeko walked up with a smile as he got up to meet her. They spoke for a minute, then walked out the front gate and headed down the street.

Back at the school however, up in one of the hallway windows, a figure watched them leave.


Afternoon turned to evening and evening into night. The couple still sat in the coffee shop talking and laughing as darkness fell.

"So after telling me how I'm 'gonna pay' she sits there, while Hirano is making notes, glaring at me with her right eye twitching. I hope she cools down before I have to deal with her tomorrow," he said as he told Saeko about Saya.

She covered her mouth with her hand trying not to laugh hysterically. "So is there something wrong with Hirano? Or is it just that she was pushed into it?" she asked.

Takashi shook his head, "I don't think there is anything wrong. Morita says the girls think he's a creepy otaku, but he seems okay. He's a little heavy and very quiet, but I've never heard anything bad about him."

Saeko shrugged, "May be just that type of person. I've seen students like that come in the dojo. Quiet and reserved, but when you get to know them, they're very nice. Maybe he just needs a chance to be friends with someone."

Takashi looked out the window, "Oh Senpai, it's gotten dark already!"

Saeko frowned, and looked at her cell phone, "I need to get home! I didn't tell father I would be out so late. He is probably still in the dojo and doesn't realize I'm not there yet."

Takashi got up and put money on the table for what they had. Walking to the door with her, they stopped just outside. "Where do you have to go, if you don't mind me asking?"

"To the train station and two stops west. It is a short walk after that. It will not take long."

"I'll walk you to the station if you don't mind," Takashi told her.

She nodded, "Where do you have to go, Komuro-san?"

"Oh, I stay in the dorms during the week and go home on weekends. I'll just come back here when I see you off. I've got plenty of time, curfew is not until 10 pm."

Saeko nodded as they walked the three blocks to the station. This is nice, she thought. A young man walking me to my train. I've never had that experience before.

They arrived and had to wait a few minutes for her train to get in.

"Well, we didn't get much done on your report," Saeko said as the train slowly pulled in.

"Guess we'll have to try again another day, if that is alright with you?" Takashi said as he looked first at her and then the ground.

Saeko blushed as she watched him, "I would not be against that... Komuro-kun."

His head came up at the change of honorific. Nodding, he suddenly thought of something.

"Ah Busujima-senpai, please let me give you my email address. I would like to know you made it home safely since I can't see you there myself. If…that's alright with you."

She smiled and opened her phone, and typed it in as he recited it. His phone suddenly rang and he captured her address as well.

The stationmaster called for boarding and she bowed to him. "Thank you for an enjoyable evening, Komuro-kun."

Takashi smiled and bowed in return. "Thank you for allowing me to escort you, Busujima-senpai. It has been a pleasure."

She smiled again and climbed aboard the train. As it pulled away she held up her phone to let him know she would remember to message him.

Takashi watched the train disappear before sticking his hands in his pockets, and starting the walk back to the school, with a smile on his face.


He was propped on his bed reading a short time later when his phone buzzed. Pouncing on it he found a message from Saeko.

Arrived safe. Will talk to father when he comes in and tell you his reply tomorrow. I again want to say I had a good time. Have a good night. Busujima Saeko.

His thumbs flashed as he wrote a quick response, Glad U home safe. See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams. Komuro.

As soon as he hit send, he thought, Oh crap! Sweet dreams! I hope she doesn't take that the wrong way!

Saeko opened her phone as it buzzed. She read the message twice before blushing and covering her mouth with her hand. She closed it smiling and thinking, Yes, I think I will have some sweet dreams tonight.

She was reading the message again as her father walked in, "Good evening, daughter." He said.

"Hello father. I need to ask something of you. Komuro-kun has a request…"

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