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It was one of those days that made Will question his decision to remain as a teacher. Emma was acting strangely around him, Mr Figgins wanted to know how his drinking issues were and Sue had been appearing out of thin air at random moments throughout the day, more determined than ever to "destroy the Glee Club".

Will was in fact heading to the choir room hoping that the kids would be able to turn around his mood. It was only the second week back and he was determined to recruit new members to the club, if only so his seniors had the best chance possible to reach Nationals and place higher than twelfth. He had been so happy at the way the kids seemed to have bonded over the summer, old grudges had been worked on, and new friendships seemed to have been formed some more surprising than others. Case in point was Santana and Rachel who had spend the last week causing major shock waves through the social hierarchy of McKinley, not only had they talked openly but they now sat beside on another in their two shared classes, at one point Santana was braiding Rachel's hair!

Although Rachel seemed to have calmed somewhat over the summer months, Will was sure that while New York was still her ultimate goal she was less likely to send any potential rivals to a crack house. Though perhaps Santana might suggest a less obvious way of dealing with the competition, so Will was keeping an eye on the two girls and not have Figgins finding a reason to suspend the club. The more he thought about it the more he realised that Rachel had changed over the summer. She had arrived to the first glee meeting with two cases of sheet music, suggestions for "what will guarantee our victory at Nationals this year."

Her use of 'our' and not 'my' should have been his first clue, but upon further inspection of the first few song selections he realised they were all for other people in the club; solos,duets and group numbers that would highlight the talents of other club members. Rachel had also included places were Mike and Brittany's dance expertise could be used, and there were notes from Kurt about possible costumes that would be suitable.

Will remembered when he had questioned Rachel about these extra details she had just said that other people were applying to school and this could help improve their chances of getting out of Lima.

"Obviously Mr Schue I think we should continue with writing original songs, we have some amazing musicians in our midst and even if we don't use them for competitions it will help with portfolios for college applications." Rachel was clearly only getting started so Will held up his hand, thanked her for thinking of the other seniors and said that they could set up a meeting to discuss her ideas further. At that point both Santana and Kurt had rolled their eyes and both started to speak.

"One at a time please," Will interjected.

"Look Mr Schue Rachel has worked really hard on these proposals and this is only a small selection of her ideas, in fact she has a file dedicated to every senior in Glee so don't dismiss her. In case you haven't noticed the only one not featured is Rachel herself." Kurt spoke quietly but with an egde to his voice, willing the teacher to argue with him.

Will took a deep breath and let his eyes sweep around the room trying to find a way to avoid any further arguements. It was only then that he noticed the hurt look on Rachel's face so he spoke quickly to assure his high maintenance student that he just wanted time to study her plans before discussing them in detail. As she seemed to accept that his words were not a dismissal she visabily relaxed and a small smile appeared on her face. Will tried to wrap up the meeting then, asking them to prepare a list for the next session of songs they would like to preform and to try and find a time that would suit those interested in song writing. Lastly he asked if anyone had anything prepared and was surprised again when Rachel didn't jump up, so he turned to find his male lead noticing for the first time the seating arrangements.

Rachel was sitting in the middle row with Kurt and Santana either side of her, Brittnay was on the first row beside Artie but had her chair turned slightly so she was close to Santana. Mike and Tina were on the last row beside Puck who was sitting behind Rachel, and for a second Will thought he was rubbing her shoulders but his attention was drawn to Sam and Mercedes who were holding hands as they sat talking to Quinn on the front row. Finn was on the back row beside Lauren not really talking to anyone with his trademark confused look on his face, though what he was confused about Will wasn't sure. Clearly he wasn't about to sing, so Will decided to call it a day and listened as the group made plans to have coffee, Kurt squealing happily as Blaine text to confirm his attendance. He did notice that Finn and Rachel made no effort to move closer together and then decided he was spending too much time paying attention to his students personal lives.

"Hey Mr Schue," Will turned to see Quinn in the doorway, "don't forget those files, it would be a shame to ignore them" and with that the former head cheerleader flounced out of the room.

Will was dragged out of his musings by the unmistakeable sound of Santana Lopez's raised voice as she swore angrily in Spanish, so he rushed to the choir room ready to try and calm the Latino girl. Nothing however could have prepared him for the chaos that greeted him as he threw the door open.