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Chapter 30

The high of USA's gold medal win over Japan gets carried out of the field and into the athletes' apartments. As the girls walk through the masses, their newly acquired hardware on display around their necks, five highs are given and shouts of congratulations are said by complete strangers. Fellow USA athletes personally congratulate the softball players, and some even pose for pictures. Cheeks are on fire from smiling so hard and so long, but no one is complaining. It's a beautiful pain.

The girls break after agreeing to meet up in an hour so that they can celebrate the right way. Showers are hastily taken and real 'going out' make up is applied for the first time since touching English soil. Everyone packed one outfit, their party outfit, just for this occasion. And now they get to use it.

Callie Torres is hopping up and down, trying to shimmy into her skin tight jeans when a dolled up redhead peeks into her room.

"Ooo…" Addison sings. "Matching underwear and you shaved your legs? Someone's having sex tonight."

Dark eyes flash up to her friend before carefully pulling her top over raven hair. "Please… I could be wearing granny panties and have a small forest growing from my legs and I'd still be able to get laid." Callie plays.

"Ah, so…." The redhead muses. "You're giving Robbins the 'gold medal' treatment?"

Addison laughs at her own joke while Callie just stares at her. The next minute a damp and towel clad Arizona steps out of the sauna like bathroom and tiptoes past Montgomery. Torres's throat goes dry at the sight, the two of them having been practicing 'less is more' rule about cursory nakedness, and she suddenly becomes very hot. She finds herself tracking a single drop of water, starting at the crown of the blonde's forehead and snaking down a dimpled cheek, under the curve of Arizona's neck, and straight on through between the woman's northern mountains.

"Cal!" Addison barks, making the Latina jump.

Tearing her eyes away from her pitcher, she asks "Huh?"

"Did you just hear what I said?" The redhead asks, giving her friend a knowing smile.

"Um, no." Callie answers, another wave of heat rushing to her cheeks when Arizona giggles.

"I said, let's go downstairs. There were a couple hot swimmers that were giving me the eye as we came up." Montgomery says, tousling her hair. "If you get sex tonight, I get sex tonight." Addison turns on her very high heels and heads towards the front door, leaving the two women alone in their room.

Callie grabs her clutch and chances a look to the still towel wearing blonde and meets bright blue eyes. "So um, I'll just-"

"You're having sex tonight?" Arizona asks with a glint in her eyes.

"No." Callie answers quickly, then at the slight head tilt from her roommate, she corrects herself. "Well… ye- I don't know. Maybe. I mean, I wasn't planning on it."

"No?" Robbins plays, just toying with the woman.

"Ok well, maybe I planned- I wasn't counting on the- I didn't want to assume that- you know, it's funny…" Callie can feel herself digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole, no matter how much she tries to climb out. Thankfully Arizona closes the small distance between them and lays her soft pink lips against the Latina's juicy ones. A kiss so soft and sweet, a lovely trick designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous.

"Here's a hint, Calliope…" Arizona whispers, pulling away just enough to speak. "I shaved my legs too." With one more kiss, the blonde nudges Callie towards the open door and their waiting friend. A dazzling smile appears on Torres's face, one that rivals the gold medal resting against her chest, and she begrudgingly leaves Arizona to go play wingman for a horny Addison Montgomery.

"Raise em up, ladies! Come on!" Teddy exclaims, raising her glass into the air to join the mass. Alcohol filled shot glasses, martini glasses, and beer bottles clink as USA toasts to their victory. Music pounds all around them, and the club they have ended up in is packed full of people. But all eyes turned to the stream of women who entered not twenty minutes ago, each with a shiny gold medal proudly on display around their necks. Now they are clustered around a small group of tables in one of the corners, marking the end of their very long journey with a team toast.

Everyone takes a drink, both Meredith and Cristina knocking back a full shot of the fiercest tequila they could get, and then Arizona adds, "And to our fearless leaders…"

"Here, here!" Addison agrees. "To Callie and Teddy!" Another toast, another round of clinking glasses and bottles, and another drag of sweet poison runs down each player's throat.

"Ok." Yang announces. "I've spent every second with you women for the past hundred years. I need a break." The woman quickly shoots back her third shot in as many minutes, then turns to her person and says, "Mer, dance floor. Now." The twisted sisters, along with a handful of other teammates, all disappear into the moving sea of people out on the large dance floor while the rest hang back at the tables and just relax.

Minutes turn into hours, all the while the alcohol flowing with the aid of their little tokens hung around their necks, and everyone is having a good time. Most of the team has scattered, some dancing with random and unknown guys, some off at the bar doing hardcore drinking, while others remain at the back tables. Erica is chatting up a very friendly woman who could be a twin of both Callie and the blonde's little Brazilian one night stand.

"She's got game…" Arizona muses, nodding towards her ex-catcher when Callie gives her a confused look. "Hahn may be a newborn, but she makes up for it with raw talent."

"Newborn? What's a newborn?" Teddy asks, nearly having to yell over the music. She turns in the direction both Arizona and Callie and looking and see's Hahn sitting a little too close to another woman than would be socially acceptable. "Wait, is Erica gay?! When did that happen?"

"You didn't know?" Addison questions her roommate.

"You did?" Teddy rebuttals. "Why am I the last to know everything? God, my gaydar sucks."

"You pegged me pretty quickly there, Teds." Arizona states, giving her friend a playful wink.

"Well, that's because I caught you gawking at- OW!" The first baseman's words are cut off when a heeled foot connects with her shin, blue eyes sending a death glare across the table as a warning to keep Teddy's mouth shut.

But Callie hasn't missed this interchange and immediately becomes interested. "Gawking? You were gawking? Who were you gawking at?" She asks, turning her dark, inquisitive eyes to the now blushing blonde seated next to her. Arizona fidgets in her chair a bit, suddenly finding the dance floor riveting, and Torres tries again. "Come on, Battleship. Who were you gawking at…" A tanned finger finds its way to the blonde's sensitive side and a squeak spills from pink lips.

"I… No one." Arizona answers quickly. "I was… You. Ok? It was-"

"No it wasn't." Teddy interjects, now out for vengeance for the nice bruise she will be sporting tomorrow.

"Arizona…" Callie drawls.

A deep sigh leaves the pitcher's body and Arizona realizes that she's not going to get out of this. Taking a sip of her dry martini, she clears her throat and answers. "Um well, it was uhh… Addison." Addison, who was in the middle of taking a drink from her vodka tonic, spews her drink in shock, sending tiny droplets of vodka flying in air towards the sea of dancing people.

"Me?" Addison gasps between coughs.

"Her?" Callie asks in amusement.

"What?!" Arizona yelps, by now a nice warmth flowing through her body from the few drinks she's had. "She's hot! Actually, you know what? Remember when we ran Stadium my first day on the team? And I fell and got that nasty cut? It was because I was staring at her ass. I missed a step and busted my ass because I was watching hers."

"You thought I was gay?" Addison asks, mopping up her mess with a stray cocktail napkin.

"No…" Arizona replies, obviously leaving something off of her answer. "But just because I can't go into the store doesn't mean I can't window shop."

A pregnant pause passes, the three other women each glancing at one another, and then Callie says, "That's a terrible metaphor."

"So when did you abandon the Monty Train and jump aboard the Torres Express?" Teddy asks, her words slurring just enough to know that she is well into her fourth drink of the night.

"That one's not any better." Callie murmurs while the other three laugh their asses off.

Arizona playful nudges the Latina next to her, but replies with, "Who says I can't ride both?" The blonde sends a flirtatious wink to the slack jawed redhead next to her, giggling when a bright red blush appears on Addison's face.

"Well, this train…" The redhead drawls, gesturing up and down her long body, which just so happens to be wrapped up deliciously in very form fitting dress. "…Doesn't stop at your station."

"Hmm… it would if I were the conductor." Robbins plays, getting a snort of contention from Montgomery. "What? You saying you don't think I could get you to flip? Because I could, baby." The alcohol in the blonde's system has her running hot. …And bold. Blue eyes glance over to the Latina next to her, finding only an amused grin, so Arizona decides it's time to play a little chicken.

Carefully getting out of her seat, Arizona stalks around the table to her friend, Addison's eyes growing wider with each step. "Have you ever felt the way a woman's body moves against yours? The way their fingers trace your skin like it was their own?" Maybe it's the drinks, or the fact that Addison has been without sex for nearly three weeks now, but she can't seem to pull her eyes away from the blonde.

Once Arizona is standing directly in front of the redhead, she hikes the bottom of her dress up just a bit so Arizona can straddle Addison's lap. Long, toned arms snake over the redhead's shoulder, finger lacing together and coming to rest on the back of her neck.

"How their tongue knows the perfect places to taste and lips to play." Arizona husks, her lips barely two inches from Addison's and the blonde's warm, martini tainted breath washes over the redhead's face with each whispered word. "And when it happens… oh, baby, when it happens… it hits you like a god… damn… freight train." Green eyes stare right into blue and Addison finds herself breathing hard, her body on fire and heart pounding.

Fingers around the back of her neck flex and Addison feels her center react. She doesn't know what's happening, but when Arizona starts to lean in, the redhead doesn't pull away. Instead, Addison finds herself mirroring the blonde's movement, leaning in to a kiss she never dreamed of. Lips are a fraction of an inch from meeting, both eyes closing in anticipation, but when Addison closes the last ten percent she comes up with nothing.

Addison's eyes snap open and find a devilish smirk staring back at her.

Knowing she had the woman dead center in her snares, Arizona whispers, "Just wanted to prove a point…" Green eyes narrow as all of this hits the redhead while the blonde climbs off her teammates lap and stands.

"Now that my job is done…" Arizona turns to Callie and says, "Calliope, dance with me." She doesn't wait for a yes, instead she grabs a tanned hand and pulls a slack jawed Torres out onto the dance floor.

Addison has barely regained brain function as she watches the couple leave and she tries to clear the fog by downing the rest of her vodka tonic. She's always thought she was straight. Straight as an arrow, but then why did her body respond the way it did to another woman?

"I need to get laid." Addison groans to herself, deciding to chalk all this up to the fact that she's just horny.

When aroused green eyes turn to her friend, Teddy, having had watched the entire encounter in silence from the sidelines, simply states "I like penis."

Water rushes down its porcelain drain as Callie steps out of her stall and walks up to the sink. The booming of the music from outside the restroom makes the walls vibrate, occasionally intensifying when the bathroom door swings open and shut. The Latina is slightly tipsy, having gone easy on the drinks after the first couple rounds early in the night, and she can feel her exhaustion seeping into her body. Today was a big day. …A huge day. One that replays with perfect recall when dark eyes flash up to the mirror over the sink and immediately find the heavy medal dangling in front of her breasts.

The door swings open again and Callie is too immersed in her recent memory to glance at the approaching blonde in the mirrors reflection. Only when soft hands grip her waist does Callie come back from dreamland.

"Hey pretty lady…" Arizona purrs into the taller woman's ear.

Torres turns to face her pitcher, and leans back against the counter. "That was a pretty mean thing you did back there to Addison." Callie plays.

"Big Red can handle it." The blonde rebuffs with a shrug. "Besides, I had a point to make."

"And that point is that you could get any woman you wanted?" The captain muses, though not really doubting it. She can't help herself as she gives Robbins a quick cruise, amazingly long legs on full display tonight, made even longer by the heels Arizona decided to wear.

"I could…" Arizona replies lightly. "But I choose to stay away from anything too messy. …Well, besides Noel."

"Noel?" Callie asks. "Noel doesn't sound like a gay girl name."

"Well she was that night." The blonde states confidently, stepping between the Latina's parted legs and gripping her loose blouse with both hands. "Does it make you jealous thinking about me with other women, Calliope?" She doesn't ask in a way that would spur the woman on, but in a soft and loving way, wondering if Callie is hurt by it.

"…No." Torres answers stiffly, her shoulders arching in on themselves without her knowing it. Almost like she's trying to protect herself from those types of thoughts.

"You sure?" Robbins asks with a smile, slightly tugging at the woman's shirt. "Because I kinda like 'jealous Callie'. She's really hot."

The two are so wrapped up in one another that they don't pay attention to the steady stream of women floating in and out of the restroom, nor the dozen sets of eyes that give them, and their gold medals, looks. Sure, their Games are done, but they are still USA delegates and are supposed to behave as such. There are not many things worse than earning your country a gold medal only to make a fool of it the night of their victory.

But neither Arizona or Callie are worried about that, and with a smile Callie asks "You always try to pick up chicks in dirty bar bathrooms?"

Blue eyes scrunch up in concentration and Arizona answers, "Nope. You're my first."

"So then what is the usual Robbins shtick? What does Arizona Robbins do that makes women melt in their panties?" Torres asks, trying to ignore the heat that has slowly risen within her from the blonde being in such close quarters with her. It was some sort of unspoken agreement between them that they wouldn't push their relationship to the next level until after competition was all over. But now the competition is over and there is no invisible boundary anymore.

"Well… I usually have to bat them away from me but, if there is a stubborn one I just make eye contact from across the room." Arizona whispers, leaning in a bit closer and staring Callie right in the eye. "Then I flash her a smile." A single dimple appears as the blonde pulls up the right side of her mouth in a cute, lopsided grin. "Then I… casually flip my hair." The pitcher effortlessly brushes her soft and golden locks over her shoulder, a wave of her vanilla-coconut scented shampoo hitting Callie square in the face and making her slightly light headed.

"And then?" Torres asks, her voice much deeper and raspier than she had planned.

"And if all that doesn't work, I'd pull out something like…" Blue eyes flick down to the full, juicy lips just in front of her, and then move back up to nearly black orbs above. "My gold medal looks like a dull penny compared to your smile." She adds another level of heat when Arizona lifts her hand to cup Callie's face, her thumb tracing the curve of the Latina's chin and brushing over the soft flesh of her lips. "Or… you remind me of my pinky toe. …Before the night is over I'm going to bang you on my coffee table."

"And that works?" Callie asks in disbelief.

"It does when I top it off with this." Arizona whispers, then closes the few inches between them and finally kisses Callie the way she's wanted to kiss the woman all night. A tongue snakes out and teases the Latina's lips, allowing Torres to taste the slight hint of martini still lingering, while Arizona pulls her body flush with the other woman's. Fingers tickle the tanned flesh at the nape of Callie's neck and a soft moan rattle around the blonde's throat before spilling out for Torres to swallow it.

When breathing becomes a necessity, Arizona pulls away and asks, "Is it working?"

Callie licks her lips, still tasting the blonde on her, and weakly replies, "No…"

A small smile crosses the blonde's face because she knows exactly what that kiss did to Callie, it did it to Arizona herself, and she asks, "Wanna get out of here?" The Latina doesn't even waste the time to respond; instead she takes the blonde's hand in hers and quickly leads them out of the bathroom and through the mass of people in the club.

They make their way back to the table in record time, only making the detour to collect their handbags, and find Teddy Altman and Cristina Yang deep into some sort of drunken conversation. Barely sparing a second, Torres places a hand on her inebriated roommate's shoulder and says "Find somewhere else to sleep tonight. And make sure Addison doesn't end up in some Russian beet farmer's bed." Without another word, Callie tugs Arizona after her and the two make a beeline for the exit. …And towards whatever awaits them once they get back to their room.

"Hey! USA!" Some unknown man shouts as Callie and Arizona step into the elevator carriage, sending him a polite wave as the doors close.

"These things are awesome." Arizona muses, playing with the heavy medal around her neck. "Probably chick magnets too." When Torres spares a glance to the blonde next to her, Robbins starts to make her medal shake and then moves it quickly over to touch the Latina's arm, as if it were physically pulled in by Callie's presence. "Yep, definitely chick magnets."

Dark eyes roll as a deep chuckle echoes off the elevator walls, Arizona melting into Torres's side. "Wow… you sure are on your game tonight, aren't you?"

"What can I say? I'm a lady-lovin lady. …And it just so happens that the ladies love me back." Robbins states, teasing her catcher by sucking on a soft and fleshy earlobe.

The elevator halts at their floor and the doors open, a group of men patiently waiting on the other side receiving a nice little gift for their imaginations. Arizona takes Torres's hand and slips past the group, winking at them playfully as they go, and they start the long trek down to their apartment. But twenty feet down from the elevator, Callie is brought to a halt when Arizona stops midstride.

"God, my feet…" Arizona groans, using the taller woman next to her for balance as she removes one high heel, then the other. "These shoes always make me crippled."

"Why'd you wear them then?" Callie asks, using this as an excuse to find a grip on the blonde's waist.

"Because…" The pitcher purrs, her blue eyes locking with brown and moving even closer into their embrace. "They make my legs look delicious. …And I just know you're a leg girl." By now long and lean arms have wrapped themselves around Callie's neck and the Latina has both hands on the smaller woman's hips. "Tell me I'm wrong…." Arizona challenges when all Callie can do is smile.

"You're not wrong. I very much appreciated the sight of you in those heels." Callie murmurs, her hands grazing up and down the blonde's sides. "Even if they did leave you crippled." Their lips meet in a soft and sensual kiss, Arizona tugging Callie down harder against her while the Latina's hands ache to feel naked flesh under her touch.

A shout of some excited athlete from somewhere else on the floor breaks the two apart and Callie groans, "I need to get you behind a locked door. Now."

Dimples appear and Arizona readily agrees, but as she goes to take a step she flinches and whines, "My feet…" Not letting the blonde's inability to move slow her down, Callie quickly improvises and turns her back to Arizona.

"Hop on, baby." Torres purrs, sending Arizona a sly look over her shoulder. The pitcher just giggles, but then shimmies her dress up a bit and climbs onto Callie's back, the Latina easily carrying the extra woman's weight and she turns in the direction of their waiting room. …And bed.

"Oh… my… god…" A deep, breathless voice groans. Strong hands massage at tender feet and Arizona moans again as Callie works her magic on the blonde's sore soles. The Latina smiles as she hears what she does to the woman, and it makes her body tingle. Those sounds bring back a memory from just under a week ago, one that involved the two parties in the room… and a lot less clothes.

"Sweet mother of…" Arizona moans, her entire body arching in response to her catcher's ministrations.

"Calliope is just fine." Callie plays, her eyes glued on the body stretched out lazily across the joined mattresses in front of her. With a kiss to the tip of Arizona's big toe, the Latina crawls up along the blonde's body and rests atop the other woman. Their lips meet and the kiss that starts out as slow quickly heats up to anything but chaste.

Callie pulls away and stares down into dark blue eyes, and whispers "You're not going to run away again, are you?"

"No…" Arizona replies, those soulful brown eyes looking down at her causing her entire body to ache. And not just with desire, but for something she hasn't felt in a long time. But even this is different. When she felt it before, with her ex-girlfriends, this feeling is multiplied by ten.

"I'm not." The blonde adds, a single finger tracing the curve of the Latina's cheek. "I'm done running away." She pulls the other woman down for another kiss, one promising more than words can say.

Caramel hands start to make slow progress up long, strong legs, Callie memorizing every inch of smooth flesh she meets. Tongues dance and lips clash, all need to contain themselves thrown out the window now the competition is over with. The weeks and months of pent up desire finally coming to a head and Arizona doesn't seem to be able to think straight.

When stars start to appear behind closed eyes, Callie pulls away and asks, "You ok?"

"This dress…" Arizona growls, "I need it off. Now." Torres doesn't need to be told twice and immediately sits up on her knees to rid the blonde of her constricting dress. Soon all that is left is a red lace bra, a matching thong an amount of material equivalent to dental floss, and her vibrant butterfly tattoo painted over her shoulder. The sight of those pert constrained breasts rising and falling with each ragged breath makes Callie's throat go dry.

"Are you ok, Boss?" The blonde asks when all Callie can do is stare at her. The Latina nods weakly, trying to find her voice, and Arizona takes advantage of the woman's speechlessness by sitting up and taking hold of the bottom of her shirt. It's up and over Torres's head in a blink of an eye and pink lips are a centimeter away from Callie's the next.

"Remember to breathe, Calliope." Arizona says playfully, a smile pulling at the catcher's lips.

The next five minutes are comprised of even more furious kissing at the removal of pants so tight that Arizona is sure Callie's feet are about to fall off. Shaking and trembling fingers carefully pull a fire engine red thong down long legs, Torres licking her lips as she see's Arizona's arousal coating her thighs. When Arizona rolls the Latina on her back, the blonde's tongue quickly seeks out a hardened nipple and sucks it up into her mouth. A moan that would send even the pope to his knees comes falling from plump lips as Callie's body reacts to the surgeon's skilled lips, tongue and fingers.

Leaving a trail of wet kisses down a tanned neck, between delicious breasts and traversing the great expanse of caramel flesh just barely dimpling from strong abs that lie beneath, pearly white teeth nip at Callie's black lacy panties. Long legs are spread out for the blonde's access and Arizona dips her nose against the Latina's covered center, breathing in the woman's scent and setting every nerve ending on fire.

Curvy hips lift from the mattress and Arizona quickly discards the now ruined underwear from the Latina's core, tossing them with the rest of the heap of clothes now scattered all over the floor. Blue eyes look up the long body of her catcher's and connect with dark brown eyes, full lips parted slightly as Callie waits for that first touch. And when it happens, when the blonde's tongue slips out from her mouth and tastes the woman's sex, Callie feels as if she has been shot straight through the roof.

A strong hand fists in blonde hair as Callie's hips grind against a skilled mouth, and she's sure she's about to die when two long fingers slip inside her depths. Moans and cries not often heard outside of an adult theater ricochet around the room and cause those passing their apartment door stop and listen. Liquid arousal pours down Arizona's throat and she's sure that this is how she wants to die. Right here, between this gorgeous woman's legs, drinking down every drop of sex she's got.

"Arizona…" Callie gasps, a tightness pulling at her stomach. "Oh god, please…" She tugs at the golden locks in her grasp and Arizona has to force herself to leave the woman's center, crawling up the sweaty and writhing body to claim plump lips with hers.

The taste of herself on the blonde's lips elicits a groan, one which gets swallowed up by the surgeon as she continues her rhythm within the Latina's core. Fingernails dig almost painfully into Arizona's fair back as Callie hangs on for dear life. The small whimpers and sounds the captain makes as she tries to contain herself hit the blonde full force, amping up her desire to a whole other level. To know that she is the one causing these noises and sounds, that it's because of her that this breathtakingly stunning woman is unable to control herself is mind blowing.

'Wait… wait…" Callie gasps, the blonde stilling immediately on top of her.

"What? Did I hurt you?" Arizona asks, the roughness and tenderness of her voice making the Latina smile.

"No. No, of course not." Torres replies in a whisper, gently kissing pink lips hovering above her. Then, the next second, hooks a leg around the pitcher's knee and pushes on her painted shoulder, flipping them so Arizona lands on her back with a thud. Callie straddles one of the blonde's legs while wrapping the other around her waist, bringing their slick and aroused center's together.

"Shi…" Arizona groans at the contact, swearing she can feel Callie pulse against her bundle of nerves. Strong arms plant themselves on either side of blonde hair and the Latina starts to thrust, two bodies moving in time with one another's and sending them closer and closer to their release.

"You feel so good, Arizona." Callie moans, a drop of sweat trailing down her forehead, in front of her ear and beading along her neck.

And as Arizona feels her orgasm approaching, she pulls the Latina down by the back of her neck and welcomes Callie's tongue into her depths. The body beneath Torres tenses, legs quaking and muscles contracting, as Arizona's release hits her full force. Hips buck against the catcher's, sending Callie over the edge as well. Wave after wave of warmth wash over them until it finally passes, leaving them weak and spent and gasping for air.

Callie rests atop a sweaty blonde as she tries to catch her breath, smiling as she hears Arizona's heart pound within her chest. After a minute, a shaky hand runs through raven hair and Torres looks up to find blue eyes sparkling with happiness.

"Ready for round two?" She asks, sending a shiver down the surgeons spine from the roughness of her voice. And without another word they continue their night of passion, neither of them wanting to voice that it's not just sex… but love-making.

"Wow…" A tired and breathless voice sighs. "That was… well, I don't have much prior experience to go off of but I'd say that was pretty good, right?"

"Very good." Arizona replies, snuggling in closer to the Latina's arms. The two women are naked and tangled in the bed sheets, still coming down off their high after many many rounds of pleasure. Just the glow of a partially hidden moon is cascading in through the bedroom window, giving an eerie blue tint to everything. But even in the lowlight, Arizona is sure that there has never been a more beautiful sight as the woman lying next to her right now.

"They should give out medals in that." Torres says, "Then we'd have two golds."

"You're such a dork." The blonde murmurs, but giggles anyways. A fair finger teases around a brown nipple, smiling when she watches it constrict and harden under her touch.

They lay like that, a caramel arm wrapped around Arizona's body and the blonde's head nestled into the Latina's shoulder, for a few minutes. Completely content on just being with one another and not saying anything. Because sometimes there's nothing to say. Sometimes silence expresses more than words. But in silence comes thoughts, and Callie can't keep herself from replaying the events of tonight through her mind.

"Do you still have a thing for Addison?" Callie asks, the words falling from her lips before she even feels herself forming the thought.

Arizona's finger stills from tracing invisible patterns along tanned flesh, and she pulls her head back enough to find dark brown eyes. "What?"

"I just… tonight, at the club. You seemed pretty into her." Torres states, feeling a little silly for getting jealous like this, especially after the amazing, mind blowing, earth shattering sex they had just had. During which the only name on the blonde's mind was Callie, and no one else.

"I was messing with her, Calliope." Arizona tells her, pecking naked, plump lips to reassure the Latina. "You're the only one I have my eye on. …You're the only one who even catches my eye anymore." When a small smile forms on Callie's face, Arizona nestles back into the captain's arms. "Besides… that would be too messy."

"What do you mean 'messy'?" The catcher asks, knowing that she should stop while she's ahead but can't seem to help herself when it comes to talking with the blonde.

"Well, you know…" Arizona sighs, pulling away from the naked woman and rolling on her back. "She's straight, for one. She's married. Well, she's divorcing. And even if she did take a vacation in lesbian land, she'd be a newborn. And I just don't… I don't do newborns. Too messy."

The weight of her pitcher's words land heavily on Callie's chest, and she sits up to look down on the blonde. "You know you just described me, right?"


"No, Arizona. You did." Torres states. "Straight, was married. Divorced. I'm a, a, a newborn. So… forgive me for becoming suspicious but… what are you doing with me, Arizona? Because, from what you just said, you wouldn't come near me with a ten foot pole."

A hand run roughly down the blonde's face and Arizona silently curses herself for having said anything at all. "I didn't say that." She groans.

"Um, a little bit, you did." Callie replies harshly. She waits for a response, but ten seconds pass and all Arizona does is stare at the ceiling. Torres bites her lip and rolls out of bed. "I cannot believe this is happening again. I thought… after what we just did?... I'm a god damn idiot." She makes it to her feet, intent on finding her clothes and getting out of the room before she breaks down, but a hand grasps at her wrist.

"Calliope, just… wait. Let me explain, ok?" Blue eyes plead for the Latina to face her, but Callie keeps her back to the woman. "Please?" A beat passes and finally Torres takes a seat on the mattress, Robbins taking that as a sign to continue.

"I… You're right. You're the type of woman that would… that would make me run for the hills." Arizona says, still trying to put all her feelings into words. "And yeah, it's messy. You were married, you're a divorcee. Your family? Well… I've met sharks that are nicer than your father but… You're worth it, Calliope. You're worth it to me, because…. I don't know. I just feel… complete when I'm with you. Because every time I see you, my heart does this weird thing that I don't really know how to explain. So yeah, you're messy. But you're worth the mess."

Callie feels all her fight leave her body and chances a glance over her shoulder, finding bright blue eyes, lit up by the moonlight, staring at her.

"You know that, right?" Arizona asks softly, resting her chin on the woman's bare shoulder. "People with the biggest hearts usually are the ones to suffer the most. You've been hurt, Calliope. By your husband, by your father. …By me. But, you need to know that you… you're worth everything and more."

Fighting the tear that is threatening to fall, Callie tries to play it off by saying, "Bet you say that to all the girls."

Arizona chuckles lightly while brushing a lock of hair behind the woman's ear, and whispers, "No. …You're the exception, Calliope. You've always been the exception." When she sees the start of a smile, the blonde leans in and lightly touches her lips against that sweet spot right behind the Latina's ear, where the neck and the head meet at a point filled with nerve endings.

"You're messy too, you know." Torres mumbles, her fingers picking at the sheets below her.

"I know, Calliope. ….I know." Milky white arms wrap around the catcher and Arizona hugs Callie tight, her nose buried into the mess of raven hair as she breathes in the scent that is so uniquely Calliope Torres.

After a pregnant pause, Arizona asks "You don't still consider yourself straight, do you?" Torres glances over her shoulder, finding blue eyes staring at her. "Because… I'm pretty sure what you just did to me makes you anything but straight." The tension lifts a bit as the two chuckle and Arizona finally gets Callie back in bed.

Bodies mold together again, the chill of the room having had its effect on their naked flesh and creating a layer of goose bumps over the women. Arizona pulls the blankets around them tighter and burrows into the heat of Callie's body, one leg weaved lazily between caramel limbs below. With a clap of thunder, a flash of lightening following right after and shadowing the room, the two women drift off to sleep as the just starting rain plinks against their window.

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