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The next day came around and it was the last day that Michael was at the Autobot base. The beginning of the day went without any hitches. All the clean up from the boat colliding with the concrete wall was done and Ratchet had set to work on repairs to the Cliff Jumper.

Michael was sitting on an office chair next to the base main computer while Optimus stood nearby holding a data pad in his hand.

"Echo" Optimus simply said while looking at the data pad.

Michael was clearly racking his brain, scratching his head "I am altering my course to starboard?" He said unsure to whether he was right.

Optimus nodded. He was helping Michael revise the IMO international code of flags and their meanings for his signals exam coming up in a few months' time, assuming everything went well with the upcoming tribunal, plus it was a way for Michael to distract himself from it.

"Golf?" Optimus asked

"I require a pilot and when followed by four or five pennants and substitutes means longitude"

"And" Optimus added Michael forgot the last meaning to Golf flag.

Michael tried hard to remember but couldn't think of it.

"When operating in close proximity in or around other fishing vessels and in the fishing grounds…" Optimus tried to jog Michael's memory

"Oh, when displayed by a fishing boat blah blah blah means I am hauling nets

Optimus nodded "Yankee?" He asked.

"I am dragging my anchor"

"Correct. You got all the meanings correct and your flag recognition is at the level it should be. I believe we can draw this revision session to a close"

"Thanks Optimus, I needed to be sure I was getting it right"

"Anytime" Optimus nodded and left to go on patrol.

"Michael" Ratchet asked.

"Yes Doc?"

"Before you go back to Warsash, I would gladly appreciate if you could help me complete repairs to the main energon line"

"Err, sure. I'll get my overalls on" Michael got up and jogged along the platform, down the steps and toward his room. Minutes later he was back in a dark blue overalls and safety boots. The two went down toward the corridor where they were previously working on Saturday.

As the two walked down the corridor Ratchet asked something "Michael, what happened when you rescued the children yesterday. You mentioned a man called Cosmire. But who is, or should I say, was he?"

Michael took a deep breath "Cosmire was a field officer at the security services, MI5. We worked together on a few occasions but we never saw eye to eye. For starters his history lied in the army and had dim views on those in the Royal Navy so naturally he didn't like me. He was a right toff, very snobbish and very arrogant. Came from a rich family and used his wealth to get places, so for that I didn't like him. We only worked together when Control made us. How he got into MI5 I will never know because he wasn't all that bright and was easily manipulated"

"Clearly, if he believed anything the Decepticons told him" Ratcheted added.

"Yeah, so when I saw him I didn't know what was more surprising, him making a monumental error of judgement, or by the fact he actually got as far as he did. Anyway the moment he told me his information was only in his head, the decision to kill him was made easy. If he had half the sense he would have had the information held somewhere other than just in his head"

"Are you sure your… disagreements had nothing to do with your decision to kill him?" Ratchet asked warily, knowing that he was walking on volatile ground.

"To be honest, I would have liked to have iced him, but I had no way of doing it without it just being murder. So yeah it made a difference. I'm not going to beat around the bush. I killed him because in part I wanted to"

Ratchet absentmindedly nodded, the cogs of his mind were whirring.

"I know what you're thinking. I'm a murderer? To save the time, it depends on how you look at it. Either way the guy is still dead. So what does that make you think of me? I'm I a danger to everyone or I'm I a brutal force for good, doing the job that nobody else will do?"

Ratchet now knew he was stepping on a land mine and quickly needed to step somewhere else before the land mine exploded from beneath him.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked. I understand the pressures put on you. They tell you to do something then the moment you decide for yourself, they bury you. I can understand you're frustrated because you feel powerless to stop it. I know what that's like as I get frustrated whenever a patient dies and there's nothing I can do. Sometimes I lash out and the wrong people get hurt. You need to try and focus and not let emotions get on top of you"

"No I'm sorry, I shouldn't blow up on you for asking. I have a lot of anger and I just need to channel that anger effectively. Can we just drop it and not talk about it?"

The two reached the section of the energon line that they were working on previously. The tools were still there where they left them. Ratchet picked up his air powered chipper while Michael put on a face mask and goggles. He got on his back and picked up his chipper and slid underneath. Both started to attack the rust of the large pipe so there would be a rust free surface to paint over so to protect the pipe from further rusting.

A few hours later and it was coming close to lunch time at school and Raff was quickly trying to get to the canteen before Vince and his gang got to him, but as luck would have it wasn't on his side. As Raff walk, half jogged down the corridor looking over his shoulder he ran smack into the stomach of Vince who looked down at him with a scowl on his face. Vince was reinforced by his gang forming a barricade through which Raff could not pass. Raff quickly retreated, running away from them knowing what was about to happen. Vince's gang chased after him and in no time caught up with him and once again pinned him to a locker.

"We told what would happen if you squealed. You're coming with us" Vince dragged Raff along and into the boy's toilets. As the doors close, all was heard was Raff shouting out for someone to help him as Vince's gang attacked him. The sound of a scuffle and the sound of the loo's being flushed over and over again was heard.

A short while later in the canteen Jack and Miko were discussing the events of the day which wasn't all that exciting, when they saw Raff limp into the canteen all bruised up and soaking wet. He was quivering like a leaf.

"Raff!" Jack called out with genuine concern as he and Miko ran over to the small boy and comforted him.

"What happened?"

"Vince" Raff simply answered and he dug himself into both Jack and Miko. Jack's face scrunched up in anger, he knew why this happened.

"What did he do to you?" He asked with seriousness in his voice.

"They dragged me into the toilets and beat me up, then they took all my money and…" Raff started to sniffle "and they flushed my face in the toilet" Raff broke down and cried his heart out. The two other teens wrapped their arms around the boy.

"You need to tell the teachers" Jack told the crying boy.

"I already have, they did this because I told the teachers" Raff managed to say.

"You need to do something over wise they will carry on. That's what Michael told me when Vince bullied me. You need to sort this out before it gets much worse"

"Elita already knows, she went with me to speak to the principal about it"

"Look, let's give her a call and she if she can help" Jack offered. He got out his phone and dialled for Elita.

Back at base Elita was busy in the energon supply room when she was getting a call from Jack. Jack had never called her directly before so this was a new for her. She immediately stopped what she was currently doing and took the call "Jack, how are you?"

"I'm ok, it's Raff that isn't. He's been beaten badly by Vince and his gang"

"What? Can you put him on the phone please?" She said while trying to keep her cool.

Jack passed the phone over to Raff "Yes" He said uneasily.

"Raff, what did Vince do to you? Did he attack you?" Elita asked

"Yes" The boy struggled to say

"Because we spoke to the principal?"


"Have you got anymore lessons today?"

"Only one more"

"Ok, go to that class and I will come to pick you up. Is that alright?"

"Yeah" Raff answered wearily.

"Can you Jack back on?" Raff passed the phone back to Jack "Make sure he gets to his next lesson safely. Can you do that?"


"Thank you" Elita hung up.

Jack and Miko guided Raff toward the table they were sitting at previously and got lunch for him.

Ratchet and Michael had managed to get through a fair amount of rusted metal and the job was almost complete. Elita had come to check up on them. She a cube of energon for Ratchet and a bottle of water for Michael. Ratchet stopped work when he saw Elita offer him a cube but Michael couldn't see as he underneath the pipe on his back and because he was still chipping away, he didn't hear Ratchet stop. Elita passed the cube to Ratchet and knelt down and tapped Michaels left foot which was sticking out from below the pipe.

Michael felt something tap his foot so he stopped then he felt something metal wrap around both his feet and drag him out from below the pipe "What the?" He yelled out in surprise. When he saw it was Elita he calmed down. She handed him the bottle of water which he gladly accepted.

"Got further to go?" She asked the both of them.

"The job is nearly done" Ratchet answered "I wouldn't have got it done faster without Michaels help"

"That's great to hear" She looked to Michael but it was evident on her face that all wasn't well. Michael spotted it instantly.

"What happened?" Michael asked.

"Raff was beaten up again by Vince. It was in retaliation for speaking with the principal on Friday"

Michael eyes squinted ever so slightly. He hated to hear that Raff had been hurt and he now wanted to exact revenge on Vince so much that Vince would never harm Raff or anyone again. But one thing was stopping him from doing that, Elita.

"I know you well enough now and I know what you're thinking. Let me handle it. Let's take the diplomatic route before anything else"

"Well if you run into a spot of bother, you give a call on the blower" He said. Michael looked at his watch "Hey Ratchet, I'm going to take a break for lunch. Will you alright to carry on without me?"

Ratchet shrugged. Michael got to his feet and walked back to the main control room with Elita while drinking the bottle of water.

An hour had past and Elita was rolling into the town of Jasper to pick Raff up from school. Raff had finished his last lesson of the day and was very keen to leave before Vince could find him again. He walked along the corridor tentatively, constantly looking over his shoulder. As he got to the main doors he could see Elita pull up through the window panes of the doors. To be safe all he had to do was go to her.

"Where do you think you're going?" The voice sent a shiver down Raff's spine. He slowly turned his head to the left in the direction he had came and there standing was Vince and his three other gang mates all looking angry ready to pound their fists into Raff. The small boy gulped in fear. They slowly walked toward him but Raff couldn't move as his legs wouldn't respond. Just as the group of four were almost on top of Raff, his legs decided to finally move and Raff burst through the door and pelted it towards Elita. The four chased after him through the doors, down the steps and on the pavement.

Elita saw Raff run toward her in a panic so she activated her hologram and opened her passenger door to let Raff in. Moments later Vince burst through the door looking very angry and chasing the small boy, Elita could guess what was going on so as soon as Raff got in she closed the door and locked it sealing Raff in and kept him safe.

Vince ran smack into the light pink Honda S2000 and attempted to open the door. When he discovered it was locked he tried to smash the window as he was very angry. Not only did Raff squeal to the teachers but he even tried to run away as a coward and Vince didn't like cowards.

Raff was frightened by Vince and his gang as they circled around the sports car and tried to gain access. But Elita was having none of it. The temptation to speed off and run them down was high, but she knew she absolutely couldn't do that. Raff was terrified and Elita's hologram hugged Raff tightly as the gang relentlessly attacked Elita's frame.

By now a large crowd was forming around the scene, all wanting to get a look and cheering the gang on. The teachers could only watch through the windows and could do nothing about it as it was taking place outside of school property so their hands were tied.

Because of the large crowd there was nothing Elita could do now without blowing her cover or at least raise suspicions. Her hologram couldn't get out as it was likely the gang would attack her and opening a way in to get at Raff and she couldn't run them over for obvious reasons. She didn't want to call the police because that would only cause complications so she resorted to the last option.

Back at base Elita was calling and Arcee answered.

"What's the problem?" She asked, knowing something was up as she was only meant to be picking up Raff.

"I've got Raff with me but we are surrounded by Vince's gang and they want Raff's blood"

Arcee knew what Elita was going to ask for "I'll get Michael, just hold on" Was all she said.

Arcee ran down the corridor toward where Ratchet and Michael were finishing off working on the pipe.

"Michael. Elita and Raff are in trouble, Vince's gang have them surrounded and by the sounds of it they are trying to strike at Raff"

"What?" Michael yelled as he slid out from beneath the pipe.

"I said-"

"I heard you the first time" He interrupted before she could repeat it. He got to his feet and unzipped his overalls and ran back with Arcee to the control room making a quick stop at his room to change his safety boots to his normal black Chelsea boots and his leather jacket. Michael ran up the stairs toward his desk and fished out a set of car keys and from a locked draw he retrieved his Glock 17 side arm.

"Why are you taking a gun?" Arcee questioned.

"Persuasion" Was all Michael said.

He ran back down the stairs and toward the side of the main computer terminal and the end of the tunnel was two identical Black Jaguar XFR's. Michael got in the left hand drive Jag for driving in places like the United States and other countries that drove on the right hand side of the road. He placed the key in the slot and the start button pulsed red like a heartbeat. He pressed it and the big powerful engine roared to life as the gear selector rose into the palm of his hand and the air vents rotated around as the car performed its theatrical start up. Michael reversed the Jag to face the tunnel and pressed the window down.

"Tell Elita I'll be there as soon as" He instructed Arcee and then he pulled away into the tunnel and out into the desert. Michael floored it as the big cat tore down the desert road toward Jasper. Michael was furious that Vice had even dared to harm Raff after the pasting he gave him and his gang. Michael was going to make sure that they never even thought about bullying anyone ever again.

Back outside the school, Vince and the other three still tried to get to Raff but they just couldn't break the windows of the sports car he was sitting in.

"You crying for your mommy?" Vince taunted "We told what would happen and did you listen?"

The crowd kept spurring the gang on leaving Raff to wonder if anyone would step in to end this.

The crowd heard the sound was tyres screeching, they all turn their head to the near junction and saw an expensive British Jaguar skid to a halt and saw a massive, muscular man get out slamming the door behind him. When they saw the big man approach the incident, they knew something was about to happen so they stopped cheering the gang on.

Vince and his gang heard the crowd go silent so he looked at them to see why. All their heads were looking in the same directions so they too looked in that direction and what they saw frightened them. The unnamed British bruiser from months ago was stomping toward them with anger written over his hardened face. All four were frozen in shock as the man approached.

Michael quickly grabbed the first one he saw by the scruff of his neck and slammed his head into Elita's bonnet, lifted him up and threw him to the floor. Michael swung round the bonnet towards the second one who was previously bashing on the driver's side door. Michael dealt a powerful punch to the back which launched the guy into the door window which he hid with his head and fell to the floor.

The third had a go and locked his arm around Michael's neck, but it was pointless. He had to reach up as Michael's neck was roughly six foot seven from the floor so the guy had to stretch up to reach it, meaning he had a considerably less tighter hold on his neck as he would have with someone of a more normal height. Michael simply crouched down, curling his back so the guy was on his back while holding onto his neck. The weight of the guy hanging onto his neck didn't cause Michael to choke because quite simply his neck was lined with a lot more muscle than most normal people. The muscle on Michael's body wasn't just the source of his abnormal strength but it also served as an extra layer of armour as it is very tough as it is a lot denser than fat, making Michael heavier than an average overweight person. He swung around and threw the third guy off onto the road. The third guy groaned in pain but Michael was not done with him. Michael grabbed the back of his neck like he did with the second guy and once the guy was on his feet Michael repeatedly punched him in the abdomen hard and the guy didn't collapse because Michael still held him up. After a number of hard punches Michael thought the guy had learnt his lesson so he let him finally collapse to the floor. Michael looked over the roof of Elita and stared intensely at Vince.

Vince had just witness the British man take out his three friends with ease and was now staring right at him. Vince knew that he had to run otherwise he would end up like his friends. Vince quit trying to get at Raff and sprinted down the road to where his muscle car was parked.

Michael watched Vince make a run for it and made chase. Michael quickly worked out where he was going and ran back the other way toward his own car. As he got to the Jag, Michael heard Vince's car fire up and burn rubber in an attempt to flee. But there was one thing Vince hadn't discovered yet, nobody gets away from Michael Rickers. Many have and fail and most lost their lives running from him. Michael fired up the Jag and quickly took off without the dramatic tyre smoke as all it did was wear the tread out and Michael didn't want to fork out on new tyres. He drove off quickly past the entrance of the school after Vince.

Elita let go of Raff once Michael had dispatched Vince's gang and drove off in the other direction, taking a right at the junction heading back to the Autobot base.

Vince tore down the main street of Jasper, running through red lights, cutting up traffic and numerous other traffic offenses. Michael kept up easily, sticking to the correct side of the road, slowing down at junctions and abiding the rules governing the way a chase is handled in Britain, his views on the American way was it was too dangerous and the wrong people can so easily be hurt. As the street was marginally busy he kept his distance so he wasn't forcing Vince into a mistake and potentially killing some innocent bystander.

Vince took a hard right at a junction causing the back end to slide out and generating tyre smoke, but almost lost control due to his inexperience and also due to the fact that American cars were well known across the world to handle badly. Michaels Jaguar on the other hand was European design and could handle very well and also Michael knowing what he was doing did it properly. He slowed down, turned into the apex of the corner and gently pressed on the accelerator while exiting the corner. Not only did he get round quicker but he saved wearing the tyres.

Vince kept checking the rear view mirror but panic when he saw the big cat encroaching on him quickly. Vince took turn after turn after turn but was getting nowhere, he couldn't escape. By now his tyres were going bold and canvass was showing and added his bad driving he lost control going around a left and careered into a street lamp wrecking the front end of his muscle car.

Michael turned the corner to see Vince had crashed and was quickly fleeing the scene. Michael skidded do a halt and jumped out and chase Vince on foot.

Vince knowing the game was almost up ran into an alley to find something as a weapon. By a dumpster was a pile of bat length pieces of wood broken up from pallets. He picked up a sizeable piece and held it in a baseball batters stance.

Michael round the corner and saw Vince wielding a piece of wood. Michael stood in a neutral stance, not threatening of defensive, nothing and that made Michael seem all that more scary.

"W-Who the hell are you?" Vince demanded, panic in his voice.

"Oh I am someone you really wouldn't want to get to know" Michael said in a well-spoken voice to emphasis of the British identity.

Michael started to slowly walk towards Vince, slowly. Vince stood his ground but was clearly terrified. Vince swung his makeshift bat back, as if seeing an imaginary pitching prepare to throw at him. When Michael saw this, he struck.

The problem with swinging the bat back was it had to travel forward again, the faster it went the more momentum it had. Momentum is caused by multiplying speed by mass, as mass couldn't change the speed had to change. Vince had reared the back so much it had a long way to travel before striking its target. Michael move himself to the piece of wood before it had enough momentum to cause any damage. Michael grabbed the wood, merely smacking him in the palm. Michael took a good grip of it and it one forceful pull yanked it out from Vince's hand and threw it behind him. Clonking on the ground.

Vince tried to punch Michael with his right but it was slapped down by Michael's massive hands. Then he tried with the left but it too was slapped down.

Michael used his left forearm and slammed it into Vince and kept swinging it round till he had Vince pinned to a brick wall. Vince tried to push the arm off him as his chest and biceps were pinned fast by Michael's strong arm. Michael pushed himself closer to Vince till their faces were inches apart. Michael squinted slightly and Vince was close to hyper-ventilating.

"Raphael Esquivel" Michael started, showing that he knew the small boy as well "Now you've had your fun at the boy's expense. You will not speak to him, you will not approach him, you will not try to intimidate him in anyway whatsoever" Michael reached for his gun and slowly brought it out as he continued "Because if you don't, I will find you and I will kill you" He pointed the gun at Vince's left temple, Vince was squirming and on the verge of crying.

"Do you understand?" Vince didn't respond "Do you under-STAND!"

"YES! I SWEAR" Vince cried out, hoping not to be shot in the head. Michael had no intention of ever killing Vince but Vince didn't know that.

"Hand over your money, all of it"

Vince didn't argue and pulled out his wallet with some difficulty. Michael snatched it and pulled out all the notes, all sixty dollars. Once Michael had his hands on the cash he dropped the wallet on the floor, the sound of a few coins chinking.

"Twenty to return to Raphael and another twenty in compensation and twenty as my fee"

Vince had no care for the money, he just wanted to get away with his life.

Michael had one more warning "Leave the boy alone"

"I swear-"

"Alone!" Michael said again. Michael released Vince he took off repeating "I swear" over and over. Michael watched him run of down the alley as the sounds of police cars were coming closer and closer. Michael calmly walked back to his Jaguar while shoving the sixty dollars into his inside jacket pocket along with his gun. He got in the Jag and quickly fired up the engine and took off being sure to leave no tread marks for the police to follow. As soon as he rounded the nearest junction ahead the first police car screeched to a halt only to see one smashed up muscle car abandoned.

Back at base Elita had Raff tucked in tightly in her arms as the boy had cried for some time. Bumblebee was sitting on a box next to Elita. He knew Elita could comfort the boy better than he could as he was young himself, he didn't really know how to handle this sort of situation. Everyone else had gathered around to, even June had bridged to base after hearing what had happened. They were all very worried about the youngest of their family.

All heads turned as Michael drove through the tunnel and into the main control room. Michael parked the Jag next to June's car and got out. He quickly made his way over to where Elita was sitting, seeing Raff in her arms. He climbed the box and stood next to Elita's lap. She unfolded her arms and Raff noticed Michael.

"Is it over?" Raff asked.

Michael smiled at the small boy "Yes, it's over. I promise you they will never harm you ever again" Michael extended his arms out and Raff stepped from Elita's lap and into Michael's arms.

Michael gave Raff a big reassuring hug. The small boy snuggled into big man's chest, it made him feel safe from what had happened. Michael held Raff tight for a long moment until he let him out of his arms.

"I got your money back plus compensation" He handed over forty dollars to Raff which greatly pleased Raff. Raff was certain he would never see that money again.

"Thank you" Was all Raff could say.

Michael hugged Raff one more time "Don't mention it. I promise they won't try it again, I'll make sure of that"

A few hours down the line and it was time for Michael to head back to the UK so he had time to readjust his body clock to London time. His rucksack was packed, all his clothes and his rugby ball was packed tightly with anything else he hadn't used during his stay. He checked his bike as he would normally do as it hadn't been used in a few days.

"Well, I'll be back in few weeks and be around for the weekend" He looked at Jack "Saint David's day is coming up and I'm going back to Cardiff with some of the lads, if you want to join then you're more than welcome" Jack liked the idea of a proper night out in the Welsh capital but Junes face told him otherwise.

"Well, I'll see you all around" Michael was about to put his helmet on but Elita knelt down and gave him a kiss on the top of his head.

"You stay safe" She whispered.

"I will" Michael put his helmet on and straddled his Suzuki Intruder and fired up the engine. Ratchet opened the ground bridge and Michael pulled off and rode through the swirling wall of light. Elita let out a slight whimper, she was never sure she would ever see him again.

Michael rode through the quiet roads and headed back to his house in Warsash. After a fifteen minute ride he was back on his street and he pulled up outside his house. He switched his bike off and put the stand down, got off and opened the garage and wheeled his bike in and locked the garage on his way out. He walked up to the front door, fumbling for the key. He found it and headed in. He went up to his bedroom and dumped his rucksack on the floor and stared at it for some time.

He had a lot on his mind, the Decepticons had a new drive to capture him, his class mates were almost put in danger and now he had a Home Office tribunal coming up. A lot to think about.

He went downstairs and into the kitchen and pulled out a microwave lasagne meal, he poked a few holes in the plastic film lid and whacked it in the oven. As it cooked he pulled out a bottle of larger from the fridge and searched the draws for the bottle opener. He found it and cracked open the bottle and replaced the opener. The microwave pinged and he opened it and pulled out his dinner. He put it on a tray and peeled the film off, put the bottle on the tray, got a knife and fork and took it all to the living room. He sat down and with the remote turned the TV on and was just in time for the BBC ten o'clock news.

He quickly ate his dinner and got another bottle of larger and watched some TV before deciding to go to bed, wondering where Scott had got to. Maybe down the local boozer with the other phase ones. Michael tidied up in the kitchen and promptly went to bed, feeling shattered after the day's events.

The next day came round in Warsash as the bedside alarm clock went off. Michael saw it was displaying seven in the morning. A quick check of the timetable on his mobile told him he had a nine o'clock lecture. We went through the usual morning routine. He had shower and got dressed in his black trouser and an immaculate Royal Navy standard ironed white shirt with the deck cadet epaulets. He went downstairs and into the living room first to open the curtains, he found Scott lying on the sofa. Michael guessed right about drinking in the night. He went to the kitchen and cooked his breakfast which he took upstairs to eat while he checked his emails and watched the morning news on his desk TV. He took the dish back down and while in the kitchen he pulled out his one litre thermos flask and boiled the kettle. He put in the right amount of his favourite instant coffee then poured the boiling water in, added some milk and closed it up and shook it. Back in his bedroom he did up all the buttons to his shirt and put a simple black tie on in a Windsor knot and put his tie clip with the merchant navy badge on it and put on a NATO navy blue pullover shirt, put his shoes on, plied all his notes for the days lectures into his bag. Before he headed to the door he got his keys, wallet and mobile and then left the house and headed down the street where it had been raining the night before.

Twenty minutes later he reached the academy and he went into the Admiral Jellicoe building and up to the first floor. He swiped in with his campus card from his wallet and took his seat as the rest of the class slowly arrived. He didn't talk too much as he didn't have that much to say, or much he could say. He always wanted to lead a normal life but he didn't know much on what a normal life was. He listened to the conversation about some of the guy's fun at a party in a roof top terrace in the Hackney part of London. It sounded like fun and wished he was there, maybe he would ask them when they were going again.

The lecturer came in late as usual and the class piped down.

"Morning ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all enjoyed your long weekends?" The lecturer looked through his notes to see where they were from their last session.

"Right I remember I asked you to find out a bit about the relationship between ARPA and the ECDIS, err Michael, what did you found out seeing that you were awake when I told you all"

Michael eyes opened fractionally, he hadn't done what was asked, he didn't know "I'm sorry sir but I didn't get round to it" He confessed.

The lecturer wasn't pleased "What the hell were you doing then"

Michael thought about it all, the Decepticons, the Autobots, his life before that and the impending tribunal which was very likely to bring up the past. All of this and all Michael was say was "Not much" While shrugging.


Micheal Rickers Will Return