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Author's Note: Thou shall not steal. Plagiarism is a dastardly deed. Thank you. Apologies for everything wrong in this piece.

Timeline: Set before the events in the film

Glass Protector

By Jan J. (P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

She doesn't understand.

She doesn't understand why she needs protecting.

Oh, she understands Nardo all right. It's infused somewhere in his genes to protect her. Her silly watchdog of a brother. She still loves him even though she's certain that he wants to lock her in a glass case so nothing ever gets in.

Now Chino . . .She doesn't know what to feel about Chino. She thinks that Nardo would gladly give the key to this glass case—if it existed—to him, but shouldn't she be the keeper of her own key? And why should Nardo or Chino want to shelter her away in a glass case? Nothing could possibly want to hurt her out there.

Of course, Anita would be her sentinel, too. She's practically family, so her protectiveness is expected.

In the company of this trinity of guardians, she thinks that they are forgetting something. If they are so busy protecting her, then who will protect them?

Ah, she knows prayer provides a steadfast answer, but perhaps she can help out a little. She can subtly protect them. (She is not a baby.)

Yes, that's what she'll do. Maybe she'll find a way—secretly, of course—to wipe off those creases on Nardo's forehead he has from frowning too much. Also, maybe she could ease away the worry Anita gets in her eyes from studying Nardo too long. As for Chino, there has to be a way to soothingly spin that anxiety of his into calmness.

Yes, that's what she'll do. She is in America now. It is the country of—how do you say it?—"liberty and justice for all."

It is only fair that she lessen their burdens—that she shield the trio from their burdens.

Maybe then they will see her as more than something precious to be locked away.

And maybe then that nonexistent glass case can be used to lock away some new pretty memories of all of them together again. Pretty memories that they could look at through the glass. Pretty memories that will never be forgotten.