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A/N: Written after some rather daft, late night conversations with my lovely beta, Sunnyday30.


"Damn," Robin exclaimed.

"What's the matter?" Guy asked, peeling off his leathers and admiring his naked body in the large mirror Robin had placed in the corner of the bedroom.

"I can't find one pair of matching socks," Robin complained. "It's like there's a sock thief on the loose or something."

"Why would anyone want to steal your socks?" Guy asked, grinning as though he knew something Robin didn't.

"I don't know," Robin despaired, sidling up to Guy and smiling when he saw his own naked form in the mirror.

"We make a nice pair, don't we?" Guy smiled at their reflection.

"Which is more than any of my socks do," Robin grumbled, stomping back to the bed and flinging himself on top of the covers.

"Come on," Guy said. "I'll give you a nice massage, help you forget about your missing socks."

Robin grinned and spread his legs. But just as Guy was about to start, Robin jerked upright.


"Now what is it?" Guy asked.

"I promised Marian I'd meet her this evening. She had some news from the castle about tax monies."

"Can't it wait?" Guy moaned, glancing down at his burgeoning erection.

"Sorry, no," Robin said, hurriedly pulling on his clothes, including two odd socks. "Don't wait up," he called to Guy as he sped out the door.

"Don't worry," Guy shot back, "I won't."

"Marian, tax monies be damned," Guy mumbled, rifling through Robin's sock drawer. Now, he thought, which colour shall I go for tonight? Guy smiled, holding up a long, green sock, along with its partner. One of these would do nicely.

Guy lay back on the bed and began massaging his cock. He closed his eyes and thought of Robin and him looking at themselves in the mirror. Two fine specimens of men. Two very randy men who liked nothing better than to play with each other in the filthiest possible way.

"Oh well," Guy sighed, "while the cat's away this mouse is going to play." With that, Guy rolled Robin's green sock over his erection and began to stroke. Locksley Manor had too many servants who insisted on cleaning the place up, including one very inquisitive Thornton. And besides, Guy did so hate making a mess.

~ fin ~