The young Seras Victoria has only been at the manor for a few days, and she's already seem to have made herself at home. Integra is slowly getting used to the idea of there being a child around and Walter is grateful to have a little helper when Integra started to pile things up on him. Not that he wasn't able to handle it, but it was still nice to not have to rush around too much.

Alucard was almost thankful that he has to sleep during the day so he wouldn't have to deal with the child. Sometimes, she would stay up until he got up just to say goodnight and curl up in her blankets and go right to sleep. Alucard couldn't understand why she did that. Why she needed to see him before she fell asleep.

Integra was sitting at her desk when she had called for him for another mission. When he walked in, Walter was standing beside her and she was smoking yet another cigar.

"Yes, my master?" Alucard had bowed when he said the few words that he said to her every time she had called for him. He didn't like to, because he, in his mind, was his own master, but she brought him back, so he had to do everything she said and say those words over and over again.

"There had been FREAK sightings in Cheshire. You know what to do," she said in her normal English monotone voice.

He bowed and repeated the words once again, "Yes, my master."

He put on his hat and glasses and walked outside. He took a deep breath as the silver beams of the moon hit him. He had a small smirk on his face as he walked to Cheshire thinking about how he was going to kill the FREAKs today. He could use his new gun or just use his teach, but he didn't really like the face that he would taste their foul blood so he went with using his gun. It needs a test run on a moving target. He thought to himself.

When he got to the house where they were sighted, he could see movement with some of the windows. He got onto the roof and walked about it and when he got to a window that he could use to get in, he went through it surprising one of them. He didn't give them the time to talk and shot them. These FREAKS were too easy to get rid of. Needless to say, he lost interest fast and when he left, he was very disappointed. He walked into the town and there was no one around. Sleeping this beautiful night away. Humans. He would hate to be a human. Such a boring lifestyle.

He walked passed a window to a Halloween shop and saw a stuffed bat with beady eyes, and was probably as big as Seras' head. He remembered Walter telling him how Seras had a hard time sleeping when he was out on a mission. She would wake up in the middle of the night crying and yelling. He wasn't sure how children worked since he's never had one of his own… nor did he ever want one, but he would see kids walking around with stuffed toys the few rare occasions he had to go out during the day with Integra.

Since doors and walls had nothing against him, he grabbed the toy and walked back to the manor. He stared at the toy as he walked back, "How do kids even like these things? They're so useless." He felt odd carrying around and when he walked into the manor, Integra was in her office and Walter was nowhere to be seen. He was about to head to his room where little Seras was sleeping but then Walter came out of room, "What do you have there?"

"I remembered you saying that the Little One had a hard time sleeping, so I grabbed this," he left the toy up by the wing to show Walter.
He chuckled, "I wasn't aware that you had a soft spot for kids, Alucard."

"I don't. I just figured you didn't feel like hearing her every night," he said with his normal emotionless face. Walter smiled and nodded and Alucard head toward the room. She was still asleep when he walked in and laid the toy next to her. Like a reflex, she clung to it and took a deep breath. Alucard wasn't sure how to react to that.

"Did you take care of the FREAKS?" Integra was standing in the door way with her arms behind her back. Walter was standing next to her with a clipboard. He must have been doing paper work as he walked around.

"It was far too easy. There's not much of a challenge fighting these FREAKS and Ghouls," he said as he poured some blood into a wine glass. Integra scoffed a little and walked off as Alucard sat in his throne. He was deep into thought until he heard someone say something. When he looked around, he saw Seras sitting up with a smile.

"Why are you smiling?" Alucard asked in a monotone.

"Thank you for the toy. It's cute!" she said with a smile on her face as she hugged the toy. Alucard watched her and smiled a little bit. It was kind of his way of saying you're welcome without actually saying it. Seras crawled off of the bed and into his lap and used his chest as a pillow. Now he really didn't know what to do. He was able to fight off other Vampires, FREAKS, and Ghouls, but when a little girl decided to make him her bed, he was lost. He couldn't understand so he lightly started petting her hair like he saw parents do with their little ones and she started to fall asleep.

If Walter walks in here with her in my lap, he'll never let it down. He thought a little annoyed. He took a drink of the blood and tapped the glass with his finger to the rhythm of her heart. He didn't realize he was doing; he was starting to fall asleep himself.

* He could hear a familiar voice talking when he felt a sharp pain in chest, coughing up blood. He slowly opened his eyes to see a stake through his chest a figure standing over him.

"Have I been… bested?" he managed to choke out.

"Yes, you are bested. This is not a nightmare that you'll be waking from. You're castle are crumbled, your domain is ruined. Your servants destroyed, and the girl has fled this place forever more. She will never be yours, Count," Abraham Van Helsing drove the stake deeper into his chest causing him even more pain. He brought the Count closer to him, "You have nothing, you are nothing. Nothing!" Alucard's eye closed slowly.

Alucard woke up back in his room with Seras still asleep in his lap. He felt something run down his face and when he touched the spot, he saw blood on his glove. A dream. He thought to himself. He put the glass down and picked up Seras and put her down on her bed again. He could feel the sun coming up so he reached for his coffin to open the lid until he stopped to read the words The Bird of Hermes is My Name Eating my Wings to Make Me Tame across the lid. He couldn't remember where he had read it from, but he liked it.
He laid down in the coffin and closed the lid. He just stared at the inside of the lid before falling asleep. He didn't feel tired after his dream, but he knew he had to go to sleep. He sighed and opened the lid and walked out into the hall. He knew he wasn't going to get any sleep, so he would just walk around until he felt tired.

Walter was walking around getting everything ready before Integra woke up until he saw him. He looked a little confused, "It's strange to see you up. Is everything okay?"

"I had a dream and couldn't fall asleep," he said sounding a little upset.
Walter looked at him and knew exactly what dream he was talking about. Alucard had this dream often, but he could tell it really brought him down this time,

"I'm sorry. Want me to bring you anything?"

Alucard was about to say something, but then he heard a door open and a yawn. He turned around to see Seras rubbing her eyes and holding the bat. She smiled when she saw him and Walter standing there, and ran over to them, "Good morning!"

"Good morning, Little Seras. Did you sleep well?" Walter asked. She nodded and smiled at Alucard, "Are you going to play today?"

"Play?" he asked a little confused. No one has ever wanted to play with him.

"Yeah! Walter showed me a spot in the garden where there's a secret tunnel. I'll get dressed and show!" She ran back into her room to do as she said and Walter chuckled, "Seems you have plans today." Alucard groaned as Walter walked away and Seras came out where that same two toned red dress and red shoes she wore the night he found her. She grabbed his finger and lead him to the tunnel that she was talking about. Alucard had been in this garden almost every night since he was brought back by Integra, but never noticed this spot. Seras ducked down and walked through the tunnel still pulling Alucard right behind her.

When they got to the other side, there were a bunch of things in there from her. She had a little table along with crayon's, and paper. She had a little chair in there that she sat her bat at. Alucard looked around and wasn't all the impressed, but she seemed very proud of her secret hiding spot.

"I'm here pretty much all day, and Walter brings me food and drinks," she said in her usual chipper voice. Alucard watched her color in her drawing, feeling the heat from a sun beam on him. He didn't hurt him like it would other vampires, but it did make him pretty tired. She was humming a song when he started to drift off.

A girl that seemed about 18 was walking around him, and her gold hair lightly bouncing around as she walked.

"It's such a pretty night. I can see why you love it so much… other then you being a vampire, of course," she chuckled. She was wearing what looked like pajama pants that were loose around her legs and shirt that buttoned up. She was smiling while she looked at the stars.

"Nights without work are boring, but sometimes it's nice just to look up every now and then. The moon is pretty calming," he said to the girl. She sat next to him in the grass. He was wearing just his boots, pants, gloves and his white button shirt. His glasses were sitting on his leg, so she grabbed them and put them on, "I thought you said when I was older, I could have a pair of my own."

"I'm surprised you still remember that, Little One," he said chuckling which caught him by surprise.

"Alucard, when are you going to stop calling me Little One? I'm 18 now," she said a little annoyed."

"What would you like to be called then?"

"You do know my name is Seras, right?"

"I think I'd rather call you little one," he said as he took his glasses back. She sighed, because knew she wouldn't win. She stood up on her hands and knees over his legs and looked at him. He smirked a little at her annoyed face.

"Why do you always have to be such a pain in the ass?" she asked as she was about to kiss his lips.

"I didn't expect to see you in here, Alucard," Walter's voice woke him up from his dream. So… that's what she's going to look like when she's older. He thought to himself trying to discard the fact that he didn't act himself and they almost kissed in his dream. He sat up and looked at the six year old Seras that was eating a sandwich.

"I'm going back to bed," was the only thing that Alucard said as he got up and left the secret hiding place.

* This is dream that Alucard had in Hellsing Ultimate - II. I didn't get word for word, because I didn't understand some of what they were saying.

The two parts in this chapter that are in italics are what Alucard was dreaming... just in case you know. Anyways, finally! Here's chapter two. Enjoy. :3