The king was put on trial and executed for his crimes against the people the very next morning. Marius was now king, and as soon as he was crowned he immediately abdicated and had the princesses implement the new government: a republic, at long last. This spread throughout the kingdoms and provinces, and everyone was able to go their separate ways.

Joly and Bossuet returned to Bossuet's tower and made a comfortable home out of it. With Jehan's help, they removed the thorn bushes and planted a lush garden. The bottom half of the tower was dedicated to Joly's medical practice, a passion that Combeferre had helped him develop during his time on land. The top half was their bedroom, where many more passions were explored nightly.

Joly sometimes visited the shore from where he came for nostalgia's sake, but he did not miss his underwater home. He made two claims to this: that he was less sick on land, and Bossuet. Everyone was more inclined to believe the latter.

Combeferre returned to the Beast, who had met a charming young girl from the village who was enough to break the spell. The Beast begged Combeferre to stay with them, promising him the vast library all to himself, but Combeferre only stayed long enough to help the Beast establish the new government before he returned to aid the Republic at large and to stay at Enjolras's side.

Courfeyrac, like Marius, became sultan upon the death of his father and then instantly abdicated. And then he continued his collection with his "magic lamp." He, too, eventually returned to aid the Republic.

Jehan returned to his people, where they were able to maintain the peace. He was chosen as the representative of his tribe, a position he accepted wholeheartedly, but he always kept a journal and pen at his side to chronicle his adventures. To this day, bards sing the epic poem that transpired from it.

Bahorel also returned to the empire that was once an empire and now its own republic. Equality among the genders was fully established, and Bahorel never had to wear fake breasts again. He became a general, but he found himself having to step down after one too many brawls in pubs. He often missed his friends, and so he traveled frequently to visit them, leaving behind fistfights in his wake.

With the support of his friends and the townspeople, Feuilly ran a campaign against the mayor of his hometown and won in a landslide. After being reelected one too many times, he finally retired as one of the most celebrated men of all time. He was a hands-on mayor, and then a hands-on citizen, always willing to help out directly around the town whenever needed. It was only after retiring, however, did he finally get the education he always longed for, and he went on to do many more great things.

Enjolras and Grantaire stayed together in Marius's land. Grantaire found passion in art, and Enjolras was key in the success of the new Republic, especially when Combeferre and Courfeyrac came to join him. A rumor quickly spread that Enjolras's kiss could heal any wounds, a claim that Combeferre quickly and without Courfeyrac's "help" deterred. However, the rumor was very true, and Combeferre wondered if Grantaire's injuries were truly accidental.

Eventually, the injuries stopped coming. This coincided with the first time Enjolras and Grantaire shared a bed together, a fact that Combeferre would rather ignore.

Marius married a nice young woman and became a lawyer. Though the people wanted him to represent him in the new government, he refused.

"Perhaps my son may choose to join politics," said Marius. "But I officially deny any royalty titles for any of my family members and my descendants. Nobody in my line shall succeed in ruling this land as a kingdom again."

Then he quickly and happily disappeared into a quiet life.

And a kingdom never rose in revolution ever again.