A series of one-shots based on George and Hermione.

I know Those Weasley Ears was a fail, but I hope this makes up for it. :)


The Day George Realised

"Bloody toad, how does she get away with it?" Fred muttered angrily, clutching his right hand in his left, "It's child abuse! Even though we're technically men now, its only a few weeks until we are of age! I say on our birthday we pull the ultimate April Fool's joke on her Georgie, make her really regret singing Ministerial Degree Number Eleven Million and One.."

George chuckled to himself, despite the pain he too felt in his right hand and the bitterness that was raging through his system at the 'bloody toad' who's room they had just left. They had recently finished developing their Smart-answer quills, and though there was no better person to test them on than dear old Dolores. She had set their class the task of writing a six-foot essay on a dark creature, to which their quills invented a monster similar in appearance to the beloved woman, right down to the girlish "ahem" that interrupted everyone and alerted her presence. And so now the twins' hands were forever scared with the phrase "I shall not waste my ability on unimaginative inventions". But it was worth it, definitely.

George looked over at his brother who was somewhat distracted, a dreamy look having overcame his face. He was either developing this 'ultimate' April Fool's joke, or dreaming over his girlfriend, Angelina. George reasoned and thought the former of the two was the least likely, the twins' best work happened when the two of them simultaneously thought of the same plan, not due to one twin's careful consideration. So he had to be thinking of Angelina.

"Oi, lover-boy! Get a move on, I want to find Hermione before she pops off to bed, see if she has any of that Murtlap left." Fred's features moulded into a grimace, clearly remembering the smell of the foul substance that Hermione had brewed for Harry when he served a detention for Umbridge, and which had been given to the twins when they suffered the same pain. Amazingly, the stuff worked wonders, stopping the pain almost immediatley.

Not that George doubted Hermione in any way, he knew that whatever she brewed would work. It was the smell that clouded doubt in his mind. As his mother always said, "If it tastes bad, then it must be good for you!" George shuddered at the thought of tasting the horrid liquid. Fred cocked an eyebrow at his brother's spasm, questioning him silently. George shook his head, telling his brother he didn't want to know.

As the boys approached the Gryffindor Common Room, Professor McGonagall emerged from behind the portrait of the Fat Lady, bidding her goodnight as she passed. The elderly witch had been talking to Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley regarding their prefect duties, reminding them that should any first years attempt to purchase Skiving Snackboxes from the Weasley twins then they should report it to her. As she turned to begin her patrol, she came face to face with the young wizards themselves. She was about to chastise the twins when she saw their hands.

"Evening Professor!" The boys greeted happily. Whilst McGonagall was strict, they knew she had a soft spot for them, and would go out of her way to help them should they need it. She looked pointedly at each of the twins' hands, before pursing her lips and holding out a hand of her own, demanding that they allow her to inspect theirs. "She's evil Professor, worse than old Voldy-mort." Fred muttered bitterly, earning a smirk from their head of house.

"I suggest you go to your bed, Mr and Mr Weasley. I shall tell Dumbledore of this, but please, enough trouble. It's bad enough that Madame Pomfrey is overwhelmed with first year's bleeding noses and projectile vomiting." She looked at the twins sternly. "Imagine if Professor Umbridge were to fall at the mercy of one of your inventions.. " She eyed George with a sly look. Knowing that April's Fools day was close, there was sure to be an almighty joke pulled, considering the twins were coming of age. And she knew their target. "Goodnight, gentlemen." She called as she walked away.

"Goodnight Professor," The boys called as they climbed through the portrait door. "Wonder what she was suggesting, eh Georgie?" Fred laughed, bounding over to Angelina who was about to make her way up to the girls' dormitory. The common room was almost empty, bar a few stragglers in the twins' year and Hermione, who was scribbling furiously on a piece of parchment in the corner of the room. "Oi, George! I'm going to bed, bring up the Murtlap when you're coming yeah?" Fred shouted from across the room, leading his girlfriend up the stairs. George shook his head, praying to Merlin that they remembered the silencing charms this time. He shuddered involuntarily.

The few people in his year waved in greeting before heading up the stairs themselves, leaving him alone with Hermione. She had been Ron's best friend for four years, but it was only in the last year did George truly notice her. And he was ashamed to admit that, even to himself. They had spent a sizeable amount of their summer together, and George had grown quite fond of the bushy haired brunette.

He even found that she was quite funny and had a mischievous side, even if she didn't show it. Fred and George had planned a surprise spider attack on Ron, making one appear every so often in front of him. Whilst Hermione was against it at first, she soon saw the funny side after Ron squealed quite a few times and joined in herself, making the spiders tap dance and cartwheel. Ever since then, George made a conscious decision to make the girl his friend.

"Hey Mione," George called softly as he approached the girl. He knew Hermione loved it when he called her this, something only he and Ginny called her. She lifted her head, a dazed look in her eyes and focused on the red head in front of her, "You wouldn't have any of the Murtlap left? Or did Lee use it all last night?" George asked softly, suddenly aware of how tired the young girl looked.

"Oh I'm sorry George, I spilled it earlier on when I was putting it back into my cupboard and I couldn't recover it. I'm sorry," She apologised profusely, and George could have sworn he saw tears form in the girl's eyes. His heart lurched, pounding to a rhythm that sat uncomfortably with him. He wasn't good with anyone crying, let alone girls crying. He reached out when he saw a bead of moisture spill over and trail down the girl's cheek, wishing her could do something to stop this.

"Hey hey Mione, what's wrong? Come here," He took the girl in his arms, feeling her begin to shake as the tears overwhelmed her. "What's got my little bookworm into such despair?" She shook her head from its position in the crook of his neck, the scent of her hair beginning to intoxicate him. My bookworm? He thought. Shrugging mentally, he continued to talk to her, "One must cheer-eth the pretty-eth lady up-eth!" he took her by the hands and twirled her around the room, leading her in a flambouyant series of steps that involved him kicking wilding into the air and dipping the girl to the floor.

Soon, he heard peals of laughter escape from the girl, and his heart fluttered at the sound. He looked into her eyes and she looked back with such a fierce intensity George almost kissed her there and then. He hugged the girl once more, trying to distract himself from her full lips and glimmering eyes. "Right you, off to bed!" He said cheerfully, his voice catching a little as he spoke, his heart still not calm. He watched as she gathered her books and walked up the steps, turning to wave and wish him goodnight. He returned the sentiment and stood where he was, the sudden realisation freezing him on the spot.

He fancied Hermione Granger.