Alice's nightmare

Alice wakes up slowly. She is dizzy and she is lying down in a puddle of blood. Alice sits up and looks around. "Huh? Where am I? I can't see a thing but I feel something underneath me! It's kind of watery, but thick." Suddenly the queen approaches Alice and says to her. "Alice this is the entrance to wonderland. Well, at least this was the entrance." Alice asks her in a very unusual tone. "Why can't I see anything?" The queen giggles "Oh right! My apologies!" The queen floats up in the air and a beam of light shines from her hands up to the sky. Alice can see, but the area is still covered in darkness. She looks at her leg, her wound has healed. In fact she is fully recovered, Alice looks down and notices she was lying in a puddle of blood. She shrieks in fear and backs up from it and the ghost of the queen goes through it down into the floor and the blood vanishes into the sky. There Alice sits, alone and frightened. Then not much longer after that she hears her name being whispered followed by an evil laugh. "Alice. Alice. Alice. Alice." Alice gets up and looks around the room. "Who's there?" She asks as she looks around some more a bit scared. "Don't you remember Alice? Your old friend, the one you loved most dearly." The voice lets out a sinister laugh. Alice responds to the voice, her fists are clenched and her voice shakes as she speaks. "Who are you? What do you want?" The voice laughs more. "Oh come now Alice, You aren't that stupid are you?" Then Alice walks closer to the direction the voice is coming from but then suddenly spikes appear from the ceiling and the walls they start to close in on her. Alice screams in fear and tries to run as fast as she can to the laughter of the evil voice. The walls and ceiling slam together in a flash. Alice had made it out alive through the opening and quickly opens the door, slams it behind her and locks it but to her surprise the room she is in now looks exactly the same. Alice screams loudly. "Get me out of here! I want to go home!" Then suddenly the walls start to form eyeballs and they melt onto the floor Alice screams even louder. "It's just a nightmare! It's just a nightmare! It's just a stupid nightmare!" Then a trap door opens beneath her and she falls to her doom as she screams. On the way down she sees shadowy figures that whisper her name over and over. Alice then lands in an ocean of blood but she gets keeps herself afloat and she swims as fast as she can but she realizes that she is somehow being pulled backwards. It is a blood waterfall. Alice lets out a scream of fear and sadness. "Help me! Somebody help me! Hel-" Before Alice can finish her last cry of help she falls down the bloody waterfall and suddenly she lands back in the same dark empty room. The voice laughs even more at her. Alice stands up and shouts furiously. "It's not funny! Let me go now! Take me back home!" Then a giant door opens to the right of her she is scared to go in it because she is afraid something might pop out at her. Despite her fear of it, she walks to it anyway. A trap door opens beneath her when she is just step away from the door and the door slams in her face as she screams and falls down and then she

lands in a black and white checkered hallway. She can see herself because the walls are made out of mirrors. Alice walks forward slowly as the voice continues to laugh silently. "This hallway never ends!" She said as she kept walking. "There has to be a way out." She said and she looks around and she notices one mirror is upside down. "What does this mean?" She asked herself and she pushed the mirror inward and it slid to the side and revealed a staircase leading down. Alice walks down the staircase and then comes to a dark room with chains and one tiny candle. "Where am I now?" Then the door closes behind her and she is locked in. She hears a soft laughter and it grows louder and louder. Then she sees a familiar face, well not necessarily a face but just two eyes and bloodstained teeth in the darkness in front of her face. "Hello Alice!" The face says with a laugh. "You have made it this far haven't you? You figured out my secret, and most importantly you have found me!" The face laughs demonically. Alice stands there while blood spits in her face from its laugh. "Who. Are you?" She asks as she wipes it off. The voice speaks again in rather a evil tone. "I am the ruler of this land! This land that is now called, Nightmare Land!" Alice's eyes grow wide and she says nervously "Yeah, I think I've figured that out by now. This place is full of nightmares." The face speaks again. "Trust me sweetheart there are plenty of things that can kill you, and ill be sitting back and watching the whole time!" Alice says madly "I'm not afraid of you or this stupid place! Now if you excuse me I am going home!" She turns around and walks towards the door but the face blocks her hisses at her and blood gets all over her face again. "You are staying right here Alice, and you are never to leave!" The face laughs even more as chains come and grab Alice and she grunts as she is pinned to the bloody stonewall. "Let me go!" She screams. The face looks at her with sadness and mocks her "Oh sure I'll let you go! After I finish my plans with this insignificant kingdom!" The face laughs as it starts to disappear. Alice cowers in fear; her voice shakes as she speaks again. "Wait." The face reappears and shouts firmly. "What do you want now brat!" Alice looks at it and says rather calmly, "Why did you do it?" The face suddenly turns into a frown and it says a bit angry. "Why are you asking?" She responds again. "Because I want to know who you are and what you have done!" The face smiles evilly. "Well, how do I start it? After you left wonderland it was time for the queen to attack. She used her powers to transform everybody into bloody creatures, which attacked wonderland. She knew that you would not be back for some time and decided to fully take control turning the land into darkness. No body knows what will happen or how it will end, all you need to do Alice. Is to find the white rabbit's watch and bring it to me. So I can reverse the timeline and fix things."
Alice looks at the face a bit unsure. "I don't believe you." The face backs up "Well now. I guess you will just be trapped here forever. Either you do what I ask you too or you will die at midnight!" The face laughs as it fades away and Alice is chained to the wall, her limbs hurting as if giants were pulling them, She felt like she was split in two. She had stayed up until midnight and when the bell rang she knew it was her time to try to escape. Alice reaches for a nail on the wall with her hand and pulls it out, it was an awkward angle for her but she got it and she picked the first cuff off her, next came her right foot, then her other foot and finally her left arm. She hops down and runs to the vent near the corner of the room, which seemed decent sized for her to fit through and uses the nail to screw off the screws that are holding it in place. She crawls into the hole and screws back on the screws as if nothing had happened. She put the nail in her pocket and thought to her self "This will come in handy for later I suppose." Then she crawled through the sewage that smelled like rotten eggs, there was mold and slime all over the walls and ceiling, Later Alice came to an opening and squeezed through. Now she was in a room that had bars on the wall above her, she took a rock placed it on the floor and looks into the vent and she could not believe her eyes when she sees the body of that voice who was tricking her so cruelly.