A/N: WARNING: Those who wish to read this story, READ THIS FIRST! This is the INTRODUCTION to the story where I set the scene on the character, Steve Mitchell. Now, I came up with this idea about 3 years ago when watching TV thinking: "I wonder what would happen if I was there." This is a version of the idea that I had, where a kid genius gets zapped into a movie by their nosy sibling. This chapter is not the story, but what events start the story. Enjoy!


=New York City, 3:42pm, 32nd Street=

He was listening to his iPod(R) while walking back to his apartment on 32nd street in NYC. Steve Mitchell is an above average 15 year old American teenager. He was the coolest, most popular, most athletic, and smartest student in his High School. The only part that was different about him, was the fact that he was always inventing things. The only problem was that almost none of them worked. So far, the only things that had worked were his guinea pig powered computer, his homemade solar-powered toaster, and his bedroom door's pass-code keypad. But he was in the middle of making his most complicated invention yet. It wasn't a shrink ray or anything that you would see in the movies. It was something much, much bigger then that.

He unlocked the door to his apartment and walked in. "Mom, I'm home," he shouted to her in the kitchen. He didn't wait for an answer, he just walked over to the door to his room, input his pass-code and walked in.

If a stranger had walked in, they would have sworn that they had stepped into a junkyard. The entire room was filled with all sorts of broken technology: CD players, DVD players, laptops, and game consoles. The entire room was a mess, save one corner, where there was a flat screen HD TV and a large cone shaped object hidden under a black tarp.

Steve walked over to this corner and pulled the tarp off of the object. Steve had been working on it for 7 years ever since his Dad got him the movie "TRON" for his 8th birthday. The device he was making would be able to transport objects into a movie of choice and bring them back again when the movie was finished. The only down side was that the object of choice would stay in the movie for the movie world's time duration. He was still trying to work out the bugs.

A sudden knock on his door made Steve drop the wrench he was using. "Who is it?" he asked, praying it wasn't who he thought it was.

"It's ME!" the excited voice answered back.

"Danny," Steve thought irritably, "what does he want?"

Danny, Steve's annoying 10 year old brother was always messing everything up. He was the main reason that most of Steve's inventions didn't work.

"What do you want, Danny?" Steve asked him without opening the door.

"To see what you're working on this time."

"It's none of your business, and you'll just mess it up like you did with my wind-powered laptop."

"Fine." Steve heard Danny walk away and shut the door to his room. Steve felt sorry for him, but only for a minute, he couldn't come this far only to have his hopes crushed, especially by his little brother.

A few minutes later, Steve was finally done with his pre test checks, such as opening the window, checking his safety goggles, turning on his TV, and placing a pineapple on a table near the invention. He took his tape recorder, said, "June 16, 2012; Model 4, Test 1: Will attempt to transport a pineapple into the movie: "UP"," he walked over to the machine, pressed the movie select button, and selected, "UP". Steve set the tape recorder on a table next to him and pulled out a remote. "Test 1 starting... NOW!" Steve pressed the button on the remote and watched his invention shot a laser at the pineapple, which disappeared with a flash of light. Steve looked at the TV, praying that this invention was the one that would work. A few seconds later, he saw something coming into focus in the corner of the screen. There, in the movie, was the pineapple. "It works," Steve was shocked, "IT REALLY WORKS!" Steve still had to wait another hour before the pineapple reappeared on the table. "This thing is going to change the world." Steve went to sleep that night practically laughing.

The next day, when Steve got home from school, things turned from great to horrible.

Steve walked over to the door to his room and found it slightly ajar. Steve's mind began racing. What happened? What's wrong? He rushed into his room and he nearly fainted when he saw Danny in his room, and he nearly had a heart attack when he saw him next to his new invention. "DANNY! WHAT DID YOU DO! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE!"

Danny just looked at him with an innocent expression and said, "Did you know that you talk in your sleep?"

Steve started to roll up his sleeves and walked over to Danny. Danny began to back away, but bumped into the machine by accident.

"Random Select," said an automated voice from the machine.

"Why I ought to-" That was all Steve could say before he disappeared in a flash of light.

The reason this happened was because Danny had stepped on the activation button. "Uh, oh." Danny looked at the screen just as Steve was appearing. The only noticeable change was that Steve was... animated. Danny didn't know what to think. "He's gonna kill me when he gets out. I know it."


That was all that Steve could see. He groaned as he got up off the ground and put a hand to his head, which suddenly felt like he'd been hit with a rock. "Oh... my head. It hasn't hurt this much since-" he stopped mid-sentence. He quickly looked at the hand that he had put on his head. What he saw scared the living daylights out of him.

It was animated.

He looked down at the rest of his body to make sure he was just having a hallucination. In short, he wasn't. "No, no no no no no! I'm in a movie! But which one?" A bright light behind him and some music made him turn around. He was facing a two story title screen. Steve looked up in awe, "Now that's a big title."

He was in Beauty and the Beast.

Only one thought went through Steve's mind, "I'm gonna kill Danny when I get out of here."

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