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In the club

The harsh beat of the music practically vibrated through the crowd, everyone moving in sync in some strange dance routine that was programmed into the mind and I was one of them. Hips swaying whenever the music was fit for it I let myself go. The air was thick with the smell of sweat and I could feel my own trickling down my back. Oh, how I loved to go out clubbing. Only when I went out did I feel like I could completely let go, stop acting the way I should according to society or rather my father. Another place I could let go was the bedroom, but I usually combined the two. First find a dancing partner, rubbing bodies together until the heat became too much and then quickly get out of the club and go home with someone. This made Saturday the best day of the week, if you were asking for my opinion.

Like every week this week was filled with studying, my dad pressuring me into working harder, doing better, achieving the best I could. All because he still thought I was going to work for him when I graduated college. I hadn't built up the nerve to tell him the truth yet.

My dream differed a lot from my father's. Where he wanted me to take on a managing job at the Uchiha firm, I wanted to open my own art gallery someday. In my free time I tried to paint as much as possible, trying out different art styles and developing my own. It was difficult hiding this from my father, but my mother supported me through all my decisions and helped me hide it from my father. My little brother actually wanted to work in the Uchiha firm, so why didn't my father give him a chance instead?

A different song started playing, asking me to move my body differently, but it all happened automatically, letting the music lead my body. In search of my next victim I let my eyes wander through the club. At first I didn't notice anything special. Right until my eyes fell on a cute little blond standing by the bar. He was looking rather uncomfortable, bright blue eyes glaring at everyone that stepped a little too close. This would be a challenge, but sometimes I just needed those. To see if I could even seduce someone that didn't want any attention at all.

Moving through the crowd I slowly made my way to the bar, standing a few feet away from this interesting blond creature. A heavy glare was still set in place and I wondered what he was even doing here. Not to enjoy himself at least. Thinking I should stay hydrated I ordered a drink, slowly sipping it as I glanced over at him. Blond had always been my weakness, the colour always immediately capturing my attention and I had to admit that this was really one of the most beautiful shades of blond I had ever seen. This vibrant colour reaching down to the guy's waist, it partially pulled up in a ponytail to give it some extra volume and then a long bang covering half of his face, giving him a bit of a mysterious look. I instantly felt like touching it.

Carefully I crept closer and closer, making sure the blond didn't notice I was moving his way. And then out of nowhere some redhead started talking to him, taking away my opportunity to actually speak to him. Thankfully the blond waved him off, getting rid of him instantly. Good, because no one was going to steal my prey tonight. The redhead rolled his eyes at the blond's gesture and then disappeared onto the dance floor, joining some of his friends. The group waved at the blond, motioning for him to come join them, but he simply glanced away, acting like he hadn't even seen them. Made it only easier for me.

Only one more step and then I was right beside the blond.

With a light tap on the shoulder I tried getting the blond's attention, putting up a smile to look inviting. Usually my smile did the trick already. 'Hey,' I greeted him, trying to make my voice loud enough to reach above the music. Not something that was easily done.

An eyebrow was raised in response and then the blond turned his full body away, making sure I got the point. He was not willing to talk to me and was not here to socialize. Too bad for him I wasn't one to give up. I had hardly even tried.

Casually I leaned back against the bar, letting my eyes slide through the crowd. All this I did to put the guy at ease. After a minute his body relaxed again and he turned his body slightly back to stand more comfortably and keep an eye out for the things around him. Wandering hands was something that happened a lot here. And then I took another shot. 'You seem to be having a lot of fun,' I mocked.

Immediately he turned to face me, blue eyes glaring up at me and giving off some kind of threatening vibe. I was not impressed to say the least. Those blue eyes were just too kind. 'Let's just say this isn't really my scene,' he gritted out and then turned away from me once more, hair moving along with him and almost slapping me in the face.

This made things interesting. I had gotten him far enough that he was willing to speak to me. He could've simply walked away, but he still chose not to. Moving around him I stood on his other side. I could see the muscles in his jaw tightening, annoyance clearly written on his face. I put on my famous Uchiha smile, one that got me everything I wanted, always. 'I'm Itachi.'

Folding his arms together the blond's eyes slid up and down my body, one nicely sculpted eyebrow raised. 'And I am straight,' he said plainly, challenging look on his eyes, as if to dare me to continue this.

As if that was going to stop me anyway…

Raising an eyebrow of my own and letting the smile slip off my face I shot him a confused look. It may sound a little insulting, but he did look a bit stereotypical gay. I didn't want to judge him for it, but I had to ask. 'Really?'

Furiously the guy looked up at me, blue eyes boring into my own. He was about to punch me it seemed… 'Excuse me?' he called out, sticking out his chest to look larger. 'What's that supposed to mean?' I might've stuffed it up or had I?

Taking this opportunity of having the blond close to me I slid my fingers through his long locks, following the wave down till his waist. 'I apologise. I was really hoping you weren't. You are just very attractive.' And it's not like straight guys couldn't suddenly swing my way. It had happened before and I still had my eyes set on this beautiful creature.

The annoyed look was still present on his face, but a light blush had now formed on his cheeks. My hand was still steadily placed against his hip and I could feel his body swaying away from my touch. 'Deidara,' he mumbled and just like that I had succeeded.

'Can I buy you another drink, Deidara?' Testing his name on my tongue I decided I liked it. It was a name I hadn't heard before and seemed to fit him perfectly. Now we just had to find out if he was happy with me saying his name as well.

For a short moment Deidara glanced up at me and then quickly looked down again. 'Whatever,' he replied seemingly uncaring, but it gave me permission. So I bought two more drinks and soon we were both sipping happily of them. At least I was, though I think Deidara liked my taste in drinks.

As we enjoyed our drinks my eyes wandered his way again, taking in how good he really looked. Skin hugging black skinny jeans, making his ass look even more prominent. A simple blue t-shirt with some kind of colourful print on it. His features were a little feminine, but it suited him quite well. I've always considered myself a bisexual, seeing I could definitely fall for a woman, but did lean more towards males than females.

Something notable about his appearance, besides his long blond hair, was a small silver ring on the right side of his bottom lip. It gave him something tough, taking away some of the softer features of his face. Another feature that suited him quite well. I had never been with someone who had a lip piercing, so wondering what it would feel like when kissing was an easy step made. And what about more piercings. Would there be something else to explore on that lithe body?

It was time to break the silence, so I placed a hand on his shoulder, making him look up at me again. 'Do you want to dance?' I asked.

'I don't dance and I'm still straight,' came the short reply, immediately shaking off my hand to avoid any kind of contact with me. I thought I was getting closer, but it seemed to be more difficult than I had initially thought. He really was straight then. The black line under his eyes, drawn by a thin eyeliner made me think otherwise, but I didn't know much about fashion nowadays. It was just me stereotyping him. Funny how it did make him look even better. His eyes popped even more with their bright blue shine.

This guy really was hotter than anyone I had hit on in this club, ever. He just had this air around him that pulled me in and he couldn't let go now. Deidara couldn't walk away anymore. I needed to have him.

'Have you ever been with a man?' A tricky question, because it could actually get me punched in the face and I would've deserved it. I was aware it was annoying to be hit on by a gay man repeatedly when one was straight. I just had to risk everything at this point and I would risk his anger.

Blue eyes shot my way again and he clearly wasn't frightened of me in anyway. Anger wasn't something I was seeing either. It was more arrogance mixed with a little irritation. It made sense. 'No, of course not,' he replied, tone implying that I had just asked the strangest question I could've asked.

But I could actually work with this. Play with him a little. 'How can you be so sure that you're straight then?' I started. 'I tried both sides and can honestly say I'm attracted to both men and women.' This was logic he couldn't deny, but it was still silly. Who would go along with this?

Though it seemed to actually work. His mouth opened and closed a few times, Deidara trying to find the right words to answer to that statement. 'Alright, I have never tried it with a man,' he began, eyes shifting away from me. The blush was back into place. My new strategy had actually worked it seemed. And then those blue eyes went back up, a finger pointing at my chest. 'But I still don't do one night stands.'

And that was not something I could beat. Yes, I could work him all night, feed him drunk, feel him up on the dance floor and perhaps he was worth it. But tonight was not the night for a lot of work. My week had been hell and I just wanted something easy. Chances were this one would actually cling. 'Well, I'll go find someone else then.' And with a nod I was about to turn away from him, eyes moving through the crowd already to find the next victim.

Immediately a hand was on my arm, turning me back around and a smirking Deidara was staring at me. 'You're giving up already? I really thought you would be more persistent than that.' He cocked his head to the side, apparently finding this all very amusing. I realised his smile made his face even more beautiful. But hadn't he practically given me permission to try harder? Perhaps I could share the bed with him tonight then…

'How will I convince you then?' I felt leaving my lips, breathlessly staring at his still smirking lips.

A light shrug of the shoulders wasn't much of an answer, but he still looked rather happy. It was strange how he could change moods so fast, but in this case it was in my benefit I guess. 'Well, I still don't do one nightstands, but you can take me out sometime. As you said, how can I be sure right?'

My eyes narrowed lightly. I understood the offer, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted something tonight, not work for something that I might have in months. Not to mention that my father would never let me date a male and it would be difficult to keep this hidden from him. He would shoot me before I had even made a reservation at a restaurant.

'I don't date.'

The smile slowly slipped off his face and now he mostly looked confused and I spotted hurt somewhere in those blue depths. 'How can you not date? Or are you that much of a slut? You really come here just to have a one night stand.' He practically spat the words in my face, clearly not pleased with this at all. Who was he to judge me though? What did it matter what I came here for? He didn't want me in the first place, so why was there such a big problem. Why could he say he didn't want to have a one night stand while I couldn't say I didn't want a date?

'At least I knew what I came here for and am enjoying myself. You on the other hand have mostly been moping here,' I replied, keeping a levelled tone, but making sure the guy got the point. There was no need to point an accusing finger at the other person. It was perhaps just time to part ways and move on.

Now Deidara was angry, seeing how he gave me a harsh push against my chest. Not that it actually did anything. I slightly wavered backwards, but stayed on my feet easily. I worked out a few times a week at the gym near my college and Deidara was rather skinny looking. Couldn't have much muscle on his body. After that he walked straight to the exit and disappeared from sight. I hadn't meant to insult him as he had me, but with the way he hurriedly left I knew something was wrong.

It was annoying, but I knew I had to follow him. His friends hadn't even noticed and I still was a good guy somewhere. And if I someday do want to date, it would be nice if he and I at least were friends. As soon as I opened the door the cold air hit me and I cursed myself for forgetting my coat. This better be worth it…

A few feet away from the exit of the club was Deidara, leaning against the cold brick wall. The sight alone made me shiver. Damn it, it was way too cold for this shit. His head hung forward, hair sheltering his face from sight, but the posture said enough. He was sad, about something… What I had said couldn't be that hurtful.

Slowly I moved towards him, giving Deidara the time to realise I was approaching. As soon as he did he glanced off to the side, hair sheltering even more of his face. His arms were wrapped around his body, trying his best to keep his own heat in. There were better temperatures to have drama in. I couldn't do much now though, seeing I was just as cold. The only thing I offered was standing beside him, shoulder touching shoulder to give him some form of warmth. Deidara didn't step away, so it seemed did appreciate the gesture.

'I didn't mean to insult you.' Better just jump right into this conversation and get it over with. If something else was wrong he either would tell me to fuck off or he would now break and spill whatever was wrong.

Carefully blue eyes moved up to my face and for a moment Deidara just stared at me and then with a deep sigh he let go. 'I'm not really mad at you,' he replied, rubbing his arms to give himself some warmth. 'You were right to think I'm gay, because I do think I am.' Quite the revelation so suddenly. Still an interesting one though. 'I just had enough on my mind and didn't feel like focusing on it, so I have been ignoring it mostly. And then mister hot guy comes around!' To emphasize his words he pointed at me, frowning as if it was the most absurd thing ever. I couldn't say this wasn't something I liked hearing. The one I liked thought I was hot… I was pleased with myself, but only on the inside. No time to gloat. 'So finally I get over myself and thought why not finally give it a shot. See if you are gay. And then…' Another deep sigh left his lips and defeated he hung his head low. 'Mister hot guy blows me off, because I'm not willing to put out so fast.'

Okay, that kind of made me look like an ass. Struggling with your sexuality was difficult enough, I was aware of that. It's not like I had fully made my peace with it. Or I had, but my father gave it some trouble. Still I felt bad and wanted to resolve this. Now it was my turn to let out a defeated sigh. 'If I take you out on one date, would you feel better then?'

A small smile tugged at his lips and that was all I needed to see. 'I would like that,' he answered, bumping his shoulder against mine as he looked down with a light blush. So this was all very new to me as well…

Flipping out my wallet I got out my card, handing it to him. 'Here's my number. If you want to go through with this, just send me a text or give me a call. If I don't hear from you in the next few days I'll assume it's off the table.' Better get things straight and not give myself the hopes up that this would work out. Why was I protecting myself already?

Eagerly Deidara accepted the card and stuck it in his pocket. The smile he then had on his lips took my breath away and with every bit of power I had in me I turned away from him, giving him a nod as a parting gesture. I still wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but then came the soft spoken words, taking away any doubts I had. 'Thank you, Itachi.'

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