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Those two years had gone by so fast and I was still living happily together with the blond. Life had been very kind to us ever since we decided to make the step to do this together. A few months ago we were able to buy our very own art gallery and with the visitors and buyers coming to the exhibit, we had it a lot better. We had money to spare and could live a very relaxed life now. Deidara worked in the art gallery, giving tours through the hall and selling paintings when people were interested enough. My job was obviously to create the paintings and this was what I did every day, working hard to create more and more and enjoying every second of it. Now I was mostly working on giving the gallery a great look, making sure it pulled people in. The most important one was the one that would be seen right as you came in and that needed to be a big one. So my creativity was put to the test often, but I didn't mind. This was what I loved doing.

I hadn't spoken to my father ever since I left that day and I didn't miss him at all. I finally felt free. My mother called once in a while, but in secret. Father didn't need to know she was talking to me. It was for the best that way.

Someone who was doing great was Sasuke. He had now become the heir to the Uchiha throne and this was exactly what he had always wanted. To take over the company and follow in my father's footsteps. In a way he was the son my father had always wanted, except for the fact that the best friend that stayed over often to study was actually his boyfriend. When Sasuke was going to tell them, I wasn't sure, but he did need to do it at some point, if he ever wanted to choose his own outcome. I don't believe Father would kick him out of the family now though. He couldn't lose face again as he had done with me.

Right as I was about to place the brush back against the canvas, the door slammed open, startling me slightly. Had Sasuke come to visit? No, it was just Deidara, grinding his teeth together as he shot me a heavy glare.

'What the hell is this?' he hissed, holding up a piece of paper and waving it in front of my face as if it had done something awful to him. The anger was clearly written on his face, but I would not give in and fall for this. I had of course done this all on purpose.

Acting as if I had no idea what this paper exactly was, I took it from him and glanced it over. 'It's an information sheet about adoption,' I said matter-of-factly and then handed him the paper back.

Staring back at me with wide eyes and mouth agape I knew he was angry, really angry, but I had no other idea on how to even propose idea and the shock effect might work, right? 'And exactly what do we have this paper here?' he asked softly, giving me an opportunity to save myself, which I was not going to take.

'Because I wanted some information on adoption.'

His look only got worse, staring at me as if had lost my mind. 'Shouldn't we have at least discussed this?' he asked exasperated, flinging the paper in my face again as if it would solve some of the problems he had with this situation right now.

Carefully I placed my paintbrush down and wiped my hand on a cloth, cleaning the access paint off it. 'I already know you are not interested, but I wanted to see what it was like anyway. I'm not forcing anything on you, but it's always better to be prepared.'

'Really?' Deidara asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow.

'Of course I would not force you into anything,' I replied, looking at him as if he had lost his mind now, but then changed my look, making it more hopeful. 'Unless you want to talk about it…'

'No!' he called out, eyes wide again and fear apparent in his eyes. 'I don't want babies! I am only 21 years old. I am not ready for this!'

I know I had been getting ahead of myself, but I believed we were ready for the next step and to me this was the next step. 'Why not? We have a secure life now and could afford it. And the best part is that I would be so happy to become a dad.' I let a soft smile slip into my lips, showing him just how it would make me feel.

'Stop using that against me! You are already happy!'

Moving towards him I brushed a strand of hair out of his face and then leaned down for a kiss, trying to convince him once again. 'Just think about it, Dei, please,' I murmured.

'Fine,' he eventually sighed defeated, leaning heavily against my chest while I cheered on the inside.

'I love you, Dei.'

'I love you too.'


Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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