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After a couple of days they arrived in California, where the x-men were waiting for them. Magneto had already sensed this as a possibility and sent pairs out first.

Toad and Polaris went out first and went after Cyclops and Magma. Toad singled out Scott, but when he was hit with an optic beam, he quickly rethought his idea. He then went after Magma.

Toad hopped around Magma trying to make her lose her balance by trying to shoot him with molten rock. Cyclops blasted at him, but a huge piece of metal blocked it. Metal started ripping free from everywhere, twisting, and flying around Polaris. "You're fighting me, remember?"

Toad wrapped his tongue around Magma's leg and pulled, tripping her. She turned into her Magma form and scorched his tongue. "Hands or…. Tongues off!" She blasted him with molten rock and sent him flying. Cyclops was impressed, but while he was distracted he got hit over the head with a huge piece of metal.

Wolverine and Wolfsbane went to help them, but just as they got over to them, there was a flash of white and a quick punch to both of their jaws, causing them both to fall backwards. Wolverine growled and immediately started getting back up. Another flash of white and Quicksilver was behind him.

He ejected his claws and swiped at him, but Quicksilver moved out of the way. "Haha, too fast! Can't catch me!"

Sabertooth walked out and stood next to him. They were obviously the next team. "C'mon runt. Gonna let yourself get beat by him."

Quicksilver stopped running to yell, "Hey!" Wolfsbane took this moment of weakness to turn into her werewolf form and attack him. He got away pretty fast though and plugged his nose. "Yuck, dog breath!"

Sabertooth and Wolverine got into a fight. Wolfsbane was against Quicksilver. "You got the rotten end of the deal Wolfy. I'm unstoppable. What are you gonna do? Lick me to death."

Wolfsbane went to swipe at him again and he dodged around it. She stuck out her foot and he tripped. He hadn't noticed because he had been in the middle of laughing. She grabbed him by the ankles and spun him around before finally throwing him into the wall. He smacked against the wall, but shakily got back up a moment later. "You just messed with the wrong speed demon, Wolfsbane.

He moved fast at her and punched her repeatedly. It was so fast you could only see her head bobbing. She wobbled and fell down. Wolverine howled and knocked Sabertooth down. He ran over and lifted Wolfsbane, who had morphed back into her regular self. "Rahne! Open your eyes, darlin'."

Sabertooth had started to sneak up on Wolverine, but was blasted away by Magma. "It seems you need some help." Quicksilver started running at Magma...however, the ground started shaking which then caused Pietro to stumble and fall.

"Hey!" He got back up and ran at Magma.

Angel and Psylocke got caught up in a fight with Crystal and Domino. Domino smiled and lifted her guns, "Where do you think you're going?"A blast of wind slammed into Psylocke, knocking her off her feet.

Fire from the magma that Amara was creating flew over at Angel. "I am princess of the inhumans and I demand you stop here or I will singe the wings off an Angel."

Domino pulled back the triggers of her guns. "Oh, this is going to be fun."

Beast and Colossus decided they also had to help, but the Juggernaut and Mystique blocked them from continuing. Juggernaut rammed into Beast and Beast grabbed onto his head, flipped around, and kicked him on the back. Colossus went to hit Mystique, but she morphed into Kitty Pryde with a bunch of injuries. She quivered and said in Kitty's voice "Piotr, why would you hurt me?" She sniffled and Colossus froze.

He stared at her before slowly falling to his knees and moving to pick her up. Beast threw a rock at him, which clanked against his metal head. "It's not real! That's not Kitty, she's fine and behind us!"

Kitty and Kurt ran in, only to be intercepted by the Scarlet Witch. "Sit still, I'm going to put a spell on you." She shot hex bolts at them and whenever one of them tried to use their powers, she'd use it against them. Eventually, she phased them into a box and held their powers hostage. She had to concentrate to keep their powers with her and not them.

Jean and Emma ran in. Emma shook her head and said, "Well this doesn't look good."

Jean glared at her. "Why would it?"

"No need to get cocky with me, dye job."

"Dye job? What about you, Ms. Plastic?"

"Plastic, please. This isn't plastic. This is silicon and the best money can buy. I have money because I am not ugly, love."

A piece of rock flew up and slammed into Emma knocking her off her feet. Emma fell to the ground and rolled over. "You want to start with me, Miss Looks-Like-A-Man?"

Emma turned to diamond and ran at Jean. Jean started floating upwards, but Emma grabbed her by her retreating feet and spun her around. She then threw her at Juggernaut. Jean winced, but managed to create a small barrier. Juggernaut picked her up and launched her. The barrier smashed against the wall and broke. She fell but Emma caught her, surprisingly.

"Hey! No one hurts this girl but me! Beast, get that helmet off him!"

Mystique morphed back and kicked Beast across the face. He grabbed her leg and slammed her into the ground. "Please, I don't wish to hurt you." Colossus grabbed Mystique, but she easily weaseled out of his grasp.

Emma changed back into her normal form and shocked Mystique with a metal blast that rendered her unconscious. Jean had woken up and got with the program of unclipping Juggernaut's helmet with some help from Colossus and Beast. Jean lifted the helmet off him and Emma shocked his mind unconscious as well. The helmet clattered to the floor weakly.

Armor and Iceman ran out to join in the fight. Armor got into her armor state and knocked Scarlet Witch's concentration off. Kurt teleported out of the box and Kitty walked out. "Well this is highly unfair."

Magneto exited the train with Rogue holding onto her arm. The Professor and Storm entered and walked towards them. The Professor's wheelchair skidded and Storm grabbed him from it. "Professor!"

A metal pipe wrapped around them. "By all means fight, but you will not win. Me and my children will take care of you." He looks down at Quicksilver. "Well, most of my children anyway."

Storm set Professor Xavier down and he said, "Just take off his helmet, leave the rest to me."

She raised her hands and her eyes went white. "You're about to experience the full power of the elements." Hail and rain started coming down on Magneto and Rogue.

Magneto put up a magnetic shield to block it from himself. "You think your silly rain could hurt me? I am the master of magnetism!" Metal pipes started shooting out from random places and wrapping themselves around Storm.

While this was all happening, someone jumped into the chaos behind Rogue. They tied a blindfold over her eyes as quickly as humanly possible and tied her arms together. They then covered her mouth with their hand and wrapped their other hand around her stomach. They lifted her up and jumped away, taking her with them.

Professor suddenly yelled, "Stop! Rogue has been kidnapped!" Everyone stopped what they were doing for a second and that's when Professor Xavier, Emma, and Jean attacked their minds.

Xavier yelled, "X-men, retreat!" Storm lifted him up and put him in his wheel chair, which had toppled over. She then wheeled him out and to the Jet.

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