I love the Klaine-relationship, and wanted to write about what might go on at Dalton if I had been responsible for the scripts. I am not, have nothing to say in Glee, and just play with my head when I think about these wonderful boys.

Kurt feels his neck prickle, like a dozen pair of eyes is staring at him. He quickly glances around, but every boy in the hallway seems occupied with their own business, and he can't single out anyone specifically giving him the evil eye.

Of course some of the guys are looking at him – being the new kid in school and being a kid with his arm in a sling, anything else would be odd. But the eyes he dare meeting are neutral, some of them even friendly, giving a quick nod before the eyes' owners disappear down the hall or into a classroom.

Kurt isn't used to this. Kurt isn't used to walking down the corridor without facing a malign look, showing, being tripped or hateful remarks. He had gotten used to all of those things, so used to it he now expect it even though he knows this is supposed to be a safe haven, corridors with zero bullying tolerance policy. Heck, the entire school is supposed to be about tolerance and including, not bullying and harassment. But it is too soon to come to terms with it. What his mind know, is not the same thing as his reflexes are still working with. What his sanity know, is not the same thing as his fast-skipping heart has been used to endure.

Kurt wishes he would see one of those few faces he knows here. Wondering where his friend might be, he automatically reaches his healthy hand down his pocket to grab for the phone, before he manages to stop himself. He isn't able to call or text anyone, and for a short moment Kurt feels really lost and lonely.

"Take a deep breath, Hummel, you are a survivor, this is nothing to be freaked out about", he mumbles to himself while following the flow of uniform dressed boys, hoping they all are headed for lunch as he is. Although he had been to this school once before, that short mission hadn't exactly made him well acquainted with the myriads of corridors, halls, rooms, and buildings. Still, Kurt couldn't help himself from smiling when thinking about that brief visit some weeks ago.

He had been on a mission to spy on his Glee-clubs contestants, and the embarrassment from being easily discovered had been worth the prize – finding Blaine and embarking on a wonderful journey of getting a friend who really got him.

The thought of Blaine makes Kurt reach for his pocket once more to hand out a phone he no longer possesses, and he sighs when he realizes how dependent he is on that phone. And maybe Blaine. Yes, he most certainly feels dependent on Blaine while walking carefully down the corridor, close to the wall as had become his habit to stay out of the way of the hateful jocks. If he kept himself closer to the walls, the distance to the locks was shorter, and the pain would be smaller when the jocks showed him in them. Being closer to the wall was all about being less of a target. But sometimes that strategy just wasn't enough.

Kurt shrugs as his arms start to hurt again, and he pulls it closer to his stomach in the sling, to protect it from bumping into something or someone. He so wishes he could just pick up his phone and call his best friend, whom would tell him everything was going to be all right, and help him make sense of some of the chaos he felt on his first day in his new school. He hadn't been able to talk to Blaine since Monday, now was Wednesday. Things had just happened so quickly, he hadn't even been able to log on to Facebook or Skype to send Blaine a short message.

He misses his friend, and he needs his friend. Since they first met, it had only been a couple of days were they hadn't been in touch somehow or the other. They usually texted several times during the day, and they would Skype in the late evenings before going to bed. Several days they would meet after school for coffee, and they more often than not hang out during the weekends. So it was quite unusual to be out of reach for more than two days. Kurt wondered if Blaine had been worried, but quickly put that thought away. How selfish to think like that, it had just been two days, for Christ sake. Would he worry if he didn't hear from Blaine in two days? Kurt contemplated that though for a while, the strangeness of it, because this was after all the first time they had been out of reach for each other for such a long time laps. But he knew Sectionals was coming up, and this week the Warblers had been occupied with several extra rehearsals, so Blaine and Kurt had no appointments for coffee, shopping or a movie this week. Blaine had texted on Monday, explaining the councils had some wild ideas he of course could not elaborate to their precious spy, but he was afraid he wouldn't have time to meet this week with all the extra work put down to make everything work. It was still some weeks before the competition, but the Warblers – much unlike the New Directions – liked to plan ahead, be prepared and avoid rush and stress.

Kurt fondly rolls his eyes while thinking about his glee club. His old glee club. New Directions was a hell of a circus, and it seemed to work better the more chaos. Although they quarrelled and bitched around with each other, they were also close friends – only a really good friend can take the kind of pressure they put on themselves and each other with the work methods they used. Spontaneity was their force, with emotions on their sleeves. It could be really ugly, but by god could it be really amazing as well. They were the only thing Kurt honestly would miss from his now old school.

Kurt quickly dries off a tear which is threatening to run down his cheek as he approaches the queue in the cafeteria, and tries to concentrate more on what will be served for lunch than all the things that has happened the last 48 hours which he really needs to share with Blaine, Blaine who he can't reach at the moment, and oh yes, lunch, focus on lunch.

Kurt is glad to see that he has got three options for lunch. At McKinley they were being served a main dish, a "you eat what you get"-meal, with some smaller choices to the side, like chocolate, fruit and snacks. But here at Dalton it seems like a custom to have three different dishes each day, along with snacks, a variety of coffees and other drinks, and Kurt thought it might be a spacious salad bar at the end of the register. He smiles happily. He is starving, breakfast had been hours ago.

His father and he had gotten up early to get to Dalton in time for his meeting with the principal and some administration guy. They had worked out his curriculum, finding out what classes were obligatory and giving him some choices for the compulsory classes. They had talked about fees and regulations, rules and practical matters, and the principal had clearly stated the zero bullying tolerance policy twice during their conversation to make sure both Kurt and his father knew he was safe here, at Dalton. Kurt had let it slip out that he already knew at least one student, Blaine Anderson, and how he was convinced he would help him settle down. The principal had nodded in agreement, and they had continued to talk about uniforms and filling out order forms, and hopefully Kurt would get his new school clothes during the day, but no later than the next day. In the meantime he would of course be allowed to wear his ordinary clothes, but the principal had made a point of the importance of blending in and not wearing something too obviously civilian. That point hadn't been on Kurt's mind at all when he left home in the morning, he had expected he would change into the uniform as soon as possible, so he was wearing one of his signature outfits.

After some more information which Kurt had done his best to digest, the secretary had shown him were his second class was. In the meantime, his father would bring all his stuff to his dorm, before he headed back home to get some work done in the garage. Kurt wasn't able to drive with his arm in a casket anyway, so his father would take his car back home, and they would figure out how to solve that problem later on.

He grabs a plate of lasagne, makes himself a glass of ice tea, and heads for the salad bar to ensemble a small side salad to the deliciously smelling food. He is about to adjust how the plates are seated on the tray to make it easier to balance in one hand, when he is approached by the one person he thinks can help him through the obnoxious first day at a new school-hell. Blaine!

"So", Blaine initiates their conversation surprisingly calm considering he doesn't know about Kurt's transfer and has no reason to expect him at his own school again. "I am going to help you with that tray and bring you over to where we are sitting, and then I am going to pinch myself and see how you dissolve into golden dust – or I will be pinching myself while you explain your second mission of spying", Blaine says with a soft smile. He puts his hands on Kurt's shoulders and gives him a warm hug, keeping his body apart from Kurt to make sure he doesn't hurt the arm Kurt holds clenched into his stomach.

Kurt is glad to hand him the tray, and follows him to a table in the back corner of the cafeteria. Kurt is surprised his usually enthusiastically friend hasn't bombarded him with questions about his presence or his casket, but really appreciates how Blaine obviously is holding back for him.

Kurt recognizes Wes and David from his spy-encounter at Dalton, and greets them friendly, after Blaine has exclaimed "see who I found again!" enthusiastically. The three of them had been sitting by a table for four, so Blaine puts Kurt's tray on the free space. Without a word, he turns to Kurt, and carefully removes his satchel and hangs it over a chair, which he pulls out to help Kurt get seated.

"You know, I'm not quite the cripple yet", Kurt says teasingly to address what he thinks is an elephant Blaine just danced around.

"I know", Blaine answers with a steady, but soft voice, and what is it Kurt can see in his eyes? Worry? Concern? "I'm just really, really glad to see you here", Blaine continues, and leans his forehead to Kurt's shoulder for a short time.

Kurt is confused. Does Blaine know something anyway? Who has told him? Kurt stares into Blaine's eyes, looking for answers, but Blaine just smiles at him, and his eyes has shifted to a more calm expression. "Eat your food before it gets cold", he says and pushes Kurt's tray closer to him. "Or do you need any help?"

Kurt shakes his head, huffs, but laughs softly. Even though it is his right arm that is broken, he still manages the basics with his left arm, as long as the tasks only need one hand.

"So Kurt", David start, and Kurt braces himself for what he expects to be a non-stopping stream of questions. "When do we get to sign your cast?"

"Or doodle, you can't tempt us flaunting such a virgin cast", Wes continues with hungry eyes and a big grin.

Kurt can't help himself but sigh with loud relive. Sure he would miss his friends at McKinley, but he just knows these three guys will make his new life at Dalton good as well, and he can't believe his luck. Now is not the time to dwell with all the "what if's" from his spy mission, but he can't help feeling welcome among these uniform clad guys, who obviously hold back all their questions and curve their enthusiasm just for a little bit, for his sake. Kurt can't believe how he was so lucky within all the misery.

Kurt was starving and appreciates the good food Dalton provide, so he keeps mostly silent while Wes and David tease Blaine for his various efforts of dance moves from last Warbler practice, mocking him and questioning if he will provide his own furniture on stage during Sectionals, or if he expects it to be present by arrival. Blaine just laughs and ensures them he will go back to their regular routines when competition draws closer, but yesterday he had so much dance and jump in his feet that needed to let out. Kurt laughs at that statement as well, and can't help thinking about Britanny. She would also be likely to say something like that, or perhaps more airy.

The first bell rings, and the cafeteria becomes a wall of noise. Boys getting up to find their next class, scraping their chairs, chattering, removing their scrapes and handing in the various plates and trays by the exit.

"I really need to attend this next class", Blaine says with honest disappointment in his face. "But I really, really want to talk with you as well", he continues. He reaches over to hold Kurt's left hand, safe from casket and slings. "You are here for a reason, and what kind of friend would I be to let you down now. Can you wait for me and meet after that class? It's my last today, so afterwards I have a couple of hours before Warbler's practice."

Kurt isn't sure if Blaine knows about his transfer or if he thinks Kurt is just visiting, but the second bell rings and he knows Blaine ought to be running off, so he responds quickly and shortly. "Of course I'll wait for you. Meet you here, in an hour? I don't have my phone, so I need specific location", he hurries, afraid Blaine will finish their plans over text, even though he knows Blaine seldom uses his phone during classes, and is a hard working student who pays attention. Because that is how Blaine is, and that is how Blaine works.

"Great, this table in an hour", Blaine responds, squeezes Kurt's left shoulder and runs off to catch up with Wes and David.

Kurt was supposed to have PE as his next class, but obviously with the current situation, that won't be possible, so for now he is off. He remembers from the meeting with the principal that Wednesdays were shorter days when it came to classes, to give the boys more time to do homework and prepare for tests. Thursdays and Fridays were the major test days, and Mondays were the usual day to hand in assignments they worked on during weekends. So, today is a short day for Kurt, with him being taken off of PE and missing his first lesson because of the meeting with the principal.

His second class had been home ec, and he is wondering whether to continue or change to a new class. He has been allowed a couple of days to test the classes and find out what to settle down with. His impression of home ec from today is that it was far too simple for him – they hadn't talked about anything he didn't already know by heart after several years of taking care of his father. So will he settle for a class where he is bound to get an easy A, or will he change to something more challenging and fruitful, something he'll actually learn from? He contemplates this while going back to the principal's secretary, and decides to have a talk with the home ec teacher to see what the plans for the rest of the school year is before he finally decides what to do. His third and fourth hour had been math, and that was not something he could get out off, although he almost wished for it. The classes had been hard, painfully obviously showing Kurt how much further they have come at Dalton than at McKinley. He will have to work hard to make good grades, and he feels like he is ages behind.

Kurt decides to go for a walk in the building; hopefully he'll get to know it a bit better. He takes his time to absorb the surroundings; it's easier to get a proper impression of the building when it's void of students. The school is old and massive, and although it is built for class and money it still has a soft touch of home to it as well. It's not as sterile and generic as McKinley – Dalton has personality and style, and it seems like a place to enjoy, not only exist and get through like his old school.

Kurt heads into the cafeteria again and makes himself a coffee before going back to the table where Blaine, Wes and David left him almost an hour ago. He's alone now, and appreciates the silence. He's exhausted. It's been some hectic days, a lot of emotions and decisions, and a lot of new impressions today. His arm is throbbing with pain, and he regrets leaving the pain killers in his toilet bag, as it is in his dorm.

He skims the pages of an abandoned newspaper to get his mind on to something else but pain, not really noticing what he reads, just enjoying the monotone nothingness, although a bit strained as he's not used to go by solely with his left hand.

The bell rings, and he remembers he never asked what kind of class Blaine was going to, or if he would be far away. Kurt hasn't got a very good grasp of the size of the school yet. It looks big and impressive from the outside, and there are several buildings, and he assumes it will take him months to get to know his way around. He knows he's in the main building now, but he doesn't know if any classes are taught in other buildings. At least so far today, Kurt has only been in the main building, although that's a big enough building to get acquainted with and lost in.

Kurt starts puzzling with the Sudoku on the last page of the newspaper, without a pencil, because he can't really be bothered to find it in his satchel and manoeuvre it with his left hand. So he settles for solving it in his mind, challenging himself to remember every number and every location.

Kurt is about to decide where to put a fem and a seven, when a gentle hand lands softly on his shoulders, and he looks up to find Blaine with red cheeks and wet hair.

"I'm sorry I kept you waiting, but it took time to settle a winner of the football match, and I really wanted to take a proper shower and remove the dirt and sweat before sitting down with you".

"PE?" Kurt asks, which Blaine answers with a nod. Kurt wonders if it would be more fun to watch his PE-classes than just abandon them, even though he's let out of class until his arm heals. After all, now he knows someone in that class. Someone dear, his good friend Blaine, who most certainly needs some explanations, so Kurt braces himself to go through the last days events once again. "I guess you wonder why I'm here", he states more than asks, as Blaine slides down in the chair next to his.

"I have a suspicion you have transferred", Blaine replies with a steady look into Kurt eyes, and Kurt doesn't know if he's surprised or not. "The principal's assistant sought me out during second class with a message from the principal to keep an eye on a new transfer student who had started today and expressed knowledge about me. Part of me feared it was you, hell, part of me hoped it was you. I knew something drastic must have happened for you to transfer here, but I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have you here with me, in safety. Of course a part of me also assumed it could be someone else, but I immediately thought about you. I kept looking for you in the corridors and classes, but then there was lunch…"

"…and then it was me", Kurt finishes Blaine's sentence, and tries to smile to Blaine. But he is so tired, and he's beginning to realize how serious things have been, but also that he chickened out and ran away and is stuck at a strange school with only one person he knows. Kurt feels defeated, scared, tired and sad, all at once.

"Do you want to come to my room to talk? Are you boarding?" Blaine asks, while gently rubbing his thumb over Kurt's neck. His hand never disappeared after he came, and Kurt revels in the warm feeling of comfort, almost feeling less tense from the tiny massage Blaine has offered.

"Yeah, I'm boarding. I still need to unpack my stuff, but we can go to your room if you want to".

"Don't you need some help unpacking, with only one seemingly capable hand?"

"I guess you are right, I hadn't really thought about that. I'm not used to this yet", Kurt shrugs. He gets a feeling he will really loath his casket within short time.

"Well, why don't we go to your room, so can I unpack and you can tell me what's going on?" Blaine suggests, and gets up from the chair.

"That seems like a clever plan, my good sir", Kurt smiles and follows his friend. "I haven't actually seen my room yet, so I take no responsibility for its state of being, though".

They walk side by side out of the main building's rear exit, cross what looks like a little park, and enters another massive stone building, although somewhat smaller than the one they just left. Blaine makes sure he's always on Kurt's left side, so he won't accidentally bump into his hurt arm. He opens every door for Kurt, gently leading him through with a hand laid on Kurt's back.

"What's your room number?" he asks.

Kurt locates the paper with important information from his pocket and finds the number. "207".

"Well, hello neighbour", Blaine winks and presents his hand to Kurt. "209".