Loredas, 25th of Sun's Height

I write this because I wish to create an understanding of the documents that are going to be presented within this memoir. Skyrim faced a crisis that rivaled even the Oblivion Crisis back in Cyrodiil. Dragons, once thought by some to be merely a myth designed to frighten the weak minded, returned to Skyrim to begin anew the plague of the enslavement of the races of Tamriel. They were brought forth by Alduin, the World Eater himself and the harbinger of everything thought to be horrifying in this world.

The maelstrom was quelled by the actions of one man we've come to know as Dovahkiin. The Dragonborn himself. He went to Sovengarde himself and slayed the World Eater once and for all. He is a hero to the people of Skyrim and to anyone who believes in the greater good. He defended us in our time of need, and for that we can never begin to repay him.

He led us in the charge to claim Skyrim from the Imperial occupiers as well. Dovahkiin sacrificed much of his time to help us reclaim our land, and it is due to his actions that we are able to stand tall over Skyrim and be proud of the land the Gods gave us.

However, Dovahkiin is still out there. He has homes in quite a few of the hold cities, and he is still watching out for the people of Skyrim. The Dragon invasion occupied all attention throughout its duration, but there were other smaller more subtle events occurring during this time as well. Dovahkiin was traveling throughout Skyrim disrupting the actions of bandits, necromancers, Forsworn, and murders alike.

We know this because shortly after Alduin was vanquished, a rogue bandit chief turned himself in to the guards at Dragonsreach. He was an Orc by the name of Brog gro-Ursim. To be honest, I've never seen an Orc so terrified in my life. He was a former Blood Kin that had usurped a chief in a stronghold somewhere in Skyrim before turning the stronghold into a Skooma smuggling operation. In my years as Jarl I have never seen a criminal like this turn themselves in, much less hear of this kind of thing happening. He presented us with a note that had been written by a mysterious person.

This may sound entirely insignificant, but I assure you it's not. This person sent this note to bandits, Forsworn, thieves, necromancers, and anyone else you can think of. We don't know who this person is, but their motive is quite clear. This message was sent as a warning. It is specifically a warning not to mess with Dovahkiin and to halt any and all operations in certain areas of Skyrim. I have never seen one man scare an entire legion of criminals in a section of Tamriel like this.

Thankfully, we don't have to guess what it was that Dovahkiin did to frighten these criminals. We have collected hundreds of journal entries from camps all over Skyrim detailing some of the events that occurred when these men and women encountered Dovahkiin for the first time. Our Stormcloak legions conducted raids on fortresses and caves, driving out criminals and finding even more of these journals. We found a wealth of information, and it was up to us to decide how to present it to the public.

I and the other Jarls convened with Ulfric Stormcloak in a lengthy council in order to determine when and if these entries would be published. It was agreed that they should be made public, and we scoured every single one of them to find the ones that we felt were the best choices. Those are the entries in which you will be reading.

I feel I must warn you that these entries are not for the faint of heart. They contain incredibly graphic language and vivid details of death and destruction. Dovahkiin is just like anyone in Skyrim. He is an opportunist.

In Skyrim, it is every man and woman for themselves. Morals are a massive grey area here, and opportunity abounds for anyone bold enough to take it. Dovahkiin seized that opportunity every day. He fought for the greater good in the long run, but he was still an opportunist. He leads the major Guilds to this day, and he is everywhere at once.

What follows this are the entries that we have chosen to be presented to you, the good people. The first entry is the warning message sent to all the criminals in Skyrim.

I urge you to read all of these, as they are an incredible look into the day to day operations of one of the most revered heroes and warriors Skyrim will ever see.

With regards,

Jarl Vignar Grey-Mane, Whiterun