Jarl's Note: This is the end of the line for our Necromancer friends here. These always end the same. Yet they never seem to get any less entertaining. The Dovahkiin is like a justice machine on two legs. Even the slightest hint of injustice is enough to put the scent of blood in his nose. And when he smells it, he won't stop until any miscreant in his path is taken care of .

Loredas, 7th of Last Seed

Harold here, for the last time. I say that because I'm gonna fucking die. See, our little hiding places didn't work. The Dovahkiin has some of kind of pre-natural sense when it comes to dark caves and ruins. He just knows where he is and where he needs to go.

Larissa and Terias are dead. Eleanor and Gregory went to join the fray. I guess they resurrected Potema or came close or something. Potema is gonna be mighty disappointed when she gets back on her feet and gets a sword up her cornhole. I'm still hiding in a small room that I feel is out of the way enough that I may be able to sneak out. But I'm still unsure. It's only a matter of time before he finds me.

Terias and Larissa both attempted to send their little rotted resurrected corpses after the Dovahkiin. Hey, I know it'd kill them both, but fuck it. Kids need to have hope. They need to have goals. Who am I to stand in the way of their hopes and dreams? If they feel that they have a chance to kill a Dragon murdering madman with a couple of desecrated bodies flopping around all over the place, then goddammit more power to them.

But they're dead. It was a valiant effort. Actually, no it wasn't. Terias ran screaming like a little bitch while Larissa got her head lopped off. I gotta say, that sword of his is really good for removing of heads. I mean it's like a knife through butter. Clean and fast. I was impressed. Then I realized my head would be next. He actually chased Terias down and liberated him of his head as well. I didn't know a guy in heavy Dragon bone armor could run so damned fast, but hey he's the Dovahkiin.

I bet Alduin is laughing right now. I mean, wouldn't you be? The World Eater couldn't stop the Dovahkiin. He probably thinks it's the funniest joke watching us try. His blackened soul is probably floating around somewhere, and his new purpose in life is to mock anyone too stupid to get the living fuck out of the Dovahkiin's way. And that's what we are. Stupid. We should have left him alone.

I should have listened to my father. He was wise. He didn't just say "Don't do Necromancy". He was specific. I remember his warning to me every time he tucked me into bed for the night. "Remember Harry, if you reanimate dead things some guy wearing a Dragon's body is gonna come gut you alive and feed you to your whore mother". Then mom would scream obscenities at him for calling her that and the mead would flow and the next day he'd be off at the Arcane University like nothing happened. But I remember his warnings. I should have heeded them.

I can hear him coming. I guess this is it. It's quiet. Guess he cut through everyone else no problem. Hell with it. I'm sending out another skeleton. I've named it Boris, and he will be the bravest skeleton anyone has ever known.

And Boris is now running the other way. He dropped his axe. His middle finger is extended toward me.

Great. Fucking great.