Ninjago Rise of the Ninja Sequal

News flash from ImaginiveGirl: As you guys may be aware I've been reading the reviews of my Ninjago series. So far I've read from Guest, and Name Withheld. Some of these reviews from them are bad and saying oh its too mushy and cursing at me and saying that ninjago is more of a guyish thing, and mentioning bad grammer, and too romantic. I don't appretiate the bad reviews I'm getting from these guys and who cares if it's too romantic and mushy. You can't just read something and give a bad review otherwise it's making the creativity of that writer look bad including me and other writers but I do thank forr those that are giving me good reviews so anyway I'm gonna continue with my story the way I want and if anybody is gonna give me bad reviews then don't give me bad review besides anybody can be creative in their own way right? Thanks and please enjoy the continuing of my Ninjago series. And I hope you guys who enjoy my story will contniue to read my stories. Thanks. So I'll be working on the stories just look and wait for more chapters to be updated. Thanks again.