Summer 1998, Number Four Privet Drive

Harry Potter grunted with the strain of Ron's weight, as he struggled to push Ron further up into the impossibly narrow shelf of the attic.

"Merlin Ron!" Harry panted, Ron's sneaker dislodging Harry's glasses from his face leaving him nearly completely blind. "Hurry up mate!"

"C- Can't see why we c- can't use magic 'Arry!" Ron grumbled, a large cloud of dust filling his nose and throat as he scrambled for the last few remaining boxes tucked neatly away in the far corner of the shelf.

Harry adjusted his position beneath Ron, gathering a deep breathe. "You know Petunia will go completely mental if we use magic. W- Where's Hermione?"

"Orgazizing books downstairs with Ginny!" Ron rasped, finally seizing the boxes wit h a final push from his best mate. "Got them- Oh fu-!"

Harry accidently lost his footing, sending both boys, the boxes, and a unseemingly large cloud of dust raining down on top of them. Limbs akimbo, covered in dust and the contents scattered all over the floor, Harry and Ron dentangled themselves, hacking and coughing violently.

"What the bloody hell happened?"

Footsteps thundered up the stairs. Hermione and Ginny took one look at the dust covered boys and struggled to suppress their laughter. Ron turned red, and began picking up the discarded bits of old clothing and the like.

"Damn… can't see…" Harry wheezed, lungs still full of the dust. Ginny smiled sympathetically and reached down, picked up then handed Harry his glasses.

Harry took them with a grunt of appreciation. "Thanks Gin."

"No problem Harry. They're a bit dusty though."

"Eh, I'll live. I'm glad a dirty lens is the only problem I've got."

"Good point."

Hermione walked across the attic to help Ron, smiling at his under breath cursing. Hermione reached for a plain wooden box, reaching for the pictures when one suddenly caught her eye.

"Everyone…" she said quietly, not truly wanting to evasedrop into one's private matters but this was too important to pass up.

"Eh?" Harry said, coming over. "Its not that photo of Aunt Marge in a bikini is it?" he shuddered at the memory.

"No… its just…. Well… it's a picture of a quidditch player."

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" came the shocked reply from the others.

"No bloody way!" Ron said, eagerly peering over for a look. Harry and Ginny ambled over, crouching beside the other couple.

"Can't be." Harry said, reaching to thumb away some of the smudges, but it was indeed a picture of a young man playing quidditch. Harry leaned closer for another look. He looked young, roughly late teens… 16 or 17 years of age. He had mousy dark brown hair, and was reasonably handsome, almost like Sirius, but it wasn't him nor Regulus. He wore the silver and green slytherin uniform, and was waving to someone unknown out of the camera's reach. The young man was sitting on his broomstick, elevated about a dozen or so feet off the ground and laughing merrily at something someone had said to him. Offhandedly, Harry reached for the box that Hermione had found the quiddtich photo in.

"No bloody way!" Harry said, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny turning in shock at Harry echoing his best mate's earlier choice of words. "Look at this!"

Harry's hand dipped into the box and withdrew a badge, rusted from time but still with that glittering P shinning proudly. Harry turned the prefect badge over, and rubbed away the dust that had been covering it.

Dursley, Vernon

In small gold lettering. That name sent a shiver down Harry's spine. He removed his glasses and then cleaned them, and checked the name again. His uncle's name still gleamed unmistakably from the silver badge he'd held in his hand.

"Hermione," Harry said in a shaky tone. "Is there anything written on the back of that photograph?"

Hermione turned the picture over and blew gently on it to clear the dust away. Peering close she read aloud, " Whiskers before the house cup match being a overconfident arse again. Summer 78"

"Whiskers?" Ron asked, snatching the photo from Hermione and gazing at it. The young Vernon in the photo smiled confidently at the quartet, flying in zigzag positions around and even sticking out his tongue.

"Harry…. Does this mean your Uncle's… a…wizard?" Hermione ventured. "That's his prefect badge and that photo could possibly be his. Whiskers sounds like a animagus name actually."

"More like the name of a Marauder. Like Padfoot, or Prongs." Ginny put in.

"No." Harry said with a resolute shake of his head. "Can't be. Not Vernon. Vernon! Of all people! No!"

"It does sound really wonky. Doesn't it?" Ron offered, coming to Harry's defense. Ginny held both the prefect badge and photo in her hand, studying them intently.

"Ok… is it wrong of me to say he's actually really hot?"

"Oh god…. Ginny!" Harry pleaded. "I don't need you crushing after my Uncle here!"

"Oy… doesn't that mean your Aunt Muriel's a witch then?" Ron asked, pulling the box closer and pawing through its contents. "Ron!" Hermione chided. "What?"

"She died…." Harry remembered suddenly. " About.. three months ago, I think. Heart attack."

"I'm sorry Harry." Hermione said in a apologetic tone.

" I guess." Harry said distantly. "Its not like we were close."

"Blimey…" Ron had opened the box fully, dust settling on his jeans. The other three teenagers peered in after him. Slowly, Ron withdrew a cracked remembrall, a broken wand, and even more photos, some were bound with tape, others were laying free in the box. One photo had a small silver badge taped to it. Ginny reached over, taking the photo and gently pried the badge off from the back of it.

It showed the same mousy haired young man- Vernon presumably, arms around two young people, a young woman and a man with none other with Mad-Eye himself. Mad-Eye scowled at the intrusion, but the three young people looked happy.

' Alice, Frank, and Vernon. Auror graduation 1980'

"So," Ginny began looked at the newly gathered content. "Not only is your uncle a wizard, Harry he's an ex-Auror too? I mean… that's him with the Longbottom's and Mad-Eye before the attacks. That wand must be his too."

Hermione picked up the broken pieces gently, slowly piecing them together and looking at it for a moment.

"I'm no expert of wandlore." She began, "but from what I've got here… looks…about… 12 ½ inches… seems sturdy… possibly ash or chestnut wood. She removed the broken bits, studying the frayed bits of core. "Like I said, no expert but…. It looks like… unicorn hair or dragon heartstring… its too damaged for me beyond that. If we'd take it to Ollivander's I'm sure he'd know." Hermione finished, rather unhelpfully in Harry's opinion.

"Its actually 11 ½ inches, chestnut, springy with threstral hair in it actually."

The four teens turned horrified to see Vernon Dursley leaning against the wall by the stairs leading up to the attic. Ron's mouth hung agape, Ginny simply froze where she was crouched. It was ironically, Hermione who began to blush the deepest scarlet and was already working on a thousand differently apologies. It was only Harry who stood, silently crossed the room and stood before his Uncle with a mixture of shock and disbelief.

"You…. You…" he began with a dry mouth. Vernon nodded calmly.

"A wizard Harry?"

Harry dumbly nodded back.

"May I have your wand please?"

Harry woodenly reached into his pocket nad handed it to him. Vernon gave it a few test jabs into the air before aiming it at the scattered contents on the floor.

"Locomotor pictures." He said so softly that Harry wondered if he'd even spoken at all. The photos began to make their way to the box in timely fashion. Once everything had been put rightaways, he flicked the wand again.

"Accio box."

The cardboard box flew from Ron's startled fingers into Vernon's waiting ones. He peered in with a sad smile, and then handed Harry's wand back. He turned and began to head downstairs.

" Want to hear the full story, you'll have to come down."

The four teens couldn't have gotten to their feet fast enough and barreled downstairs after him.

*End Ch. 1*

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