Hermione carefully lifted the steaming teapot gently from the stove with a dish towel, carefully balancing a plate of biscuits in her remaining free hand and putting both down on the table, while Harry and Ginny gathered cups and plates. Ron sat transfixed at the table across from Vernon, snatching a large peanut butter flavored biscuit and eagerly cramming it into his mouth.

"Wereyouananimagus?" he asked, spilling crumbs over the table. Hermione frowned, gently rapping him over the back of the head.

"Will you please stop that Ronald Weasley!"

"S'orry Mione!"

Vernon began pouring the tea as soon as Harry and Ginny had gathered the appropriate amount of kitchenware and the two teens immediately jointed their respective boyfriend and girlfriend leaving Vernon at the head of the table. Harry drank an unusually large bit of tea before focusing on his uncle once again to begin the discussion.

" How did you…become a wizard?"

Vernon chuckled. " Same as you did. Born with magic. Marge and I were muggle-borns."

"Were your parents… accepting?"

Vernon shook his head. " Marge and I never met our parents. We were raised by St. Mungo's orphanage ward. Marge turned out to be a squib in anycase."

"Damn!" Harry said, blinking owlishly through his glasses. Vernon chuckled at the newest family revelation.

"It didn't matter to her much. Couldn't see her wand waving anyways. Preferred the flash and glitz of muggle London. We were about eight years apart anyways. By the time I was old enough for my letter, Marge was grown and gone. I spent most holidays at Hogwarts anyways."

Hermione gently dunked her biscuit into her tea. "Vernon…. Mr. Dursley" She began cautiously "That quidditch picture…. That is you, isn't it?"

"Yes. As you can tell, I was placed in slytherin house. I made the house team in my 5th year and was a chaser until I graduated. I kept having run-ins with your dad."

"So you did know my parents." Harry said in a shocked tone. "All those horrible things you said about my mum and dad-!"

"Mate," Ron interjected. " Maybe we should wait for the whole story."

"When are you this level headed?" Harry grumped.

"Shhhh!" Ginny said. "Harry, let your Uncle explain."

Harry crossed his arms. "He'd better have a damn good reason."

Vernon nodded. "I knew Lily and James. I was a member of the Order of the Phoenix as well as an Auror once."


Vernon winced at the increase in volume of the four teenagers. "Petunia and Dudley may walk through the front door at any time." He warned.

"Sorry…." Ginny said apologetically. "But you were an Order member!"

" Yeah. I worked for both Dumbledore and the Ministry. Very tricky back then in those days."

"How come I didn't see you in that photograph Sirius showed me?" Harry questioned. "My parents and Alice and Frank… Sirius.. Peter… everyone was there."

"There were lots of members Harry." Vernon said. "Plus I was….. on my honeymoon anyways."

"Honeymoon?" Harry said with widened eyes. "You were married to someone before Aunt Petunia? Who?"

Vernon suddenly seemed very focused in his teacup. "Her name was Marlene." He admitted after a few moments. " She and I were recruited by Dumbledore just after graduation… lets see…. Summer of 78'…. And the two of us got married…. Let me think… September 6th that fall. She… she gave birth… our son…. Spring of 79'."

"Marlene… that name…. oh! Marlene of the Mckinnon family!" Hermione said, recalling her days pouring over a History of Magic. "They were a prominent family killed by….. ohI" her face darkened considerably at this.

"The Death Eaters…. They killed….. her….didn't they?" Harry asked weakly. "and your son?"

The four teens noticed how quiet Vernon had gotten. His lower lip seemed to quiver, hands tightening around the cup in his hands.

"I was away…. On an Order mission with Alice, James, and Moody. By the time I got back… the dark magic was over….. the house. They were gone. Our son… his name was David… he had just turned three… it was….late 81' by that time I guess. Never found the body."

"Mr. Dursley… would it help…..please? If you perhaps… started at the beginning?" Hermione asked gently, flicking her wand at the teapot so it began to reheat itself. Vernon nodded slowly, preparing himself.

"I suppose it couldn't hurt. My memory's a tad hazy…but… well… it was 1978 like I said, and I had just turned seventeen and it was graduation day….."

Hogwarts, 1978. Black Lake.


"James will you BE quiet!"

"Sorry… still hungover Padfoot?"

" Shut up Potter."

The four Marauders were laying peacefully by the edges of Black Lake, still in their graduation robes, each boy looking remarkably dashing and handsome. James reached into his pocket, pulling out the snitch he'd nabbed earlier, catching it in earnest before stuffing it back into his pocket when he heard footsteps behind him.

"Lily! Hey.. and….. oh…. Dursley." James drawled.

"What the bloody hell Lily? A slytherin!" Sirius snorted. "Another one of Snivellus's toadies?"

"Prat." Lily said with a mock scowl, sitting down next to the four boys and patting the grass so Vernon could join them. " Don't be such a toerag Potter. You know Vernon already."

"Slytherin chaser mate," Remus put in. "Nearly kicked your arse in that last match."

"I know who he is!" James growled. " What I want to know is, why is he slinking in here like the snake he-"

"He defended me from Malfoy." Lily cut in coolly. "He called me a mudblood and Vernon here punched him in the face."

"Woah! Seriosuly?" James sat upand Sirius looked interested. Peter, who had remained oddly quiet until that point, spoke up. "I did see him bleeding nose heading toward Pompfrey's office, whining about something… that Narcissa girl was by his side."

"Ugh. I hate her." Sirius grumbled, dreading his dark family history at his school. James plucked a few strands of grass in his hand.

"Well.. .you defended Lily…." He began. " I guess that gives you a few ok points in my book."

"See, told you Potter. Not all slytherins are bad. Look at Andromeda."

"She's a girl… that's different." James pointed out.

"What about Bellatrix?" Peter asked.

Sirius shuddered. "Please, no. Bellatrix is insane, simple as that. Godric, I can't stand her."

Vernon took out his wand, absentmindedly letting small puffs of colorful smoke emit from the tip of it. "So what are you guys going to do after this? I mean…. Bugger… we just graduated!"

"I intend to become a world famous quidditch player!" James crowed. Lily and Remus subtly rolled their eyes.

"I plan on exploring the world." Sirius said with a smirk.

"I haven't put much thought into what I want to do." Lily said with a concerned look.

"Does it matter? We have the rest of our bloody lives to do what we want." James said in a no nonsense tone.

" I'd like to be an Auror." Vernon said in a quiet voice. "I've got the marks for it, and that weird recruiting wizard… Moody I guess? He's not fond of slytherins, but he said I had what it takes."

" A slytherin auror? Uhh… isn't that an oxymoron?" James sneered.

"Every time I think you've changed your fat head weighs you down." Lily remarked briskly.

"Sorry Evans…"


"Does.. anyone think about the war? I mean… dark wizard attacks have been popping up a lot lately… remember last year?" Remus said. "I feel… like…. Something's about to change. Not for the better."

"Don't be so overdramatic Mooney." Sirius said with a sigh. "Nothing's going to happen."

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