Torinia Salvatore was the little sister of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. She looked like a mirror image of Damon: Coal black hair and piercing blue eyes with radiant skin that was just lightly tanned. She was the last Salvatore in the bloodline as their mother died shortly after giving birth to Torinia. Unfortunately she was stripped of her life when she had really only started living. By Katherine. Torinia had caught Katherine sucking the blood from one of Stefan and Damon's dear friends and when she returned to their large, mansion-like home, she was murdered right in front of Damon's eyes.

Katherine hadn't meant for him to see, as she would have blamed it on some muggers, and compelled him to forget so he wouldn't leave her. However, the compulsion wore off when he became a vampire and she refrained from seeing him after escaping her death. Stefan had never found out about his beloved sister. He had always thought that she had been taken in by a rich family after his own death because his father was grieving. Damon hadn't told him as he knew it would drive his poor brother to destruction and that one event turned him into an emotionless monster.

For years he killed without caring. Just wanting his little sister back. He still had nightmares every night about her demise. It was as though his mind was a broken record and could do nothing but repeat the dreadful moment. That all changed when he met Elena though. Yes, he still had the nightmares, and yes he still begged the high heavens to return his sister to him but Elena had slowly began to stitch up the hole in his chest with her love and kindness towards others. She was the complete opposite of Katherine, she would never become Katherine.

Torinia had been 16 when she died. So young and beautiful and loved. No one could have loved her more than Damon did. That was one girl that could not be replaced by anyone. No matter how close the resemblance was or how she talked, walked or acted. No one would be the same as his little sister. No one.

Damon jumped up from his bed and gasped. Torinia had been haunting his dreams again with Katherine chasing her around the courtyard, fangs bared and ready to kill. He had convinced himself it was just a dream, but this one was different. It was so realistic. He could literally smell the blood fill his nose and throat, it made him want to gag.

He wiped his sweaty face with the bed sheet and swung his legs around to the side. He rubbed his sweaty palms on his black pyjama bottoms and stood, shaking his head to remove the dream from his head. But it was always there. Always waiting for a time to burst the seams and destroy his heart over and over again. He heard Stefan downstairs in the kitchen making himself some lovely burnt toast by the smell of it.

"Stefan! Your toast is burning!" Damon shouted down the hall. A door slammed and Stefan left his room in a hurry to save whatever would remain of his unattended toast. Damon smiled weakly and changed into his well-known black clothes; jeans, shirt and boots, all complete with his signature black leather jacket. He grabbed his iPhone from his bed-side table and rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Stefan held up his blackened toast which looked like it could turn to dust any second and grimaced. "I've never been able to make toast," He said and grinned at his brother. Damon replied with a 'humph' and fetched a blood bag from the fridge. He sat down at the opposite end of the large table than Stefan and sipped his blood quietly.

Stefan could feel the tension radiating off Damon and shooting around the air like electricity. Something was definitely bothering Damon today. He's never usually so glum. Shrugging with confusion Stefan turned to Damon, "I'm going to Elena's. We're going out later, to the Mystic Grill." Damon didn't meet his eyes; he just stared down at the dark wood of the table, completely entranced. "You can come along, if you want."

Damon rolled his shoulders and slapped the now empty blood bag down on the table. He rose from the seat and removed himself from the room. He was going to the Mystic Grill to drink away his nightmares and hopefully get into a good fight with someone. He just wanted to completely forget about his sister. He didn't want to hurt anymore. But that was a price that came with vampirism. Eternal sufferance. Forever remembering.

He took his favourite stool at the bar and ordered a large drink of his favourite alcoholic beverage. He downed the whole pint glass and was about to have another when he heard screaming outside. He left money on the counter and headed towards the door. Funny, no one else had heard the sounds. Maybe they were further away and he could only hear them thanks to his vampire senses.

Damon stopped outside the Grill and closed his eyes. The alcohol had killed off some of his accuracy but another high-pitched scream sent him running down the street. No one touched his humans without consulting him first. He could still hear screaming which was good – it meant that the human was still alive, if not being tortured, but not many vampires tortured anymore. His senses created a path through a maze of alleys and he found himself in a dead end.

In the corner, against a brick wall, a vampire was preying on a pretty young brunette. She wasn't screaming anymore, just whimpering as her body shut down from the extreme blood loss. Her warm brown eyes dulled by the second and she silently begged him to help her. The vampire was roughly 5ft 9in and slim, but the rest was hidden by her tight, black, skinny jeans and black hoody. She wore low top converse on her feet, also black. Damon's kind of girl.

He saw the girls eyes start to roll and leaped forwards, ripped the vampire off of her and guided her slowly to the floor. He heard a crack as the vampire hit one of the walls, probably breaking her arm, maybe a leg. That would keep her out of action while Damon helped this girl and he could then dispose of the vampire. Slitting his wrist with his nail he fed his blood to the nearly dead girl and glanced over his shoulder. The vampire was slouched against the wall, her head hanging over her chest. Most likely knocked out from the impact.

When the girl was able to walk he compelled her to forget the incident and that she was mugged instead, then sent her on her way home. He would take her himself but he had a vampire to rid of. The vampire kicked her foot out as Damon approached her; he chuckled and crouched down in front of her. Her hood was still over her face as he reached behind his back and revealed a stake. He pointed it towards her and pressed it into her chest, just above her heart and was about to finish her when she brought her hands up and knocked the weapon out of his hand. As she pushed the stake up she gained a long, deep cut along her collar bone which made her hiss but it never stopped her putting up a fight. She tried to kick Damon away; he grabbed her ankles and yanked her from the wall. He dropped her legs and quickly sat on her stomach to restrain her from hitting him. Then he reached over her head to retrieve the stake.

It was like a part of him to see the evil vampire's face as it mummified so he gripped the hood tightly in his right hand and tore it away from her face. The familiar beauty radiating from her eyes was enough to make his knees buckle, instead he dropped the stake and scrambled to his feet. She stood up in front of him, nearly the same height, and stared at him. Damon struggled for words but he just stumbled forwards and embraced her.

He felt tears fill his eyes and for once he wasn't embarrassed to let them flow over. The girl hugged back and squeezed him tightly. He felt her warm tears leak onto his shirt and he kissed her forehead. She pulled back and showed him a watery smile. "Hello, brother."

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