An Alliance of Friends was written for the Tok'Ra Resistance 2011 Fic Contest and uses the following plot bunnies/challenges:

Plot Bunny # 1. Sam/Jolinar, and SG-1. Write an alternate version of the ending of the season 2 episode, IN THE LINE OF DUTY. Jolinar and Sam both must live. Will Sam become a willing Tok'ra? Will they let Jolinar go through the Gate at last to find a new host if she doesn't? (Sam decides to stay host so the last sentence is irrelevant.)

Plot Bunny # 2. SGC has captured what they think is a Goa'uld (thought he was human first, but during an attack his eyes glow - the SG-team capture him and take him to the SGC). He will not tell them anything, including his name. Sam sees him and realizes who he is - a Tok'ra. Martouf/Lantash. Before Tok'ra I&II, but after ITLOD.

Story Summary:The episode "In The Line Of Duty" is rewritten so that Jolinar lives, and Sam decides to remain her host. Because of the Ashrak attack on them, Jolinar has lost some rather important memories and information pertaining to her base and a traitor. She knew their name before the Ashrak attack; however, now, she cannot remember it. Nor can she remember who her mates are. Her memories are slowly returning, but they fear that the Tok'Ra base may be attacked, before she can remember who it is, since the traitor has all the information he needs. While SG-1 are on a top priority rescue, SG-6 'captures' a Goa'uld, but something about him doesn't add up, and Hammond suspects that he, too, is Tok'Ra; although, he will not give even his name. When Sam/Jolinar return, they recognize him, as a Tok'Ra, from their base. They continue to work toward meeting and allying with the Tok'Ra.

In addition to In The Line Of Duty, the episodes of Thor's Chariot, Secrets, and both Tok'Ra I and II are rewritten (in some places fairly drastically) and referenced.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment, not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author

Rating : M There are sections that are M…..Please be aware and if you come to a section and it makes you uncomfortable, they can be safely skipped, as the story line is not hindered by cutting them out. These will be edited for posting on fan fiction dot net.

Pairing: Sam/Martouf/Lantash

Chapter One Summary: The Ashrak breaches the halls of the SGC and reaches Jolinar and Sam. Before he can finish killing them, Jack and Teal'c kill him; however, Jolinar is dying. Sam comes to consciousness long enough to tell Janet to save her, if there is any way to do so, because she is not Goa'uld. Consternation follows, but knowing that it was Sam talking to her, and not the Goa'uld, Janet does her very best to do as she asks.

"Italics" – Symbiote-Host Communication

An Alliance of Friends

Chapter One

Beating the Odds

"Hear this. The days of the Goa'uld System Lords are numbered. Tell them that I died with hope. My death only feeds the fire that burns strong within the Tok'Ra."

"If it is within my power you will not die, Samantha. I am sorry for bringing this upon you," Jolinar spoke through the pain, as she attempted to shield Sam from the Hara'kash and death.

"It's not your fault. I've seen your memories. Try to survive this, Jolinar. We must let my people know. We have to, ah…we have to survive…for all of us," Sam gasped, as the pain filtered through. "We—must—survive."

"I am—trying, Samantha, I—am doing all that I—can. If—nothing else you—will survive and—tell them—tell them—of the Tok'Ra," Her last words were whispered, as both of them fell into the darkness that tasted of death.

The door crashed open and Teal'c and O'Neill took in the situation in a glance. With no thought at all, Teal'c opened fire on what appeared to be an airman leaning over Captain Carter, as O'Neill also took action, using his sidearm. Thank the gods, he had insisted on having his staff weapon, while they hunted the Ashrak. Between the two of them, the Ashrak had no chance to defend himself or subjugate them to his will. Within seconds, he lie dead upon the floor. O'Neill ran to the cell, as Teal'c stepped forward to make very sure that the Ashrak was indeed as dead as they believed him to be. To make very, very sure, he reached out and snapped his neck, in such a way, as to snap the Goa'uld symbiote's, as well. They were now not only dead, but doubly, definitely dead.

Airmen scrambled into the room behind them. "Carter's alive, get a med team down here," O'Neill barked, at the stunned men standing and staring at them.

Knowing that time was of the essence, Teal'c did not wait to see if there would be any other orders. Pushing O'Neill out of the way, he bent down, picked Sam up, and began to run for the infirmary. In his mind, there was no point in waiting for a med team to arrive when he could have her there, before they could even reach the holding cells. Calling back over his shoulder to the still somewhat stunned airmen, he gave his orders, "Notify the infirmary that we are on our way and that Captain Carter is in very critical condition."

Not bothering to repeat Teal'c's words, Jack simply added, "Now!" They did not doubt that Dr. Fraiser would be ready when they reached the infirmary.

A gurney was waiting at the door when they entered and Dr. Fraiser took over. She immediately straddled Sam and started CPR, all the time calling out orders, "Let's get her on the table. I want an EKG and an EEG stat!" Climbing off Sam, they prepared to lift her onto the table. "Okay, on my count. Three, two, one, good. Where's my epi? 1 milligram. Epi's in…"

O'Neill had never felt so helpless…or so guilty. Sam tried to tell him. So had the snake, whatshername. He admitted now, at least to himself, that it had been Sam talking to him that one time. He didn't know how he knew, really, he just did. Teal'c had been more cautious all along, but then he had heard of the Tok'Ra, or whatever they called themselves. A snake was a snake, though…well, wasn't it? Although, why it let Carter loose to try to talk to him, he didn't know. He just hoped Carter survived, so he could find out.

He glanced over and saw the SF's taking up positions around the bed and catching one of their eyes he indicated they should go out and stand guard in the hall. If she got out of here, which was unlikely, they could get her then. They didn't need them in here in the way.

After they took up positions in the hall, he turned back to the drama going on within the room. Time crawled by, and he and Teal'c watched, feeling utterly useless. He felt as if they had been there for hours, and yet, he knew it probably wasn't more than five or ten minutes, at the most, and doubtless even less time had passed. Staring blankly as the medical team continued to hover over Carter like so many bees over a field of clover, he suddenly became more alert, as he realized that something was going on.

As the medic and Fraiser worked frantically to save Sam, the medic paused, reporting, "Pulse is erratic."

Dr. Fraiser nodded, as she watched a screen. "We're getting feedback from the EEG." She frowned at the readings she was seeing. "What the hell? What is this?"

The medic gazed at it for a moment, before answering, "Looks like interference. I think…I think there are, uh, two signals."

Agreeing with him, Dr. Fraiser snapped, "Isolate them! We could be picking up separate brain waves from the parasite! This could help to tell us a little about what's going on in her brain."

As they watched the screen, O'Neill stepped closer, looking at the screen with them, "Doc? What is that?"

Janet Fraiser sighed, "I don't know; I've never dealt with this type of situation before. The Goa'uld looks like it's dying and taking Sam with it."

The medic tells them quietly, "The—the Goa'uld is getting progressively weaker."

Sam's eyes slowly opened. "Jan—Janet."

Barely able to hear her, Janet leaned forward, as Sam continued to whisper, "Do—do everything you—can to—save her. Not—not a Goa'uld. She's Not. Not. Save her! Please. Just—trust me and—do it."

Janet straightened as Sam once more passed into unconsciousness. She looked at Jack, for a moment, and then turned to the medic. Let's try…"

"Doc! How do you know that was Carter? What if it's just the snake trying to survive?"

Janet looked at him and shook her head. "No. It was Sam, Colonel. The parasite is dying. It couldn't have been it and besides that…it was Sam's brain waves that were active, not the—the, not the symbiote's brain waves. Hers were continuing to weaken even as Sam talked to us. No, Colonel, it was definitely Sam, and she meant everything she said. I have no way of knowing what she knows, but she knows something, or she wouldn't have told me to do this. Sam wouldn't lie about stuff like this, well, or much of anything that I can think of anyway. If she said save it…I trust her, and I'll do my very best." Turning to the nurse that handed her a syringe, she closed her eyes as she brought up an image of the Goa'uld's she and Sam had examined and studied. If she was right, then the heart should be about…she turned Sam's head and injected it into what she hoped would be the symbiote's heart."

Jack backed away as Janet turned her attention back to the medic, continued to give instructions, and began to follow Sam's request. He was bewildered, but the Doc said that was Sam talking. There was no way it could have been the snake. It was much too weak…dying in fact, and the brain waves were Carter's brain waves.

"Get me another epi. The Goa'uld is still getting weaker. She's going to flat-line." This time, though, she turned Sam's head a little farther and tilted her head downward when she injected the symbiote. "Give me another one." She had no idea how much of this stuff a symbiote could take, but if it helped, good, if not—if not well, it, she, would die if she didn't do it, so…either way, it wasn't a good choice. She frowned; of course, she supposed there was always the chance that it could affect Sam in a negative way. Maybe. Did the symbiote automatically release this stuff into the host? Oh, god, she didn't know. Her lips firmed. Sam wanted this. A lot. Besides there was still a chance that, even though Sam was stabilizing, that could go the other way and she would die with the symbiote.

In the few seconds it took her to mull the options over, she made her decision. After all, there was the very real possibility that she missed its heart. She'd try again, anyway. Looking up from studying the brain waves and seeing no change in the symbiotes, except to continue downward, she snapped out, "Roll her on her side, I want better access. Hurry, the, um, the symbiote is continuing to weaken. I'm going to want some more epi after this one, so get it ready." The medics and nurses looked at her in surprise, but only for a moment. Then they sprang into action getting what the doctor ordered.

Once again bringing up her mental map of the symbiote's organs, as best she could, she felt carefully along Sam's spine, and she thought she could just make out a very small section where the symbiote lay. It was completely unnoticeable unless you were looking for it specifically. She was fairly sure that she had been spot on with the other injection. The distance from where the symbiote was attached, to where she injected her should have been exactly where her heart should be. Hoping she was correct and wasn't just injecting this stuff into the symbiote's body, she plunged the needle in and injected it one more time.

Now they waited to see if there was any effect at all. They all watched the brain waves that were slowly diminishing. Nothing. Not one thing. She held her hand out for the other syringe, and then realized that something was happening, something was different. There was more activity and—yes, it had stopped weakening. She immediately inserted the next needle and dispensed that syringe into the same place. And waited. Again, nothing at first, and then, there it was. Gradually there was more activity. Moreover, it was slightly stronger.

Glancing around at her team, she wondered if any of them were breathing. They all had their eyes glued to that set of brain waves. Sam's, too, was stronger and more active. She bit her lip. Would it be too much if she gave it one more cc of epi? It seemed to help, but she had no idea how much to give it. She glanced over and saw that her ears were hearing correctly. Both Heartbeats were stronger and steadier. She would hold off and keep watch. After a few minutes the improvement, though significant, was no longer increasing. Decision time. Taking the syringe, Janet injected it holding her breath that she wasn't giving it too much.

They all waited. It didn't take as long this time for a change to happen. "Doctor Fraiser, she is steadying. No longer bordering on de-fib. Weak, but steady—both of them." Shortly thereafter the nurse announced, "We have a normal rhythm and it's getting stronger. Both of them are now steady and strengthening." The nurse didn't really need to tell them, they could all hear it, but still, it was nice to hear it said aloud and confirmed. Both of their heartbeats were steady and stronger by the minute. If she could have, Janet would have collapsed right where she stood. She didn't think she'd ever been this tense over any procedure she'd ever done. Treating an alien species and not having any idea at all if you were helping it, or killing it, was very stressful.

Janet was still watching the brain waves. They were both fairly strong and getting stronger. "She, er, they are still unconscious. But, and I have no idea if it will last, but for now…they're both stable. I just hope I did the right thing." Hearing footsteps come up behind her, Janet turned toward O'Neill. "They aren't out of the woods, but they're on a path for now. We can only hope it doesn't suddenly end."

Daniel suddenly skidded into the room. "I just heard…how's Sam? What's going on? The report I got was kind of confusing."

Jack turned to him, "For now, they're stable, I guess. Now, we wait to see if it lasts. Right, Doc?"

"Yes, Colonel. Now, we wait."

"They? I was told that the assassin got them, then someone else said that, no, Sam was still alive, but they thought she was dying, too," Daniel gave them a confused look. "I guess I didn't get something right, but I could've sworn they said that the…" He stopped with an arrested expression on his face, before continuing, "I misunderstood. I just assumed that if the assassin got them, then the Goa'uld was dead. They probably said that he got 'to' them." Daniel sighed.

"Captain Carter awoke, for a few moments, and instructed Dr. Fraiser to save the symbiote, if at all possible. It appears, if one thinks logically about the situation, that she was telling the truth, and Jolinar is Tok'Ra. If this proves to be the situation, then we are fortunate indeed," Teal'c gave a clear statement of what occurred.

Daniel's eyes rounded. "So, the—the, um, the, well, it's still in Sam?" Then realizing exactly what Teal'c said, he turned back to him, incredulous, "Sam wanted it saved? How do we know it was Sam and not the Goa'uld talking?" Daniel's gaze was skeptical. "I thought we didn't trust anything it said, so…what's changed now?"

O'Neill frowned. "Doc Fraiser said the snake was dying, and it couldn't possibly be the one that was talking…and that it was Carter's brain that was active, while the snake was just getting weaker."

Daniel frowned, as he looked at his friend lying on the table. Was it possible? Was there really such a thing as a Tok'Ra? Teal'c said there was, and that he had heard of Jolinar of Malk'shur. According to him, she fought beside Egeria and was an extremely highly placed System Lord, with her own armies and worlds. She was defeated but eluded capture. She had worked with the Tok'Ra ever since then…and been hunted by the System Lords, as they now knew for a fact. Furthermore, if there 'was' a resistance group working against the Goa'uld, what did that mean to them and their own fight against the System Lords? It took only seconds for his brilliant mind to lay out the possibilities and results.

He looked over at O'Neill from where he was studying Sam, stating, "Jack, if this is true, then Teal'c is absolutely right." He paused and Jack looked at him somewhat blankly, he added, "You do realize, that we may have found one of the most important allies we will ever find, don't you?"

"Yeah? How's that, Daniel? Do you really think she'll be very willing to help us after we locked her up and almost allowed her to be killed…as she told us, she would be, I might point out. In fact, she told us that we wouldn't be able to stop him from getting to her and Sam. And she was damned right."

Daniel shook his head, and then drawing a long, deep breath, he placed his hand on Jack's arm, as he pointed out, "I don't think that we should jump to conclusions, before we know more. Sam must know or sense something. She may even have talked to her." He frowned. "Well, that doesn't sound much like a Goa'uld, which physically she is, so maybe not." He shook his head again, as he sorted through his thoughts—and conflicting emotions. "I still believe that Sam knows something important about this, er, the symbiote. She wouldn't have asked Janet to do what she could to save, um, it, her…whatever."

"I believe, Daniel Jackson, that, as it is with the Goa'uld, they, in all probability, take on the gender of their host, which would make 'it' a 'her'," Teal'c pointed out, clarifying it for all of them at the same time.

"Oh, um, right. Okay, then, her. Sam must know something about or from her. Think about it for a minute, Jack. Sam would rather have died than stay the host of a Goa'uld, if she couldn't be freed. You know that's a fact. I think we all know that's a fact. Now, that being a true statement, we can extrapolate that Sam knows something important. I don't know in what way—whether to the SGC or to Earth, but, either way, it's important enough that she 'chose to remain a host' and to save the Goa'uld that took her."

"I concur with Daniel Jackson. Captain Carter would not willingly remain a host without a very good reason," Teal'c once again gave his opinion, something he did not often do. Which, that being the case, made his opinions that much more valuable—not to mention that he was almost always right.

O'Neill sighed, as he watched Dr. Fraiser keeping a very close watch on Carter. "Okay, okay, yeah, I have to agree she wouldn't want to do that. But, let me stay just a little skeptical for now. As far as you being right…I hope so, Daniel. If—and I guess it is still an 'if', they survive, maybe the, she, will let Sam tell us."

Daniel nodded, but he also seemed to relax somewhat. "She'll…um, that is, they'll make it, Jack. I would bet that neither of them are really ready to give up and die." Before Jack could respond, he changed the subject, telling them, "The Nasyans are back home, no problems, and we have a team there helping them to get things cleaned up and, well, bury the dead and stuff. The team should be back in a couple of days."

Dr. Fraiser walked up to them. "They seem to be holding their own. I'm going to set them up in ICU with around that clock observation, until I see what's going to happen. If things begin to go south again, well, I want them where I have the equipment I need. You guys can sit with her, if you want to, as long as you don't make a lot of noise, and, oh, you all know the drill. Just, just don't get in the way, okay?"

"Sure, Doc, no problem. We might take turns or something later, if it looks like she's doing better or, well, or something." Jack wasn't exactly sure what to say or do at this point.

"Could I see her for a minute, Janet? Just, you know, just to look at her, before you take her into ICU."

Dr. Fraiser smiled tiredly, before telling him, "Sure, Daniel, go ahead, but for a very short minute or so. We're getting ready to move her now." She glanced over her shoulder and frowned, as she realized that no one was with Sam. "Go now and stay until the medic gets back."

Nodding to her, Daniel lost no time in taking the few strides that took him to Sam's bedside. He was thankful that no one was there. Glancing back at the others, he was glad to see them engrossed in a conversation, which the General took that moment to join. Good, it would take a bit to fill him in. Turning back to Sam, he took her hand in his before leaning down and whispering, "I'm sorry, Sam. I should've tried harder to get them to listen to me, and to talk to you, um, to uh, Jolinar. We should've listened and—I'm sorry we didn't. Come back to us, Sam, so I can make it up to you. I should've, well, anyway, come back to us, even if, well, even if you still need to get the, um, her, out of you. We'll find a way." He frowned, "Well, we'll find a way, if that's what you want, I guess. According to Janet, you wanted it—her—saved, so I guess I'm not sure what that means, yet. Just, just get better soon. Come back to us. Please."

Daniel straightened, as he sensed the medic's return. He looked at the monitor and turned to him, nodding his head at it, asking, "What exactly am I seeing on there? What does it mean?"

The medic looked uncomfortable for a minute. He wasn't sure if this was something he could talk about or not, although he could see no reason not to tell him. He started to, but then sighed with relief, as he saw Dr. Fraiser and the General leaving Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c and making their way to them. As soon as they were close enough he didn't have to raise his voice, he repeated Daniel's question, "Dr. Fraiser, Dr. Jackson was just asking me about the monitor and what we were seeing on it. I, um, wasn't sure I should, um, could, er, could explain it well enough."

Realizing that the poor man was both trying to tell her that he hadn't said anything and that the question had been asked, she smiled at him, waving him away before explaining to both Daniel and General Hammond, "As you can see there are two sets of brainwaves, as well as two sets of heartbeats and pulses. I attached the symbiote to the machine as well and evidently I was able to get it close enough to its, er, 'her', heart that it's giving us readings from her as well as from Captain Carter. What we're beginning to see is that their systems are beginning to coordinate. Their heart rhythms are synchronizing, as are their pulses. The, um, she…Jolinar, doesn't appear to have respirations, which makes sense. She probably absorbs it somehow through the host. That's what we're seeing on a physical level. I would guess that, when we do blood work, I'll find that Sam is absorbing chemicals and hormones from the—from Jolinar."

She then pointed to the screen that Daniel originally asked about, telling them, "This set of brainwaves is Sam's. This one is, um, Jolinar's waves. As you can see, Sam's brain is much more active at the moment. A short while ago, we saw slightly more activity from the para—that is, from Jolinar, but it didn't last very long. That's another reason I believe that it was definitely Sam that talked to us for those few moments. At the time, Jolinar's brainwaves had almost completely stopped as she was near death, so…it had to be Sam talking without any input from Jolinar."

General Hammond nodded his understanding of her explanation. "Then once we see these, er, waves, become more active, we'll know that the—the, well, that she is, what(?) talking to Captain Carter? Or would it indicate that she might simply be thinking? Is there any way to tell the difference, Doctor?"

Janet sighed to herself. Normally, she would say, yes, they could tell if she was awake, dreaming, talking, as the waves would each vary, but they were talking about an alien species. They were lucky to have any brainwaves at all, and luckier still that they had, so far, interpreted what they were seeing correctly. So, the answer was…maybe. Deciding that much, she turned back to him saying, "General, if we were looking at a human brainwave, I would say yes, we could tell. However, this is an unknown alien species. We were lucky that dying brainwaves look pretty much the same in her species. Will the remainder of the waves do the same? I tend to doubt it." She stopped speaking and frowned as she looked at the monitor. "Actually, their waves right now are also very similar. It could very well be that they will be similar enough that we can get a fairly good idea. We'll be able to tell when she's actively doing something, be it dreaming, talking, or thinking, but as to whether we can pinpoint which is which? As I said, I have my doubts; however, I'll wait to see what shows up in her brainwaves, before I give you a positive yes or no."

General Hammond gave a decisive nod of his head, before answering her, "Fair enough, Doctor. I can't and don't expect miracles from you. That you saved her is probably a feat in and of itself. I'm amazed that you managed to bring Captain Carter to consciousness at all."

Janet Fraiser shook her head, "I didn't do that, General. That was all Sam. Evidently, what she had to say was so important that it pushed her body to produce enough chemicals to bring her to consciousness, if only for a few moments."

"I see. Well, I suppose that how it happened isn't as important as the fact that it did happen."

"Yes, Sir. I agree."

Daniel looked at them, and shook his head, saying, "I'm not so sure that's true. That it isn't important, I mean. I think it's very significant, if you take into consideration that, what she had to say was so important to her, that Sam managed to reach consciousness just long enough to tell us to save the Goa'uld in her head. Basically, she was telling us that she was a willing host at this point. I think that's very important."

Both the General and Janet Fraiser looked at him, as they truly thought about what he said. Frowning, as he thought Daniel's statement over and looked at it from several angles, he finally nodded, replying, "When looked at from that point of view, you are absolutely correct, Dr. Jackson."

Janet nodded, before reminding the General, "Sam did, repeat and put emphasis on it, when she told me that Jolinar was not Goa'uld. She insisted she was Tok'Ra. She told me those things more than once, General."

"We'll know when they wake up one way or the other. Do what you can Doctor, and for now, we'll go on the Captain's words."

The medic cleared his throat, as he realized that their conversation was about to end. As they looked at him, he nodded to her, saying, "We are ready to move the Captain into the ICU, Dr. Fraiser."

"Good. Let's get this done."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Daniel and the General left the room, Daniel to join O'Neill and Teal'c where they stationed themselves out of the way in the ICU and the General to return to his office. It could be a very long vigil.

"Samantha, I will soon have the damage done to you repaired. At that time, I will begin to heal myself. I did heal the most threatening of the wounds, as I would not otherwise have been able to tend to you."

"That's okay. Um, are we going to wake up soon? I have to believe that we're unconscious."

"Yes, we're unconscious except to ourselves. At least, to those I can sense watching over us, we appear to be unconscious and I will keep us so, until I heal you completely. However, before I return to healing you, I wish to know where we are. Are we with our people? I do not wish to awaken in a Goa'uld prison without foreknowledge. It is obvious that we have been tortured." Sam 'saw' Jolinar frown in her mind's eye, before she continued, "As severe as the damage to us was, I am surprised they did not leave us in a sarcophagus long enough to heal us, as well as reanimate us, if that is indeed where we are. If we were with our people they would be using a healing device on us, so we are not there."

Sam could hear the question still in her voice, but she was thinking as quickly as she could herself, "Jolinar, don't you remember what happened to us?"

The frown was even more pronounced this time. "No, I do not believe that I do."

Feeling Jolinar's rising panic, Sam soothed her, as well as she could, "Calm down, before you alarm those taking care of us. I'm surprised either of us remember our names, let alone anything else. We—the Ashrak hunting you found us, and he was torturing us to death. I believe we were very close to being in that state. I have to assume that something interrupted him."

"Ashrak? There was an Ashrak hunting us? Do you—do you know why?"

"Well, no, actually, I don't. We—ah, only blended a short time ago. You jumped into me when your host was wounded and dying. I believe you were hiding from the Ashrak in the Nasyan man."

Sam felt Jolinar recoil as if she had struck her. "Are you telling me that I took you against your will? That I have taken an unwilling host?"

"Um, well, I'm not really sure, actually. If you mean did I invite you in, well, after seeing some of your memories, I think that maybe I did. If you mean did you ask permission first, well then, no you didn't."

Sam heard what was definitely a moan from the symbiote. "I have broken our highest law. I must leave you at once. You will survive now without me. I will awaken us and…"

As Jolinar rushed to assure Sam that she would not force her to stay with her, Sam broke into her hurried assurances, "Jolinar, Jolinar, stop. Stop it." Sam's voice, calm and firm cut through her rapidly racing words. "Listen to me. Just, just listen. We got off to a very bad start. I realize now that you were very frightened yourself. I thought you were Goa'uld, and I fought you constantly. It was only just before he found us that we actually, well, talked to one another. I believe that you have information you need to get to your people. I—I guess this means you don't remember it. As for leaving me, well, no, you won't. Maybe later, after we find your people, you remember your information, after…well, after things kind of calm down some. We might have trouble with my people, since we've never heard of the Tok'Ra before we, um, ran into you"

Jolinar nodded, but her mind went back to what seemed to be concerning her most. "Captain Carter, why did you say that you believe that I might have thought you offered yourself?"

"You, um, blend(?) through the mouth. I was doing something we call CPR and I was trying to breath for the man. My mouth was over yours just, well, just as it would have been if we were blending. I think that in the confusion you very probably mistook my first aid for an offer of a new, um, host."

She sighed, "Yes, you are correct, Captain Carter, and I very well might have in those conditions…more especially if I have some important information to relay to my people. These blanks are frustrating," she murmured.

"Call me Sam. Captain Carter will become old really fast," Sam told her with a brief smile. Then she continued, "Listen, Jolinar, you need to put us back into resting mode, while you finish healing. We both need to be in really good shape because there are going to be lots and lots of questions."

"Yes, I believe that you are correct. Very well. It will take several more hours and then we shall awaken."

"Good. Just do a good job, don't rush. They can't find out anything without us."

She heard a very slight chuckle from her new…new what? New, um, live in roommate. Sure took that idea to a whole new level.

Jack sat leaning forward, his elbows resting on his thighs, his hands hanging limply between his legs. Teal'c looked like he was in meditation. Daniel was watching the screen showing the brainwaves. The nurse was puttering on the other side of the room. If anything happened the alarms would go off, it wasn't necessary to sit and watch her constantly now that they were both stable.

When the increased activity began, Daniel was on his feet, across the floor, and his finger was pushing the call button, before anyone else in the room was even aware that he had moved. The nurse hurried over, and seeing what Daniel was watching, she began checking things…nothing was wrong that she could see, so that was good. Very good.

Janet came through the door almost at a run, and Daniel immediately turned to her, saying, "All of a sudden both of the brainwave patterns changed and became very active. They still are."

Janet nodded, and did the same check the nurse did. Nothing was going south, so apparently nothing was wrong. She began to watch the screen closely, and then she shook her head at what she was seeing.

"What's up, Doc? What's going on? Are they…are they still okay?" Jack couldn't bring himself to say dying.

"Yes, Colonel, they appear to be quite fine. In fact, Sam's vitals, everything is pretty much back to normal. The, um, Jolinar, I don't know of course."

Jack frowned at her, "Then what does all of that—that squiggly stuff mean?"

They all looked toward the door as the General joined them. Having heard Jack's question, he nodded to the Doctor, telling her, "Go on, Dr. Fraiser. I believe this is something we are all wondering."

Janet drew in a breath and blew it out, then drew another before saying, "Well, I would have said that the readings you are seeing now are impossible. I know I said that if they were talking to each other it would show up, but I really didn't believe that could happen." She nodded toward the screen. "I've just been proved wrong. They are still unconscious, but they are communicating in some way. See how this peaks here and then this? And while that is happening, Sam's is almost back to a very quiet rhythm. If I had to interpret this, I would say that here, Jolinar is talking, and now, see how it switched? Now, Sam is answering her. They are having a conversation—while they are unconscious." She stood staring at it shaking her head at what she was seeing.

They all stood for quite some time and quietly watched the two interact. At one time, Jolinar's brainwaves became very agitated. It was very obvious that Sam began to talk to her, as both brainwaves showed intense activity for a short time. Even to those watching, it was apparent that, as Sam talked to her, Jolinar slowly calmed, until she was back to what, for her anyway, was normal.

The waves reverted as suddenly as they changed. There was no change in their unconscious state, and yet, they had been communicating. She was sure of it. "They are still unconscious. There isn't anything we can do for them, at the moment, except to monitor them and watch them for any change. I have no idea how long they may stay in this state. I'm not sure it isn't self-induced, or perhaps Jolinar induced. I have no idea why, but I know that Sam is better than she was. You should start to take shifts or something. This could last a while."

Looking at each other, they sighed. The Doc was probably right. "I'll take first watch. One of you can relieve me in a few hours."

"I will meditate so that I will be rested, if we must continue our vigil throughout the night," Having made his intentions clear, Teal'c bowed slightly and left.

Daniel nodded. "I'll be in my office. I'll be back in three hours, Jack, and if anything happens between now and then, you'll contact me, right?"

O'Neill nodded briefly, "Yeah, Daniel, I'll call if she wakes up or…anything else." He still couldn't bring himself to say dies. If she did, it was his fault. He made the call not to believe she knew better than he did. Well, he'd been proven wrong in spades.

Daniel nodded and headed for his office, not that he would accomplish much. His mind was with Sam. He probably wouldn't be able to concentrate, but he'd at least try.

"Hey, Jack. Any change?"

O'Neill shook his head. "No, Daniel they've been the same ever since you left. Nothing, not even a blip. Whatever happened before, it's definitely over."

"Give it time. From what I understand they were pretty close to dying. It could take a while for their brain tissue to recover, you know. Don't get discouraged, yet."

"Sure, Daniel." He stretched and rolled his shoulders, after he stood. "If anything happens, let me know. I'll be in my office."

Daniel nodded and watched him walk out the door. He took the chair and moved it closer to the bed. He wanted to be close when she woke up. He sighed. If she woke up.

Three hours later, both Jack and Teal'c were back, but they all sat quietly. Again, it was Daniel that noticed the change. He hit the call button and again, Janet was there almost immediately.

As she watched the brainwaves, it was obvious that they had changed yet again. They were now in a normal sleep pattern. In fact, everything they were monitoring was showing a normal healthy adult. All Janet could do was shake her head.

"What's wrong, Janet?" Daniel asked, breaking into what was obviously some disbelief. "What's wrong with Sam that you aren't telling us?"

"Nothing, Daniel. Absolutely nothing. Sam is normal and healthy, in every way." They all blinked at her, and she smiled wryly, "Yeah, I know. I find it hard to believe, too, but everything is back to normal. She's sleeping. It's a deep sleep, but it is sleep. And her vitals are perfectly normal. It's as if nothing ever happened to her."

"The symbiote has healed her," Teal'c spoke up from where he stood next to Jack. "No doubt, she is now healing herself. She would have healed the most dangerous damage first, then returned and finished healing Captain Carter. Once her host was well, she would turn to her own wounds and heal them. They may sleep for quite some time, or Captain Carter may awaken before Jolinar. It will depend on how much energy Jolinar has expended. No doubt, she will remain dormant, until she is rested. It is now perfectly safe to remove all of your machines, Dr. Fraiser; there will be no need for them."

Janet opened her mouth to deny that it was safe, but then, she looked at all of her readouts. Teal'c was correct. There was no reason to keep her hooked up to anything. She sighed. "He's right, General. There is nothing wrong with Sam. Would you like for me to leave the brainwaves?"

General Hammond frowned in thought, "Will it help us any? Once they are both well, I mean?"

"It would probably tell us which of them is thinking or talking. Why I didn't think of this before I don't know. We could have told her what we wanted to do. She might have let us, if it would have convinced us that it really was Sam talking to us, not her using Sam's voice." She smiled sadly, saying, "Then again, maybe not. We weren't very open-minded at the time."

"Yeah, well, at the time we thought we were dealing with a Goa'uld, too," Jack told her.

"We will still be dealing with a Goa'uld, O'Neill. They are the same species. That, however, does not mean that they are all the same, any more than it means that all humans or all Jaffa are the same. I suggest we wait and see what Captain Carter has to tell us of Jolinar once she awakens." Teal'c was his normal practical self.

They returned to their previous chairs anxious for Sam to awaken…if it really was Sam.