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Chapter One

I looked down at my finger nails as I stood with the other 14 year old girls. I refused to look up, because I knew that I would want to run away. Anyone here could get chosen. The girl to my right, a girl I never talked to, a girl I walked by at school, or even one of my best friends. Anyone could get chosen, but no one wanted to. Everyone here would rather be here, at home, watching instead of being in the madness.

"It is both a time for repentance and a time for thanks," intones the mayor. I finally looked up to the sound of his voice, and looked around nervously. I felt my stomach get a little bit sick, and I really wanted to lie down.

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor," Effie Trinket stated, with a wide smile. I bit my lower lip, and looked down again. I didn't want to watch. I refused. It was as if watching would make my chances of getting picked larger. I heard her go on and on about the tradition of the Hunger Games. I wanted her to get it over with. To get my frustration out of my system, and call the girl's name, already. I want her to call the name so that I can get back to my life. I just want her to hurry. "Ladies first" She states with that overly-happy smile. I took a big swollow, and felt a bit nauseous. It's not me. My name is not about to be called. I chanted those words in my head.

With a clear voice, a name was called. "Primrose Everdeen". My stomach dropped, and my eyes shot up from off the floor. My peers cleared a rout for me so I could walk to the stage. I took a small step. I felt the back of my shirt become untucked, but that wouldn't matter. I felt a bit dizzy, but I followed the grey pavement on the ground.

"Prim!" A strangled sound comes out of somone. I didn't bother looking up to see who said it, because I already knew it was Katniss. "Prim!" She yells again. I felt a tear slip out of the corner of my eye, but that was all I was going to let go. I didn't want to cry. At least not in front of all of these people. I kept walking, and as I was about to walk up the steps, Katniss grabbs my shoulder.

"I volunteer!" She gasped. "I volunteer as tribute!" She said smoothly the second time. No! Not Katniss! She wan't going to die! I pulled myself from under her grip.

"No! Katniss! Step back!" I said. It was very quiet, but it seemed louder to me.

"Prim, go back to Mom. Now," Katniss said, sternly. I stepped up the staires, completely ignoring her. I heard her yell for my name, but I didn't want to listen. I didn't want Katniss to go through what I have watched the past fourteen years of my life. Effie Trinket looked at me with a smile, and I glared at her, as if she caused this all. Katniss stood at the bottom of the staires, and had a stunned look on her face. I saw Gale come to her and take her away. I felt tears coming down my cheeks, and I realised I was crying hysterically.

"That's the spirit of the games!" Gushes Effie. I let out a sob at that. "Let's give a big round of applause to our newest tribute!"

No one claps, of course. I didn't take offense to it, because I knew it was nothing personal. I bit on my bottom lip to prevent any more tears. I knew it wouldn't look good on camera. And I know I will need as many sponsors as possible. I lift my head, and decide to look strong for Katniss.

"And, for our male tribute," Effie stated. I scanned the boys section, pitting the boy who get's chosen. Effie trails her fingers on the rim of the bowel before picking a slip on the top. "Peeta Mellark".

A boy about medium height, with a stocky build looked around, then walked slowly up. His face was masked, but his eyes showed that he was scared. I didn't know him, but I knew he worked at a bakery. He had blond, curly hair, and blue eyes. He looked about sixteen or seventeen.

The rest of the ceremony was Effie talking about the Games, and the past. I didn't really pay attention. I was too occupied thinking about my future. I wanted to cry again, but I didn't. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself.

After the anthem, Peeta and I are taken into custody. We are put in separate rooms and left alone. I didn't know what was going to happen, so I was a bit shaken. I knew that nothing bad would happen to me, yet.

"Prim!" I voice said, and I turned and saw Katniss, and Mom following her. Seeing Katniss made my tears come out. I wrapped my arms around her, and sobbed into her shoulder. "You should have let me go! You should have let me, Prim!"

"I-I-I couldn't!" I sobbed, with a muffled voice. I sniffed, and pulled myself away. I saw Mom with red rimmed eyes, and hugged her. I squeezed her tight as if I would never hug anyone ever again.

"Prim, you have to win," Katniss said. She grabbed my face in between her two hands, "You have to!"

"I'll try! I promise I'll try!" I said, doubting I'll come close.

"Prim, you can find water, and find food. You know everything about herbs, and plants. Use it to your advantage! You are fast! You can run. Run and hide. Maybe climb a tree!" Katniss said. I nodded, shaking.

"Katniss, I can't climb trees. I'm not like you," I said, desperately.

"Remember, let your feet lead you. Use your legs," She said. I nodded.

"Don't get into any trouble, Katniss," I said. "Take care of Mom,"

Katniss just looks at me. She stares at me, as if trying to take my face in one last time. We both know I can't win. We both know how this is all going to end. Deep down, Katniss knows I am going to die, and so do I.

Moments later, a guard comes in and orders my Mom and Katniss for them to leave. Katniss grabbs my hand, and shoves something gold into it. "Promise me you'll try. I love you, Prim,"

"I love you guys," I sobbed. Mom hugged me again, and followed Katniss out the door. I sat down in a chair, and looked at what Katniss put into my hand. A gold pin that had a Mockingjay, with a bow and arrow. This pin was more down Katniss's personality, but it would remind me of her, and how much she cared for me.

Anyone could have been chosen. And I was chosen.

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