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Chapter Seven - Wow! Already?

I sat on the the branch of a tall tree. Yes, I was actually pretty scared of heights, but right now, I don't really mind it. It took me about a minuet to climb this tree. If something was chasing after me, I probably would have died. I stradled the thick branch, and opend the bright orange bag I was able to grab. Inside was a flashlight, some wire, rope, flint, and one apple. The knife that Clove, from district two, threw at me was placed in an inside pocket of my jacket. I decided I would save the apple for when I was really hungary.

It was fairly dark out, and I knew that a lot of predators would come out, at this time. I didn't risk lighting a fire because I was afraid someone would see it. I wondered where Peeta ran off to. Was his face white, and his blood drained from his body? Did he form some kind of alliance with someone? Was he doing as I was, and hiding alone? I didn't want him to be dead. No. I didn't.

I decided I would get some sleep, then I would search for water in the morning. My mouth was dry, and in a few days, if I didn't get any to eat, I would face dehydration. I knew for a fact I wouldn't be able to get a wink of sleep in this tree. I climb down, quietly, avoiding any loud noise, and see there is a wide opening from the outside of the tree, to the inside. I crawl inside of it. My head stuck out, a bit, but other than that, no one would be able to find me. At least I hoped not. I closed my eyes, and fell into a terrible dream.

"Prim! Why! Why did you go into those games! Why did you die! Why didn't you let me go!" Someome screached. Everything was black, and I felt like my blood was being drained out of my body.

"Katniss?" I yell. My voice was not my own. It was a screaching, blood curling scream. I was in panic mode. I was afraid. I felt tears begin to pour from my eyes. "I'm here Katniss! I'm not dead!"

I was in the black, and I started to run. Just flat out run into the darkness. I feel my foot trip over something, and Peeta's dead body was just below my feet. My sobs became bigger, and I craddled his head in my lap. His face was white, and eyes open, but not alive.

"Peeta. Peeta," I muttered to myself, in shock. I rocked myself back and forth, sobbing in shock. "Katniss, Katniss," I said to myself.


Hhhiiiiiiiiisssssssss was the first noise I heard in my ear in the morning. I slowly lift up my head, and see a snake risen right by my head. I gulp, being sure not to move fast. I panic, not sure of what to do. It would really be embarassing to die this way in the games. To die of a snake bite that got infected. It was a colorful snake, too. Those aren't a good sighn. I was about to grab my knife out of my coat pocket, but I saw a sword slash the head off of the snake. So, I wasn't going to die of a snake bite, but someone was going to slash my head off, just like the snakes. I look up, and it is Cato, the blond haired, blue eyed, boy. His forehead looked beaded with sweat, and he had dry blood on the back of his head, running down his neck. His finger nails were dirty. He had a back slung over his back, and his jacket was off.

I closed my eyes, ready for my turn. The impact didn't hit me, though. I open my eyes again, and he has his eyebrows raised, giving me a weird look. He looked around, then smiled. Not the kind of smile that would make a girls heart melt, but a sly smile that would make you run away from him. He put his fingerto his lips, telling me to be quiet, then walks away from the tree. I crawl out of the tree, and notice it is still dark. The only light seen is a small light coming from the trees a few yards away. I notice the fire. I know what Cato was going to do, and I decided to wait here.

My cheeks were wet as if I had cried all night. I was embarassed, and hoped that Cato didn't see them. I felt relieved that I was out of that dream. That terrible dream.

I squeeze my eyes shut as I hear a girl yell bloody murder. Cato had seen her fire. She wasn't smart enough to not light it during the night. Cato hunted her down and killed her. I didn't know why I didn't run from my spot. Now, he would just kill me. But I didn't move. He came back from the direction he left. His sword was wrapped tightly around his hands, and fresh blood was on his neck. I bit my lower lip.

"Come on. The allies will hear her scream, and come over here. We don't want to deal with all of them at once." He says, walking in the opposite direction of the fire. Did he just make a truce? Did this mean he wouldn't kill me? That we would work together? I didn't question it because he was the one who was capable to win this. He was capable to kill every one of us. I grab my bright orange bag, and jog to him. He has his sword out and ready for anyone who we meet.

"Who are the allies?" I ask. I sling my bag over my shoulder, and get my knife out.

"Be quieter," He mutters. "Some kids from district one, two, four, and your tribute from 12."

"What?" I ask in disbeliefe. "Peeta? And aren't you in district two?"

"Yes. I didn't make the alliance. I will have to kill all of them in the end. Why make an alliance with them?" He says, distractedly. You will have to kill me in the end I say in my head.

"So, Peeta is okay?" I ask.

"Yes. More than," He says. "The allies are at the Cornucopia. They have everything. Every bit of food here. I got some when they tried to add me to their alliance. I got some other things, too." I nod.

We walk in silence for a bit, and the only sound you hear is our feet walking. The sun is coming up, and I had no clue where we were going. I was just following him. I looked at him, and never really noticed how tall he was. I was as tall as Katniss, now, at 5'7''. He was about 6'1'' or 6'2''. He had broad shoulders, and tight mustles. It was obvious he was a Career, and had trained for this for his whole life. I knew he would fight. His blond hair was messy, and shaggier. There was a giant gash in the back of his head that looked like it was getting infected. it was probabaly from the blood bath yesturday. I knew he was involved in that. His blue eyes were sharp. He had a pointed jaw and chin. Dry blood was all over him. Probabaly only half was his,

"You better clean off your gash or it will get infected," I say. He looks at me confused. He touches the back of his head, and looks at the blood that was on his fingers.

"Oh," He mutters.

"Let's find water," I say, "Wait."

I stop by a tree, and take the bark off of it. The half I took off was dry. I take off another piece from the other side, and it was damp. "This way," I say, taking off to my right. I hear him following. We walk for about ten minuets. I stop walking, and hear the faint sound of running water. I smile, and walk again. Finally, a stream of water is found. Weeds of tall grass, and dry dirt were on the bank of the stream. "Here!" I say. He nods. I sit down at the bank, and cup some in my hands. I take a drink. My burning throat is relieved from the ichy pain of dehydration.

Cato fills some up in a canteen, I'm assuming he got from the Allie's camp. He takes a drink, and sits next to me. We sit in silence for a few minuets. I clean of my face, and wash my hands. I felt a bit more clean now that I've done so.

"Do you want me to fix your gash?" I ask.

"No. I'm fine," He says. His hand reaches back, and he is about to ich it.

"Don't. you'll only make it worse," I say. He stops, and sets his hand down. "Can I see your canteen?"

He hands me the black canteen, and I rip the hem of my long blouse and take a chunk of fabric off of my shirt. No skin was revealed because I zipped up my jacket. I soaked the fabric with water, and cleaned off the blood with it. It came off easlie, but was sticking to his head. His hair was damp, and about 99% clean. Satisfied, I sit next to him again, finished. I throw the fabric from my shirt in the stream, and it floats off. Finaly, I ask the question that has been killing me.

"Why didn't you kill me?" I ask, looking at him. He dosn't look back. He shrugged.

"I feel like I needed some kind of allie. I didn't want some big group. I saw you in the training center, and you were decent. And you stood up to me, so you had guts." He says. I nod.

"I want to find Peeta," I say. Cato looks at me.

"He's with the allies," He says, as if it is obvious.

"He would come to us, though. I know it." I say. Cato rolls his eyes, and looks back at the stream. I get the apple out of my bag, and cut it in half with my dagger. I offer the other half to him, and he takes it.

I hear the anthem that proceeds the death recap. The sky lights up, and it is as if the sun is out. I see the seal of the capital, and it floats in the sky. The first face to apear is a girl from district three. All the tributes from 1 and 2 survived. A boy from 4 was showed, and I was supprised. District 4 was a career distric. A few more are shown, and Peeta's face was skipped. I am relieved. Eleven down, twelve of us left.

The anthem ends, and it gets darker. We sit in silence for a few minuets. I didn't eat my apple because I felt a bit sick. I stuffed it back into my bag, and stood up. I didn't know where we were going to go next, but I didn't want to stay for people to find us.

I was about to say something about 'let's go', but I never got the chance to. Something flung over out heads, and a shadow came from above us. I hear a big explode, and fire spreads. I look at Cato with wide eyes, and we both move at once. He flings his pack over his shoulder, I did the same, and we both run for it. Fire was decending to both of us.

"To the left! Where we came from!" He yells. I didn't respond, but followed him. The world transformed to smoke, and debree. I coughed, and covered my nose with my hand. I was fast, and so was Cato, so this was good.

It's not hard to follow the Game Maker's motivation. There were the careers, then there were the rest of us. This fire is designed to flush us out. To thin out the others. This kind of shocked me because Cato was a career, but I must have over ruled him. The fire wasn't the most original way to get rid of us, but it is effective.

I hurdled over a burning log, but not high enough. The tail end of my jacket catches on fire. I have to stop, and stamp my body to rid of the flame. Cato stops, and helps me, quickly. I know he is probably cursing me out in his head, but I am only conserned about myself burning to death. I take off the big jacket, and leave it scorching in the fire.

"Come on!" Cato yells. I start to run again, avoiding any more fire. My throat and nose begin to burn, and my coughing becomes worse. My lungs begin to feel as if they are being cooked. I didn't slow my running, though. "Here!" He says. We crouch under a stone outcropping, and the vomit begins. I begin to choke on it. I appreciated that Cato looked away. All the water and food I've eaten since this fire has come out of my body. Cato handed me a canteen, and I sucked a few drops of water down my fried throat. I hand it back to him, and he does the same.

I know we need to keep moving, but now I am light-headed, and gasping for air. One minuet I say just one minuet, then we'll go, I gather my things, and let my backpack fold over my shoulders. Where were the game makers going with this? Sending us to somewhere more dangerous?

"Ready?" He asks in a terrible voice. I only nodded because I knew I couldn't speak. We dodge all the fire balls that were about apple sized. I could have flopped over and died, but something kept me going. I think it is a life time of watching the Hunger Games. I knew there was somewhere safe around here.

How long we spend dodging, and scrambling around these fireballs, I don't know. An acidic substance takes over my throat, and I know Cato's throat was bad too, because I heard him coughing. I stop for a second as my body vomits again, ridding of the poisons. Cato is way ahead of me, not realizing that I had to stop. I sprint back to him, and feel my legs betting tired. My clothes were drentched in sweat, and I spelt burnt hair. My hair fumbles to my braid, and at least an inch of my hair has been cut off from the burining fire. I look, interested and facinated at the singed hair.

"Let's go!" Cato boomed. I fall out of my trance, but didn't react fast enough because a fire ball comes racing to me. I move, but the fire ball skins my calf. Seeing my pant leg on fire sends me flying on the ground. I begin to scream. Without thinking, I grab the fabric and tear it off. I sit on the ground, and breath heavily. My calf was screaming, and my hands were welted with red bumps. I'm shaking and I couldn't move. Cato could leave me now. Or finish me off so he wouldn't have to deal with me later. Instead, he falls to his knees, and get's the water out. He get's out the canteen, and pours water on my calf and hand.

I imagine Cinna's outift, and the sparkles of fire. I smile at the irony. Cato probably thought I was a freak. The girl who smiles while she burns to death.

The attack is now over. The Gamemakers don't want me dead. Not yet. They could easlie destroy the both of us, but they don't. The smoke is still really thick, and I could stand up. I was shaking as I walked. Cato led us to a tree. I knew the safest place would be up, but I was not in any state to climb.

"That was fun," I mutter sarcastically.

"What were you doing back there?" He asks, obviously mad I held us back. He puts his hands on his head, stressed out.

"I was out of it. Sorry." I say, in a hard voice.

"You have to stop playing around! They could have easlie killed us back there! Your lucky the Gamemakers don't want us dead, yet," He says, hard, back. I let out a frustrated sigh.

I fogot about my calf for a few seconds, and decide to take a look at it. I spelt burnt skin. This is the worst kind of pain to me. I've never felt anything like it.

We weren't consealed very well. Anyone could be hidden, and kill me. I reach to get my knife. Then, I realize I left it in my coat.

"My knife is in my coat," I say, crossly. Cato doesn't say anything. I roll up my pant leg, in pain, and I take the canteen, and pour water on it to rid of the blood. Cato had black ash all over his face. We needed to find water again. Our throats were dry, I needed to clean my cut, we needed to rid of the smoke. "Let's go find water."

"Can't you do your tree thing?" He asks. I shake my head.

"The trees are all dry from the fire." I say. I stand up, and only hope we don't die.

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