"Mars!" Sailor Moon cried out a warning to her friend. Jupiter shot a bolt of energy toward the youma before it could hurt Sailor Mars. The creature hissed in pain and ran at the next available target. Sailor Venus.

"AHHHH," Venus screamed.

"No!" Sailor Moon cried.

Sailor Mercury tried to hit it with Ice bubbles, but it was too late. The youma barreled into Venus, grabbed her by the leg, holding her, upside down, in the air.

"Ahhhhhh," Venus screamed again as the creature burned her leg.

"World Shaking!"

A yellow ball of energy came at the creature, but it only flew higher to avoid it.

"Deep Submerge!"

Again the youma just flew higher to avoid the attack.

"Uranus, Neptune, stop. If it drops Venus…," Pluto appeared, stopping Uranus from attacking again.

Venus was still screaming, held 20 meters up in the air. Suddenly the youma got an evil grin on its face. All the girls tensed for attack, but the creature only flew a few meters away, smirked evilly again and let go of Venus' leg.

"No!" The collective cry went up as everyone surged forward to try and catch Sailor Venus. Suddenly, a girl in a purple and red fuku leaped out of a nearby tree, and with blinding speed, caught Sailor Venus. Two more girls in fuku's joined her.

"I thought we weren't going to interfere, Highness," The girl who spoke was wearing a yellow fuku; she had short brown hair with yellow ends.

"She would have died, I could not let that happen," The girl holding Venus looked up at the taller girl.

"Oh, look, she is hurt," The last girl spoke up, she was wearing an ice blue fuku; she had black hair with ice blue ends.

"I will help her," A small voice said from behind Pluto. Sailor Saturn stepped out, and up, to Venus. The women placed Sailor Venus on the ground and moved a few stepped away, gesturing for her companions to do the same.

"I can only heal part of the wound, you will need proper medical attention later," Saturn stated as she knelt down and held Venus' leg.

"There are bandages at the temple" Mars said walking over.

"Look out!" Jupiter screeched at the retreating forms of Venus' saviors. The youma had started to charge at them.

"Crystal Peace Bell!" The blue girl said, almost lazily.

"Good work," Said the red girl. "Let's go,"

"Wait," Sailor Moon cried. "Who are you?"

The obvious leader of the group, the red girl, turned around.

"This information is not of importance to you as of this time,"

"In other words, none of your business," The yellow girl muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear.

The blue girl opened her mouth to say something, a stern look on her face.

"Silence," The red girl hissed. "We may need allies, and these are our only option."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Mars was furious. "Are we not good enough to fight in your presence?"

"Of course not, Mars. We only meant that if we offend you and then, later, need your help, you are less likely to help." The black haired girl said gently.

"I don't see why we need allies, we can handle things ourselves." The yellow girl huffed.

"Arrogance will lead to failure," The red girl stated.

"How do you know who we are?" Mercury spoke up.

"Mercury, my dear, we know all about you."

The three girls turned away as their leader spoke, and disappeared into the night.