"Go around Ceres!"

Sailors Eris, Ceres and Universe were already fight the youma when the inner senshi got there.

"Great, now they're starting the fights. It was bad enough when they were ending them."

"Mars, you shouldn't speak like that, they are…." Mercury was cut off as the youma disappeared. Suddenly, sailor Universe turned around and shot an attack at her!

"What the HELL are you doing!?" Sailor Moon screeched after the attack passed over Mercury's ducked head. Tuxedo Mask and the other all looked at Sailor Moon in surprise. She never swore.

Sailor Universe did not answer. Sailor Ceres stalked forward and grabbed Sailor Moons shoulders, turning her around. The youma's pile of dust was right behind where Mercury had been.

"Be grateful."

Sailor Moon looked shocked before nodding her head and gulping.

"How did you destroy it so fast?" Jupiter took a bold step forward.

Sailor Universe smirked. "My attacks are strong"

"Not nearly as strong as my demons, Uni" An evil and sly but feminine voice came out of the darkness. All the senshi tensed.

"Don't call me that you bit…"Sailor Universe hissed as she was cut off.

"Tut-tut, Uni. No foul language, please. You are in the presence of royalty,"

"So. Are. You." Sailor Universe spat through gritted teeth. A figure stepped out of the shadows, but none of the senshi could see the face. Ceres prepared to attack.

Sailor universe waved her down. "Don't bother, she not really here. Just an illusion," Sailor universe smirked. "She is too scared to come herself."

"BRAT! YOU WILL PAY." The figure disappeared.

"What was that?" Venus asked shakily.

"That doesn't concern you!" Ceres spat.

"Ceres! Stop, they have a right to know. But not now.

"Why not!" Mars had been in a glaring match with ceres, but broke off to look at sailor Universe.

"Because, I don't like repeating myself. Tomorrow, in the park, with your other friends too. Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Mini Moon. I promise I will explain, sailor Moon."

Sailor Moon looked into Sailor Universes eyes, deciding what to do.

"Alright, what time?"

"Midnight, it's Friday so we can get away with it."

"What?" the comment confused Tuxedo mask.

"We have lives outside of being senshi too, Tuxedo Mask. Don't act so surprised." Sailor Universe Chuckled.

"Right, sorry," Tuxedo Mask apologized.

"That's fine," Universe replied. "Tomorrow, formal introductions and explanations. I swear it."

Sailor Moon was nervous, what were they going to tell her? All these question were running through her head. Who was the figure from last night? Where are is Sailor Universe from? Where are the planets Ceres and Eris? Why are they so strong? Sailor Moon paced back and forth, trying to rid herself of her nervous energy.

"Will you calm down!?" Mars snapped. Everyone was on edge.

"No, Mars, I can't," Sailor Moon turned on her friend. "I feel like the secrets of the universe are about to be unloaded on us!"

"That was deep, Serena." Venus stated.

"And partly true."

Sailor Universes' voice echoed across the park.

"Where are Neptune and the rest?" sailor Eris' spoke in a soft voice. "We cannot start without them."

As if summoned by Eris' voice, the 5 missing senshi showed up. Mini moon had go to find Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn.

"Good job," Ceres' voice was laced with sarcasm as she looked and Uranus. "Not only were you late, but you made you princess fetch you."

"Shut up!" Uranus growled.

"At least I can be on time for my princess," Ceres baited.

Sailor Universe made no attempt to stop her friend.

Sailor Uranus took a step forward, but Neptune and Jupiter stopped her. Uranus struggled against them.

"Who do you think you are? You are not better than us, in fact…"


Everyone looked at Sailor Moon in shock. She had never used her authority as leader before. Most of the time everyone forgot she was leader.

"Uranus, I know she annoys you, but just stop. I want an explanation which we can't get if you insult them."

Uranus stood stock still in shock. Then stepped back with a curt bow towards Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon blushed. "There is no need for that."

"Obviously, there is, Princess," Sailor Uranus spoke to Sailor Moons feet. Like a lesser.

"I just wanted you to stop, Amara." Sailor Moon use of Sailor Uranus' civilian name showed how annoyed she was.

"What about her!" Uranus' temper flared again.

"I have no control over Sailor Ceres' actions. She follows another leader."

Sailor Universe chuckled. "That she does, she is very loyal. Like your friends. Now, on to business." Sailor Universe sat on the grass, cross-legged, and gestured for the other to do the same. Diplomatically, Sailor Eris and Sailor Neptune sat in between Ceres and Uranus. Sailor on shot them a grateful look. "Alright, where do we start?"

"Who are you?" The question rolled off of Sailor Moon tongue with no hesitation.

"Ah, yes, the question of the hour," Sailor Universe smiled.

"Question of the last few day actually," Mars muttered.

"Mars please!" Sailor Moon once again took an authoritative tone. She looked at Mars' shocked face before blushing, looking down and murmuring. "All of this hostility is getting us nowhere."

Sailor Universe took pity on Sailor Moon this time, drawing the attention to her with one sentence.

"I am the ruler of the universe."

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