Disclaimer: This fanfiction is based on characters created by the wonderful CPCoulter in her 'Glee' fanfiction 'Dalton'. Naturally, I own nothing. If you haven't read 'Dalton' - which I highly recommend - you will not understand what happens here, as well as have no idea who the main characters are.

Warning: This is a slash story. Don't like, don't read, don't bother me.

Setting: After chapter 27 (Blackout).

Pairing: Julian/Logan

Summary: As long as Julian is in a coma, fate uncertain, Logan doesn't leave his side. But will he still be there for him after he awakes? And what happens at the grand reopening of Dalton Academy?

A/N: I have been toying with the idea to write a 'Dalton' fic for a while now, but it took rereading the last few chapters to convince me to have a go at it. I just love the Julian/Logan plot so much and can't wait for a continuation of any kind by Mama CP herself. :)

Originally, this was supposed to be a drabble. Then, as the word count got too high, it was going to be a short interlude. Then, as I was satisfied with the way it sounded, but realized the ending wasn't enough for me, I decided to tell the actual story. I apologize in advance, because the prologue might very well be the best part of this.

This is probably going to be four chapters long, might be three. The first is merely the prologue, which I decided to seperate from the rest of the story, because its style is very different, the second and possibly third chapter will hold the actual story and the fourth might be an epilogue. I have a chapter written after this, but I'm still curious whether I can make the characters go down the path I want them to take.

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Welcome back to Wonderland - Prologue

He sits there, staring at the boy wrapped in sheets so crispy white they were making his eyes burn. It has taken him long enough to convince his parents to let him see him and he understands their hesitation, the sheer futility of his presence. He is powerless to make the life stop draining out of his best friend.

Inside, he is screaming with rage and confusion and a pain too tragic for them. He sits there, carefully stroking the hand of the boy who was threatened into admitting he has always been in love with him. He doesn't know what to make of that. It makes him want to beat him into a bloody pulp. Like the old days. He wants to take his anger out on the one person willing to take it.

On the outside, he doesn't utter a word, not one since they allowed him to come in here. He just sits there, staring, caressing an angelic bruised face and matted brown locks with his hate.

On the sixth day, they have to operate on the boy. He spends those hours pacing, terrorizing the hospital staff who are too sympathetic to kick him out even when he gets physical. He breaks things, wishing he could break Julian instead.

Make him whole again so that he could break him for never fucking saying anything.

No, he is not in love with the boy whose insides are being poked and prodded by doctors who better fucking knew what they were doing. He's too livid to even consider love.

When the boy gets out of surgery, he walks into the room before he's allowed to, even before Julian's parents. He refuses to leave. No one has the heart to call security. Michelle Wright tries to comfort him by bringing proper food. Even Derek can't make him utter a word.

Comfort is not needed. What Logan needs is for the boy to open his sepia eyes so that he can thrash the light out of them.

He sits there, sleeps there, eats there, never leaves the room except for short bathroom breaks and two five-minute mandatory showers a week and terrorizes the comatose boy with an only outwardly tender loathing.

Between day seven and nine, the boy's heart fails five times. He grips his water glass until it shatters in his hand. He has to be stitched up in the room.

He doesn't take his medication, even though he is urged to on more than one occasion. But he has never been as calm as he is now, a song of violence on replay in his head. It is only when they tell him they will have security drag him out of the room if he doesn't comply that he accepts the pills.

When the doctors tell them to prepare for the worst, Logan doesn't believe it for a second. He will not let the boy run away from him again. He will not allow his death. He cannot tolerate further cowardice.

He is told Adam Clavell is transported off to prison to await his sentence. One more reason to knock the boy's teeth in. Logan never would have saved the fucker.

The boy stabilizes; they can take him off the ventilator. They say it is nevertheless unlikely he will ever wake up again.

It seems wrong that even without the tube down his throat, the boy never shows a hint of his infamous smile. He's always done everything to make it disappear. He will do so again as soon as the boy wakes up.

On the fourteenth night, he presses a harsh, furious kiss against cracked, too cold lips. He only does it because the Cheshire Cat might be the kind of stupid romantic waiting just for that. He will never tell anyone about it. He will never admit to himself the tears he cries after the boy stays motionless are not because he is frustrated with the boy's weakness, his failure to come back to him but because he grieves the fact that it didn't work.

On the nineteenth day, the boy's eyelids flutter and a croaking sound leaves his throat.


So he drops the hand he has been holding, gets up, walks out and doesn't come back.

To be continued...