Author's Note: I got this idea one day while writing another fan fic, and I thought "What if Jiro was born a girl instead of a boy?" So I got thinking and figured why not. Besides I'm sure other people wondered themselves what Jiro would be like if he were a girl too. So this little fan fic was born. Hope you enjoy. -Bff#3.

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Sunlight streamed through the dirty glass of the bedroom window in the navy base in Aizawa, Japan. Inside said room was a young woman. She streatched as she got up and walked over to the mirror with a ribbon and dagger in her hands. She tied her long raven hair to the length she desired and chopped off the excess leaving the image of a young man staring back at her.

'Perfect, now they'll never expect a thing,' the woman thought as she let the ribbon slip to the cold floor. She turned, stuffed the dagger under her pillow, and knelt down to the floor to retireve something from under her bed. She pulled out a little box about six inches by six inches. It was pure black in color, and when she opened the box it was revealed to be lined with red velvet. She pulled out a picture of a little baby being held by a smiling young woman and who appeared to be next to her husband staring forward. The little baby was resting its head againts the woman's rather ample chest and wore a little red and black dress. It's mother wore a red and black dress as well, but reminded the girl of a dress she had seen in a story she was read once. The man was wearing a Japanese Imperial Navy uniform as he held his hand with the woman's. The girl smiled as a stray tear slipped down her now rosy cheeks.

'Mom, Dad, you don't have to worry about me. I'm doing fine and my secret has stayed a secret for five years now. I know countless women died from doing what I'm doing, but I know you'll both keep me safe,' the girl mused as she kissed the photo and put it gently back into the box. She then pulled out a binding shirt and bound it as tight as she could. She frowned when she noticed that it could only now bind her down to an A-cup. She sighed.

'Great, now I'll have to go to the tailor shop and get a new one. This is the third one this month. At this rate I'll be too busty for one to work or have to special order some. Either way is not fun.' She jumped as she heard her room mate Kiku Honda stir in his sleep. He rolled over on his side, and the girl blushed when she saw his handsome, slumbering face. She mentally cursed and threw on some clothes. She would just die of embarassment if Kiku saw her without any proper clothes on. Kiku's beautiful brown eyes fluttered open just as the girl finished buttoning up her uniform.

"Ohayo Jiro-kun. Did you sreep werr?" Kiku asked gently as he got slowly out of bed. The girl mentally cringed at the mention of the name Jiro. She wished that instead of Jiro Mochizuki Kiku knew her as Jira Mochizuki.

"Good morning Kiku. Yes I did sleep very well," Jira replied as she brushed her now short hair and in the male voice she practiced daily. She smiled as the man got dressed and wondered what day it was today.

"Oh, I nearry forgot, Happy Birthday Jiro-kun," Kiku said as he turned to face his comrade. Jira sighed and knew that she would always hate this day.

"Thank you Kiku, by the way I'm going out for a little bit so don't expect me to be home until late," Jira said softly as she turned to leave.

"I understand Jiro-kun. Terr your parents I said herro," Kikui replied as he brushed his hair. Jira smiled, gave a quick nod, and left the room to go see her tailor.

Jira arrived at a small tailor shop on the edge of town and casually strolled inside. She headed to the back where she knew her tailor would be waiting for her.

"Ah Jira-chan, back so soon? This is the third time this month young lady, and you know why you're always back here," a voice said as a female figure appeared from the shadows. The woman was about twenty-three with bright orange hair and wore a silky pink kimono.

"I guess its because I like the quality of your work Minami-san," Jira said switching back to her normal voice as she undressed for Minami to take her measurements. Minami whistled a bit as she wrote down Jira's measurements.

"You know Jira, if you keep squashing your chest like this it'll wind up becoming very busty. *Sigh* Your mother did the exact same thing and she became a D cup. Sweetie at the rate you're going you'll wind up a double D cup," Minami sighed as she tossed a new bra to Jira. She checked the size and grimaced at the letter 'D' staring back at her. She put it on and marveled at how it fit perfectly.

"Minami-san, do you think you could make my shirt a few sizes larger this time so I could wear it longer?" Jira asked as she looked at her reflection.

"Jira, Jira, Jira. If you keep this up you'll wind up getting killed. You know your mother wouldn't stand for this, so why not ditch the uniform for a day and actually be a girl for once. Besides it'll take a while to make a shirt that big for you," Minami replied as she took out some clothes and fabric. She tossed Jira a black kimono that had red sakura blossoms on it. Jira struggled to put it on. Minami sighed as she helped the girl three years her junior into the kimono properly. She then took out a few hair pins from her pocket and made Jira's hair look similar to her mother's the last festival Jira had been to with her parents. She felt warm tears swell up in her eyes as she stared at her reflection.

"Jira-chan, there's no need to cry now sweetie. You look so beautiful, your mother would be very proud to see what a lovely young woman, or I should say woman you became," Minami cooed as she let the taller girl cry on her slender shoulder.

"M-Minami-sssan, I-I wish I c-could be only J-Jira, b-b-but I made a promise I want to k-keep," Jira cried as she allowed her emotions to run wild for once in her life.

"Don't worry Jira-chan, for today you'll be able to forget that promise for ay least a little while," Minami said as she rubbed circles into Jira's back. Jira rubbed her tear filled eyes and hugged herself as she suddenly became self-concious. Her blush was a deep shade of pink, her bloodshot eyes looked like crystals shimmering in pure sunlight, and her trembling form was slowly calming down to a shake that resembled one of a frightened bunny. Minami smiled as she looked at her friend.

'Oh Jira-chan, you'll find someone who will accept both sides of you soon enough,' Minami thought as she let Jira walk out the door.

Jira walked calmy through the graveyard with a bouquet of black and red roses in her hands. Her eyes were sad as she approached a tombstone. Inscribed in the tombstone was the last name Mochizuki and below it were the names Lin, Jun, Yuki, and Hajime. Jira knelt down and placed her roses in front of the grave. She got on her knees and said a prayer aloud. When she rose she brushed some moss off the top of the tombstone and laid a white lily on top of the gravemarker. She left the grave sparkling clean with chocolate scented incense and a lovely boquet of roses to please her dead family. As she left she noticed Kiku walking towards her.

"Excuse me miss, but do you happen to know where my friend Jiro went to?" Kiku asked as he stopped infront of Jira. Jira blushed heavily as Kiku stared at her. Her heartbeat sped up, her palms became sweaty, and her blush deepened to a crimson red color.

"W-well, I k-kinda know him, but y-you just missed him," Jira replied as she fidgeted under Kiku's gaze. Eventhough she was taller than Kiku she felt intimidated.

"I'm sorry to have bothered you miss, so don't worry about it. I'rr be fine," Kiku said as he turned to walk away. Jira felt guilt run its course to her heart. She reached out and pulled Kiku back to her side. Kiku looked up at her and blushed heavily.

"Kiku, I'm sorry I lied to you, but its actually me Jiro. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was a woman, but I would be killed if anyone found out. Please understand that I only lied to fufil my promise," Jira cried as hot tears fell from her face. Kiku looked at Jira with a look of shock on his face, but this look quickly faded as he cradled Jira closely to him.

"Shh, Jiro-chan. It's okay, a promise between two peopre is very important so I forgive you. I wirr herp you honor your promise," Kiku replied as he smiled at his friend. Jira knew her secret was safe with Kiku, so her fears were at ease for now.

"Kiku, you can call me Jira when we're alone or out in public when I'm in girl's clothes so only use Jiro in the base or when I'm in boy's clothes," Jira said as she and Kiku walked back to the tailor shop. Kiku's and Jira's hands were laced together and both looked very happy. Kiku was happy to wait outside until Jira finished up her errand and Kiku was busy contemplating what to do with her for her birthday.

Jira opened the door and stepped out in her uniform and her hair was tied back. Kiku knew to switch back to calling her Jiro, but he really wanted her to be Jira all the time. Kiku knew his bosses would never allow women to enter the navy and Jira was already breaking the law by doing so, but Kiku would protect Jira until his last breath is drawn. Kiku and Jira walked side-by-side as they walked to the shopping district and after they reached the middle of the district Kiku covered Jira's eyes and led her to his favorite place.

"Where are you taking me Kiku?" Jira asked in her diguised voice as her eyes remained covered.

"Don't worry Jiro-kun, you'rr see soon enough," Kiku replied as he stopped in the park. He uncovered Jira's eyes and stood next to her as he watched Jira's face light up at the sight of her favorite flowers, roses. They bloomed in many colors and to Jira's delight she stood near the blood red roses that resembled the ones on her family's crest.

"Oh Kiku they're so beautiful. I can't believe such a place exists in Japan," Jira said excitedly as she spun in a circle. She stopped infront of Kiku and pulled him close. She closed her eyes and gave Kiku a soft kiss on the lips. She blushed when she realized her first kiss was given to the boy of her dreams. Kiku blushed as well, but did not pull away. He deepened the kiss and unbeknownst to the two a certain pair noticed their actions.

"Ve~ I didn't know Japan had a boyfriend," the Italian boy said as he watched the two through his closed eyes. He turned to face the German man behind him.

"Vell, I don't think zats a man Italy. I believe zats a young voman," the German stated stoicly as he watched the two makeout. Jira's hairtie came undone and the two wound up on the ground continuing their flurry of kisses.

"Ve~ Japan will get in trouble if she continues to be in the navy. I couldn't live with myself if I knew my best friend could get hurt and I could help him," Italy said panickly as he continued staring at the two. Japan and Jira didn't notice or if they did neither cared. The only thing that mattered was their new love for eachother.

Author's Note: I was really excited to write this because one can't have too many crossovers with Hetalia. Maybe now my stories will get some reviews, hint hint.-Bff#3