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Jira huffed as she finished getting dressed. It had been a few months since the Kowloon Children had invaded the Special Zone and Jira's secret was nearly discovered during her fight with Cassa.

Cassa landed on top of the skyscraper just by the river, Jira landing not to long after. Her eyes were intense as she stared down at Cassa. Cassa quickly moved and kicked Jira in the groin. For a minute she had forgotten to fake pain, and in this minute Cassa started to piece things together.

"Well, well, well it appears as though Jiro is actually a woman," Cassa said as she walked up to Jira. Jira swung her blade at Cassa, missing by only a fraction of a centimeter. Cassa quickly moved and pinned Jira up against a wall of a nearby skyscraper. Jira grit her teeth and tried to kick Cassa off of her.

"Not so fast Jiro, its time to find out what you truly are," Cassa chided as she took a knife out of her pocket. She cut Jira's cheek and licked the blood off, smirking at its sweet flavor. Jira ripped the lower half of Cassa's shirt and kicked the traitor off of her. Cassa smirked and lept at Jira, intending to slash her throat. Cassa slashed and it ripped a good portion of Jira's binding shirt, loosening it a little, but not enough to reveal her gender yet, but if this fight didn't end soon the shirt would rip. Jira tackled Cassa off the building and onto another one, readying herself for the real fight.

Jira sat down in her coffin and stared up to the ceiling.

"Kiku," this name slipped past Jira's lips in a whisper, causing a faint blush to appear on her cheeks. Some tears slipped silently down her cheeks as she thought of their horrible good-bye. "Kiku, I hope that wherever you are you have it in your heart to forgive me for hurting you."

At the train station a familiar Japanese man stepped off a train, meeting a teenage girl.

"Ah Yuki-chan, how are things going?" The man asked the black haired girl with brown eyes.

"Very good Kiku-nii-san, though I did feel a little pain a few months back," Yuki replied, a faint smile on her face.

"I heard about the near disaster a few months back, I hope things are better now," Kiku said as he followed the girl down the street towards a large building.

"Hurry up Jiro! We're going to be late!" Mimiko said as the trio walked down the street.

"I would, but its too sunny outside for me to move without feeling any pain," Jira replied, using the voice of her male alter ego.

"You're feeling hurt Brother? Maybe you need a kiss to make it feel better?" Kotaro asked as he walked alongside his "brother". Jira chuckled and ruffled Kotaro's hair.

"I don't need any kisses for this Kotaro, but thank you for the offer," Jira said with a smile. Kotaro noticed that Jira's lips were plump for the man he thought Jira was. Kotaro simply decided not to meantion it, for the last time he meantioned how feminine Jira looked well let's just say Kotaro couldn't even think about sitting without feeling pain for about three months.

"Well if we don't hurry we'll miss our meeting with a representative from mainland Japan. It could be vital for all we know," Mimiko chided. Jira simply took a tight hold on each of her companions and ran through the dark alleyways in her vampire speed.

"Just hold on tight you two, you'll be fine. Trust me," Jira said as she skidded a bit before reaching the Company building.

Kiku walked calmly beside Yuki, unaware of the disaster that would strike. Just as he was about to press the button on the elevator a red blur knocked him over. Kiku laid sprawled on his back and a heavy weight on his front. He dared to open his eyes, which widened at the sight of a familiar face.

'J-Jira-san!?' Kiku thought, watching the red clad person sit up and rub their forehead.

"A-ah! Forgive me sir I wasn't watching where I was going. I hope you can forgive me," the person said, standing up and holding out a hand to Kiku. He grabbed a hold of this hand, remembering the soft feeling of Jira's delicate hands. Through the gloves Kiku could feel the gentle shape of this person's hand. It was all too familiar, the shape of the bangs, the startling silver eyes, and even that soft and supple shape of the lips. This was the dear woman who he held a deep and burning affection for since a little into World War 2. Jira Mochizuki.

Author's Note: And cue cliff hanger! Taha! Next chapter will have more drama for our little Jira-chan~ Will she be happy with Japan or will Rinsuke swoop in and steal her heart? All this and more will be in the next chapter of The Secrets of Jiro Mochizuki.~Bff#3