This story is unpaid fan fiction of Star Trek movie reboot. It is a sequel to PET. This story contains references to passed dubious consent, rape, mpreg, war, and other violent acts. There is a possible hankie alert.

Rated T


Chapter One


"I'm sorry, Spock." Deep regret filled Captain Jim Kirk's light eyes. "I argued with Admiral Pike," he was aware of the sounds coming from the biobed monitors on Ensign Greg Carvel. The faint odor of infection told him what the monitors didn't say.

The kid, hell he was barely a week older than Pavel up on the bridge, had gotten badly burned trying to fix a plasma conduit. Dr. M'Benga wasn't optimistic about his chances of survival. He'd already amputated one of the kid's hands up to the elbow. It looked like the other hand was succumbing to infection. Bones would have pulled a miracle out of his ass if he had to and saved the kid's hands and the kid.

Spock lay on a biobed. Dr. M'Benga had diagnosed his nodding off on the bridge as exhaustion. Spock has also lost three pounds. He was on strict bed rest until he could gain one and a half pounds. "We are diverting from rescuing Dr. McCoy." His voice was flat.

Jim gripped Spock's shoulder tightly. "There's an emergency on Dallas Colony." He said grimly. "Blight hit their main food crops."

"The needs of the many," Spock said softly. Tears stung at the back of his eyes.

"What's this crap about us not going after the doctor?" Gaila stormed into sickbay. She would have been a green goddess of vengeance. Her eyes flashed in anger. Static electricity charged through her curly scarlet locks.

"Stand down, Ensign," Jim spoke sharply. He removed his hand from Spock's shoulder. "We have a priority one emergency. Enterprise will be picking up supplies and warping to Dallas Colony. I don't think that Dr. McCoy could live with himself if he knew we chose him over a colony of starving women and children."

Gaila's lower lip trembled. "He-I'm sorry, Captain." Her voice came out shaky.

"Sometimes being captain sucks," Jim said evenly. "I have to make the hard decisions if I'm going to sit in the big chair." He stretched his broad shoulders. "Get better, Spock. I need my First Officer." He left them both to go to the bridge.

Tears started to spill down Gaila's face. She felt a very warm hand take hers. Turning her head she realized that Spock was voluntarily holding her hand. "Promise me," she whispered. "We'll get Dr. McCoy back."

"With all my heart and soul I shall not rest until Dr. Leonard McCoy is safe on the Enterprise again." Spock said quietly. The intensity in his eyes sealed his promise.

Then the alarms on Carvel's biobed went off as he crashed. Dr. M'Benga and nurses came running. Head trauma nurse Christine Chapel yelled for the crash cart.

Ensign Greg Carvel barely a week shy of his twentieth birthday convulsed. He had his great grandfather's collection of Hot Wheels sitting on shelves and models of star ships hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom back home. He liked to tease his younger sister about her nerdy boyfriends. He'd promised his mother he'd be careful and come back home safely. That last night before he'd shipped out he'd walked with his father and stood and looked up at the stars.

His father had kicked at some rock on the ground and said, "I love you, son."

After a violent and horribly long twenty minutes Ensign Greg Carvel lost his battle.

Gaila wept in Spock's strong arms.



"We've got injured!" Engineer Dar carried a badly burned crewman away from the ruptured plasma conduit.

Acidy smoke filled the engine room. Men coughed and struggled to breathe as they fought to contain the fire. Dar handed the slight body of Daktu to another. "Take him to sickbay." He shouted.

Leonard had been working with Tetra on the Cardassian alphabet when the Neckar had been rocked by the explosion. He'd heard the alarm. "Trish," he looked to the young Cardassian crewwoman who'd been assigned to watch over him and Tetra.

"Explosion in engineering," she said after a few minutes. She turned from the intercom translating the harsh Cardassian language again. "There are injuries," she paused as her eyes held the horror. "Multiple burns," she whispered.

Leonard snorted. "Go figure, Gar is pushing the crew too hard." He patted Tetra. "I'm going to sickbay to help. Take care of Tetra."

"I don't think that Gul Gar," Trish started to protest.

"Damned it," Leonard swore. "I'm trained for this kind of thing. Now get out of my way I'm going to sickbay before anyone dies." Trish moved. This doctor could do things that no Cardassian doctor seemed capable of.

At a dead run Leonard mentally went over what he knew of the supplies in sickbay. "Bunch of crap," he swore. What he wouldn't give to have the Enterprise's sickbay. Heaviness filled his heart. He was a traitor. He'd never see Enterprise's sickbay again.

"Dr. McCoy," Dr. Gould greeted him with relief. Bad burns were the kind of things that Cardassians with their scaled skin didn't survive well if they survived at all. "We've got multiple burn victims." He prayed to all that Cardassians held holy that this human doctor who seemed to be a source of unending miracles would pull out some more. He prayed that they'd save the young soldiers that Gul Gar had dragged so far from home.

"I'll scrub." Leonard knew infection would have to be fought if his patients were to survive serious burns. Mentally he went over what he'd learned in the exobiology classes he had. "Do we have enough antibiotics?" Infections would wreck far more damage to the injured Cardassians than the actual burns.

Inhalation victims were treated by the nurses and the paramedics. Dr. Gould, Del and McCoy faced the burn victims.

McCoy took the worst of the burn victims. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph," he swore.

Daktu was barely a month shy of his twentieth summer. He'd talked to Leonard about his family back home. "I have a younger sister," he'd said. "She likes boys who are too serious about learning from the ancient Cardassian scholars." He had his great grandfather's collection of carving knifes mounted on his bedroom wall back home. He had carved Cardassian war ships hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom.

"My father said that he was proud of me," he'd beamed when he'd told Leonard of his last night on the Cardassian home world.

Now McCoy's doctor's eyes went over the burned mess of the young boy's hands and arms.

"Am I going to die," the whisper came through blistered lips. He didn't want to die.

"You get some rest," McCoy said calmly. "I'm the doctor."


Gul Gar stalked towards sickbay. A crewman rushed passed him carrying parts from one of the fish tanks. "Hold," he snarled. "Where are you going with that?"

"Gul," the man snapped to attention. "Dr. McCoy ordered me to get this air filter pump."

"The fish will die," Gar eyed the equipment critically.

"Dr. McCoy said," the man hesitated.

"What did he say," Gar demanded.

Swallowing hard he said, "Dr. McCoy said that we could," he stumbled over the English word, "firkin fry the fish for dinner. He was going to save his burn patients."

Gar's mouth twitched. "Carry on." He turned on his heel and went back towards the bridge.


Supplies for Dallas Colony were hurriedly loaded into Enterprise's cargo bays. It was turning into one of those nightmare scenarios that put ulcers in some men and sent others to seeking drink liquor. Captain James Tiberius Kirk had time for neither.

"An outbreak of Andorian flash virus hit the colony three days ago," Captain Sheila Jones handed the PADD to Kirk.

"Damn it," Jim swore. The virus like its name suggested hit fast. Often the dead piled up before doctors could arrive. "Sheila, tell me I'm not delivering food to a dead colony."

Sheila used one hand to finger comb strands of graying dark hair away from her face. At fifty-six she was still a handsome woman. She smirked. "Jim, you have a former study partner of Dr. Leonard McCoy to thank that most of the colony is vaccinated."

Surprise registered on Jim's youthful face.

"He put the fear of deadly diseases into a number of his study partners. Dr. Jeannie Maxwell inoculated most of the colony against not only the Andorian flash virus but Thetis shingles."

A bubble of laughter escaped Jim's lips. "Good for Bones," he paused suddenly sobered. "But there are still people dying."

"She didn't get to everyone." Captain Sheila Jones sighed. "I know I pulled you off of rescuing him but your entire crew is the only Federation star ship that is inoculated against Andorian flash virus."

"We're going to get him back," Jim paused. He thought of Spock. "I do have a favor to ask. My First Officer is a Vulcan," he began.


Six and a half hours later.

Dr. Elaine Brooks had a backpack of clothes, a shoulder bag full of medical PADDS and a small Vulcan boy by one hand. "I'm supposed to report to the Enterprise," she stood in front of the tall muscular red haired man who wore a black and red security uniform. Her thin lips pursed in a tight line.

She was a nutritionist. Her main focus was on the nutrition required by Vulcans. It was as some could say happenstance or a minor miracle that she was on Pillar Station. In truth she'd been trying to reach the new Vulcan colony. Through a series of strange circumstances she now found herself being conscripted to the Enterprise. That didn't please her one bit.

Lt. Robert O'Malley's eyes swept over the horse faced woman's stern slender form. Her lack of warmth registered as well as the tight grip she had on the small Vulcan boy's hand. "Yes, Ma'am, I was advised of your arrival. Miss Grace Jennings runs the child care facilities."

"Dante is half Vulcan." Dr. Brooks said stiffly. "He's at genius level in his studies as compared to comparable human children. His private tutor will be joining us."

"Dr. Brooks," Lt. Joseph Brent grinned happily at the woman doctor.

Relief flickered quickly over the woman's face. "I hope that I don't have you to blame for being conscripted to work on the Enterprise."

"No, Ma'am," Brent said. He gestured for her and her son to follow him. "I've got them, O'Malley." He smiled apologetically at Dr. Brooks. "You'll have Captain James Kirk to blame for that. His First Officer is a Vulcan who keeps losing weight after an injury."

"Really," Elaine looked thoughtful. The familiar tingling light of the transported danced over them.

Dante's small dark eyes widened as they went from the station's transporter pad to the inside of the starship.

"Captain Kirk put the screws-uh pressure on everyone he could from Admiral Pike to people I swear I only know of by reputation. He said that someone could help Mr. Spock recover." Brent grinned as he watched the light of curiosity brighten Dr. Elaine Brooks' eyes and face.

"Spock is the son of Ambassador Sarek and Amanda Grayson," Elaine said slowly. "He's a hybrid."

Dante looked up.


On the bridge Jim signed several PADDS, "I swear these things breed worse than tribbles."

"Captain," Nyota turned to face the captain. "We're being hailed by a Vulcan ship." The puzzle in her voice alerted Jim.

Jim rose to his feet grinning. "Put them on the monitor."

The image of the inside of the small Vulcan ship appeared on the large monitor. An elderly Vulcan faced the bridge. Jim grinned widely. "Welcome, Selik."

Wise dark eyes gazed warmly at the young captain. "Captain Jim Kirk, it is good to see you again even if the circumstances are difficult."


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