Chapter 1



Morning! It was finally morning! I hated sleeping, all I ever saw was future events and they were all so horrible. I couldn't' share that with the younger kids anyways though only my best friend, Jackson.

"Jack, get your lazy as-"

"I'm up, I'm up." He said cutting me off right in the middle of my cursing session. I glared at him but it slowly faded away when he gave his 'good morning to you too' smile back at me. "I'll get the others up."

"Good; because I have no intention of leaving this spot unless I have to." I said back with a playful smile. He just gave me the hair flip in response and flopped out of his hammock. "Don't forget, Hazel might be harder to wake up." I warned.

"Well she must take after her sister a lot then huh?" Jack mocked. I stuck my tongue out at him and decided that I should probably get up too.

I trotted over to the stereo and cranked up the music. My hair was in a high pony tail and it looked HORRIBLE! "And I have to live with this!" I shouted dramaticly as I saw the frizz ball that used to be my… hair, I think. I turned the bathrooms mirror light on and gazed at my red, puffy eyes. "Jack, get your ass up!" I shouted knowing he probably slunk back into bed when I wasn't looking.

"Uhh, why can't you get them up? I'm too tired." He groaned loudly through the door. I growled and walked back into the bed room; I grabbed his collar and shoved him up against a wall.

"Because; I said so, understand?" Jackson put his hands up in the air and his wide eyes told me I got the point through to his miniature peanut he called his brain.

"Jeez someone's grumpy this morning aren't we?" He said and stalked through the dark door way.

"Maybe" I muttered to myself, after all waking up after seeing your family disappear into thin air can be pretty aggravating. I say this because neither of our families; Jackson's and my family, ever found out why our parents disappeared. I mean I was only sixteen and I'm supporting a house full of kids!

"So what's the mood today?" Someone behind me asked. I screamed bloody murder and spun around in midair to see who was intruding on MY personal space!

"Lucy, oh my god, you scared me. Anyways, the mood today is pissed unless I can get breakfast going." I responded and went back to tending to my rats nest of hair. "I'll get it started if you like?" Lucy offered, she was always so nice to me no matter how snappy and angry I could get, which believe me was pretty bad…

"That'd be great thanks, chickadee." She smiled at the horrible nick name that I received off the top of my head.

Lucy walked back through the dark doorway; I heard her heavy and tired footsteps trudge down the steps and the sound of the huge stainless steel refrigerator door being pulled open, 'music to my ears'

"Jackie, put some fresh clothes on and make sure the others do too!" I howled and a grunt gave me my answer, "just do it!"

The sound of complaints and arguments were heard from the other rooms and I knew he was listening to me; for once. For myself, I slunk off to my dresser in our jungle of a room. And yes readers from the beyond, I did just say jungle of a room.

"Hey Lucy, how's breakfast coming along?" I called. An explosion from down stairs was heard and I knew that my cue was just called upon, "I'm coming, hold on." I threw on a black tank top and some dark blue jeans, put my hair in a high bun and rushed out of the room and down two flights of stairs.

What I saw was like a scene from a horror movie. My mouth hung low as I gazed at what used to be my kitchen; now it was a sticky mess of ketchup, syrup, and I believe waffle mix, "Wha- what happened here," I asked straightening myself out.

"I don't know," Was my response. I face palmed and grabbed a dish rag and a bar of soap.

"Lulu can you do a favor for me?"

"Yeah," She answered.

"Can you go make sure Jack and the others got some fresh clothes on and get some new ones on yourself ok?" I asked.

"Consider it done," And with that she sped away and I heard her footsteps flying up the stairs. "Reannean, Hazel won't get up for Jackson so I'm gonna try!" Lucy called.

'Be my guest,' I thought with a smirk. I felt like Cinderella down on my knees and hands, cleaning up the nasty mixtures of what was supposed to be breakfast. Scrub after scrub after scrub and the stuff finally came up. By now however, I was in bad need of a shower. 'Get breakfast ready first.' I thought and grabbed the refrigerators door handle opening it with a whoosh of cool air.

"Bacon, eggs and toast sound great," I heard a squeaky voice say behind me.

"Of course, good suggestion Hazel, thanks," I said already knowing her voice like the back of my hand. Immediately I grabbed what she asked for and started the cooking process.

Two eggs for each kid so that was about twelve and a piece of toast for each and two pieces of bacon each, "done," I exclaimed but the warm comforting smell had already attracted the attention of the crowd.

"Angel, Hazel, Jackie, Lucy and last but not least Percy." I said with a gentle smile as I set each plate down one by one. The kids poked at the food cautiously and dug in, in a matter of seconds. Satisfied with my work, I walked off to the bathroom and my savior; the shower.

I turned the warm liquid on and let the room steam up from the heat as I shed my clothes, threw them in the hamper, opened the glass shower door and stepped into the comforting warm water. "At last, my morning has started."

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