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As soon as Rea and Lucy were taken, the erasers left us alone, and just in time too. We were all exhausted, and had many scrapes and bruises. In fact, Percy had three gashes from what I guessed were eraser claws stretching from his hip to his shoulder. Hazel was working on him.

Aside from the pain of our bruises, there was a terror and an ache because we didn't know how the erasers had found us, and we didn't know where they had taken the girls. The four of us were scared that the erasers would find us again, but we were even more scared of what they were doing to our sisters right now. I knew that they'd be able to hold their own, they were tough chic's. But for how long? If those damn erasers had touched them at all; they wouldn't live to regret it.

What was going through Rea's mind right now? Was she scared? No, of course not. She'd be scared for Lucy, and she'd be scared for the rest of us, but never for herself. Was she missing us? Was she missing me? I never knew how I felt about her, but after that talk with Lucy, I'm starting to realize feelings for her that I never knew I had. Right now, there was nothing more that I wanted in the world then to hold her close and have her kiss me. Lucy said that she liked me, or else she wouldn't have gone flirted with Chad. Oh shit, Lucy! She'd screamed right before they took her! What had happened! What did those bastards do to her?

Right then and there, I swore to myself that I would find them again. They were out there somewhere, being tortured and experimented on no doubt, and I would not rest until I found them. I barely heard Hazel call to me and tell me that it was my turn to get healed. I walked over and sat down next to her. As I felt her hands run along my arms, I muttered softly to myself;

'I'm coming for you girls. I'm coming.'

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