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Breakfast with Brooke was going much better than Dean had anticipated.

He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and while he was worried about the demon of course, nothing put him in a better mood than a snarky, beautiful woman. Brooke Davis was this beautiful, fiery young thing and Dean Winchester was taken with her even though he knew that she was off limits…but maybe that made her all the more appealing. Dean not only had someone to spend this cruise with, but he had someone to challenge him that he knew he couldn't have and he just—he wanted her.

Brooke was actually glad that Dean was around too and though attracted to him, of course, she mainly just wanted to have someone to talk to. She wanted to be able to spend this cruise hanging out with someone and being able to banter and flirt and while she felt guilty about the flirting, it felt natural and right. That realization was making her feel even guiltier because of Lucas, her boyfriend back home, but with Dean something was just different.

Maybe it was being hurt before by Lucas, but Brooke had a habit of latching onto people that she thought that she could let in at least a little bit and that disarmed her. She didn't trust Dean, but she had this sense about him that he was a good person behind that 'player' mantra he tried to keep up and that made her want to get to know him. This morning, though, he had made a rather sexist comment and while it was a joke and she knew it, Brooke Davis was in control and liked having the upper hand.

"I'll have the omelet and some coffee," Brooke told the waiter and then kept talker when the waiter looked to Dean for his order and Dean opened his mouth to speak but was thus cut off, "and he'll have the pancakes with a side of sausage and some orange juice. Please and thank you."

Dean nodded at the waiter and when he left, Dean smirked. "Careful, Davis…I found that rather sexy."

"You would find a chair sexy," Brooke replied rolling her eyes playfully with a smile on her face. "Honestly, I'm not sure how you get laid."

"It's actually rather simple, actually. See, I throw a pick-up-line at a woman and she goes all weak in the knees and drags me to her room and we continue the conversation in a more passionate way," Dean explained with shrug.

Brooke nodded slowly. "Oh, I see…all gentle and intimate and maybe a little dirty talk thrown in."

"If she's into that…"

"I'm more of a 'scream the walls down' kind of girl myself…"

The comment that she threw right out there made Dean pause a moment and do a double take because he wasn't actually sure that he had heard her correctly on that. Had she actually just admitted to him that she liked to have loud, make you scream kind of sex? That Dean Winchester could totally be into and he swallowed as Brooke smiled at him, obviously having the upper hand now. She had distracted him with sex and he didn't even know if she was serious or not because she was giving him that challenging look that she liked to give him.

"Don't tease me, Davis…I like that," Dean said winking, trying to get the control back.

Brooke nodded and that and grinned. "I'll keep that in mind because I love to tease."

Maybe she did and maybe she didn't, but Brooke was determined to make this a good day because she had tried to call Lucas earlier and her call had gone straight to voicemail, which had made her a bit sad. Now she couldn't get any service and it was because they were so far out in the ocean and it was driving her crazy that she hadn't thought to bring a satellite phone. Sure, they should have had better service, but it didn't matter to her because she had Dean right now and that would be fun.

He liked to be teased, huh? Brooke could certainly arrange that and if the day went the way that she had it planned, then she wouldn't ever not have the upper hand and this would be way more fun. Then again…should she be doing this? Should she be intentionally flirting with this handsome stranger even though she had a boyfriend back home and she didn't know anything about him? Those thoughts were going to be plaguing her the whole time she just…being around Dean felt natural even though she had tried to resist in the beginning—it wasn't like she was going to sleep with him.

She wasn't Peyton.

Back in the day, Peyton had been willing to sleep with Lucas while he was still dating Brooke and Brooke would never do that to anyone. It had been argued that her sleeping with Nathan was the same thing, but Nathan and Peyton weren't together and she had been drunk—she hadn't even really remembered it. That didn't make it better, of course, but Peyton had been making a conscious, sober decision to steal her best friend's boyfriend and there were days that Brooke wondered how she could have ever forgiven her or Lucas.

No, she needed to stop that because she loved Lucas and because there was such a thing as forgiveness and she had to just let that go. Haley thought that Lucas was worth Brooke's time and Haley knew a lot about love as she had found Nathan and they had Jamie and everything was just perfect for them and Brooke wanted that…she could have that with Lucas, right? Oh, why was she having doubts when Lucas was being the perfect boyfriend these days? She had nothing to worry about.


Lucas Scott was a jerk.

He knew it, the world knew it, but for some reason Brooke Davis always gave him the benefit of the doubt about it. It was because she was convinced that she loved him, but Lucas also had a habit of making people think that he was so much better than he really was and not everyone was really sure of how he did that. Still, he was Lucas Scott and everyone seemed to think he was actually a good person and that gave him a lot of power at his fingertips—power he was currently exploiting.

Sitting up in bed, he looked over at Lindsey in her nightgown and he got up and went to wash his face in the bathroom. He had gotten Brooke's voicemail about going out of cell range for a while and he was glad that she was getting to prove herself to Victoria, but at the same time he just wanted his girlfriend by his side…as much as he adored Lindsey. In fact, Lucas was starting to think that he was falling for her and that wasn't something that should happen, right? He was in love with Brooke…

Then again, if he loved Brooke he wouldn't be cheating on her.

Sighing at that thought, Lucas wondered how he had gotten here and wondered how he was going to be able to tell Lindsey that he had Brooke. Lindsey would be mad at him for being such an asshole, but Lucas had to stay true to Brooke because he had told her that he would never hurt her again like he had when he was with Peyton…but he was already doing that. He'd already slept with Lindsey more than once and hadn't even told Lindsey in the first place that he was really dating Brooke Davis.

On top of that, he hadn't told Haley about Lindsey yet and Lindsey wanted to meet Haley and Lucas had really gotten himself into a lot of trouble here and didn't know how to get out of it. It was a really deep hole that he had dug himself and more likely than not he was going to get himself screwed over if he didn't find a good way out of it right now. Lucas had a feeling that the longer he let this go on, the worse it was all going to be in the end.

"Lucas, what have you become?" he asked himself in the mirror.

Lindsey wrapped his arms around him and kissed his bare back. "Honey, what's wrong?"

"Just having some really bad dreams is all," Lucas lied easily, taking her hands in his and kissing them before he turned around and kissed her tenderly. "Come back to bed with me?"

"Yeah, just let me hold you and it'll get better," Lindsey promised with a smile on her face.

Lucas wished that he was a good enough person to feel guiltier about using two such beautiful and loving women…but he just didn't.


Brooke was actually starting to think that maybe this was the worst idea that she had ever had because actually, Dean was way more attractive than she had originally anticipated. She had suggested swimming to gain the upper hand and was thinking now that maybe suggesting swimming had made her lose the control because he was so attractive in swim trunks. His torso was bare and exposed to her and he seemed to know that she was mentally drooling because he flexed and it caught her attention.

"I've seen better," Brooke mused out loud waving her hand.

Dean chuckled and nodded. "Oh, I'm sure you have—that boy toy of yours must be endowed."

"He's my boyfriend, not my toy," Brooke corrected Dean, rolling her eyes.

Still, she was red in the face and Dean was glad because if they were both somewhat attracted, then this was working out for him and he wanted this to work out for him. Yeah he was here to do a hunt and he needed to focus on that, but Brooke Davis was nice to come back to and he hoped that he could spend more actual time with her. He wanted her to get to know him and she wanted him to get to know her, but they both just had so much on their minds right now…

"This boyfriend of yours…" Dean tried to let her know he cared about more than just getting into her pants even though he wanted that too.

Brooke was caught off guard, but answered him. "Lucas Scott—he's my High School Sweetheart."

"He's a lucky man," Dean said nodding at the last bit. "You guys must be the perfect couple."

"No couple is perfect." Brooke told him shrugging. "We have our ups and our downs and right now we've spent a lot of time apart."

"That can't be easy, I hear you—my little brother and I haven't seen each other in a while either," Dean admitted and then continued. "His name is Sam. We both…work a lot…"

Actually, fact of the matter was that Sam wanted to have a normal life and Dean didn't think that that was in the cards for him. Sam had gone back to find Sarah Blake, a girl he'd met a long time ago, and they were trying to be normal and have a real go at happiness. Dean, thought that his role in life was that of a hunter and while normal seemed nice and he was tired of this, he just wasn't quite finished yet and had yet to meet a girl that changed his mind.

Hearing that Dean had family and that he missed his brother though, made Brooke think that maybe she had judged him far too harshly and she smiled a bit. He had a heart and he cared about people other than himself and maybe deep down he wasn't just always trying to pick up girls and get laid. Maybe Dean Winchester was actually a good man with a heart and she was making him out to be a sleezeball that he wasn't…he did feel to her like a good person despite the things that came out of his mouth.

Maybe Brooke needed to approach this differently.

After all, it wouldn't be the first time that Brooke had judged someone wrong in the beginning and so she just smiled and splashed him. He saw that she was trying to make this more playful and splashed her back, both of them taking the moment to laugh and then Dean dunked her under the water. When she came up sputtering, she wiped her eyes and noticed how close Dean was, finding her breath hitching in her throat and for a moment they both glanced at each other's lips…until Brooke splashed Dean again and he just chuckled the almost kiss off.

Oh, no…that could definitely not happen.

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