Heracles Company Final Report:

Jack Harper, A.K.A the Illusive Man, and his organization Cerberus have officially been removed as a threat. Alliance forces and other Spectre's have been sent out to recover remaining operatives, while those found at the Cronos Station are awaiting trial. Jack Harper was killed during the raid, as per the Councillors request to have him eliminated if ever found, and his remains have been incinerated. All information found in the Cerberus data base has been passed onto to official operatives of C-Sec.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya has returned to her ship. The Justicar Samara left without any operatives knowing, while Liara T'soni and Feron dissapeared under similar circumstances. Mordin Solus has been given granted guardianship over Tungel and continue his research. Spectre's Seraphina Shepard, Garrus Vakarian and Urdnot Wrex have resigned from their positions.


Seraphina stood in the middle of her apartment and realized just how big it was without any of her things. Without the photos or furniture or even the smallest of things like a bottle of water, it seemed like the loneliest place in the world. It was just waiting to be filled with life.

It was no longer the home of two Spectre's, it was just an empty space. Officially, she would always be a Spectre and could always be called upon if she was ever needed. Resigning from Spectre duty was just another way of calling it a long vacation, except the difference was they could always reject a request to return.

But as far as titles went she was just Seraphina Shepard. Not a Spectre or even a Commander, she was just a woman.

Or rather, she was just a politician now. Soon she and Wrex would be taken to Tuchanka and they could begin the rebuilding of Clan Urdnot and then eventually the rest of Tuchanka. No matter what hesitant thoughts she may have had before, they were all gone now.

There was a slight rapping at the open door and Grunt entered.

"Everything's loaded onto the ship," he said. "Garrus will take us to Tuchanka."

It had been a shock to the system when this huge silver crested krogan had called her 'Mom' and reintroduced himself as Grunt, she was aware the growth hormones would have done something to his system, she just never expected such a huge change. It was a good thing she was used to change.

"And where is he going after he takes us there?" she asked.

"Senn Giriko was last seen moving his operations into the Qu'in Galaxy," Grunt replied. "Garrus is going to follow him there. He's lucky Quentius said he could keep the Normandy and EDI, otherwise..."

"He won't stop until Giriko is either dead or in jail," she sighed.

"He'll be fine," Grunt said. "He's a soldier, he can adapt."

"I know..." she said. "It's just... to think he would be alone..."

"He has EDI."

"She's an AI, she learns how to respond to emotion, but she'll never be a real person who could ever understand what it means to be alive."

Grunt frowned and repeated, "He'll be fine."

She rolled his eyes, "Come on," she said. "Let's go. I can't wait to show you Tuchanka."

He followed her out of the room and headed straight for the docking bay. She stopped to savour the sight of the place that had meant so much to her and to enjoy her apartment before it became someone else's. She wondered if it would serve these strangers as well as it had served her in this life.

She turned off the lights and a patch remained as the light from outside illuminated the room, a square of welcoming and warm light in the dark. She smiled as certain memories filtered through her and she realized just how much history was carved into this one small space.

But things end, as they always do, and when one door closes another opens. She turned away from the apartment and light, and as the doors closed shut behind her she headed for the elevator that would take her away from this life.


Garrus didn't stay in Clan Urdnot for long, as a turian he wasn't welcomed by most and he only stayed long enough to see Wrex's easy victory over the previous leader and watch as the clan was quick to set up a large and loud party. He congratulated his friend and wished them luck, but was soon off.

"You can't stay a little longer?" Seraphina asked.

Behind them the party was in full swing, the cheers of krogan so loud it silenced the hum of the Normandy as it hovered behind Garrus, ready to take him to his adventure. The air stunk of ryncol and as parties go, it was a little too rough for Garrus' taste. But Grunt was enjoying himself.

It was nice to see he so easily fitted in with his kinsmen.

"I want to find Giriko and end him before he hurts anyone else," he answered. "After that's done then we can party."

She smirked, "I'll hold you onto that promise," she said.

She glanced back, trying to make out Wrex in the crowd. It seemed she had lost him just after he was carried off by a group of very happy whelps.

"I don't think he's coming to see you..." she said. "Sorry... when he sobers up he'll probably call."

"Then I'll be waiting," he said.

"Be careful, Garrus," she said. "I don't want to be the one who identifies your corpse."

He laughed, "My, aren't you cheerful?"

She playfully punched him, "Just be safe," she ordered. "I'm not your commander anymore, but that's one order I want you follow."

He saluted and smiled, and with a brief hug from his ex-commanding officer, he entered the Normandy and the ship took off into the dark sky and dissapeared from sight. Garrus took his seat in the pilot's chair, though EDI did all the work, and looked out at the space around him.

Space was never quite black, though many assumed it was. If one was to look closely they would see faint yellows that were far and distant suns and the little glittering lights of stations and ships, and he always noticed a slight tone of blue to the world around him.

"Would you like to stop at Palaven or somewhere to rest?" EDI asked. "It is a long way to the Qui'in Galaxy, and though the Councillors have vouched for you, you will still have to go through severe checks before you are allowed free reign."

"I'm ready for this, EDI," he replied. "The Qui'in Council are careful, they don't want to let just anyone through."

"Giriko got through," she remarked.

"Yeah... somehow," he agreed. "It's likely he's under an alias, which will make it harder to find him."

"... Are you sure you're ready?" she asked.

He considered it for a moment, thinking of everything he had brought with him. He had EDI, the Normandy, his Spectre contacts and even his armour and weaponry, and he had his brains. He was as ready as he could ever be for this new world.

And yet he had not ever been to the Qu'in Galaxy, he didn't know any of the planets or what it's people were like, he was as unprepared as he could be in that way. But he was determined, and if someone had the will and determination then such things as obstacles were easy to forget.

"I'm ready," he said. "Nothing is going to stop me."

He lay back in his seat, getting comfortable for what was going to be a very long journey.

To Be Continued...

Garrus' story continues in 'The Shadow Alliance'. A new universe, new allies, and an old foe, Garrus Vakarian better be prepared for the hell that awaits him. Coming to soon!

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