Description: The politics of demon hierarchy aren't something you want to mess with. Once a demon is made, their fate is sealed. For that fate to be rejected, it sets those in charge into a rampage. Sebastian has to keep his master safe from those who would seek to capture him or kill him. However, if one of the demons sent is someone from his past, will he be able to fight against her? Furthermore, will she be able to fight the demon she once loved or will she choose a different side? What will Ciel do when he realizes that, in this world, he has no power?

Characters: * I only own the OCs. All Black Butler characters belong to Yana Toboso.

Rosalina Tourmaline (OC) - She is a girl from Sebastian's past. Once, she had been his mistress and he had been her butler. Due to her circumstances, her revenge could not be achieved. Her last order was for him to make her into a demon. Now, over four centuries later, she is sent to deliver Ciel's ultimatum.

Sebastian Michaelis * - Sebastian, now cursed with a never-ending contract, must protect his master from demons who are sent to capture or kill him. His past will soon come back to him in the form of a previous mistress. Ciel Phantomhive isn't the first demon to be created under his contract. Rosalina could be his savior or his death.

Ciel Phantomhive * - Ciel is a newly created demon and, in dealing with his newly found powers, he must except that danger does not end, even in immortality. He has to learn how to either become stronger or hope that Sebastian can protect him from the horde of demons seeking to capture or kill him.

Johannes Ferdinand (OC) - A friend and ally to Rosalina. He has a large dept to pay to her and is willing to help in any way he can.

Dragus Verrine (OC) - A powerful demon in the higher ranks who has an unrivaled hatred of Sebastian and is sent to retrieve Ciel.

Asmodeus (OC) - He is the demon of wrath and vile revenge. He is in charge of the second hierarchy of demons, the "butler" rank, and seeks destroy to Sebastian and anyone aiding him.

A/N: I've often wondered about Sebastian's past and, until it's revealed in the manga, I'll just come up with my own. I've mixed my knowledge of demons and the hierarchy of hell in with the demons of Black Butler to create this. It is by no means how things actually are for the story Yana Toboso created. I only own the OCs. I may throw in some appearances of Grell, Ronald, and William, but I'll just have to see where the plot takes me. Another note, the Mature warning will go to the full extent in time. There may be a chapter here and there that will be completely about Rosalina's past with Sebastian; it'll be like flashbacks. I have used Dante's 9 levels of hell as my Hell is this story. I hope you'll continue to read it! Enjoy!

Musical Inspirations: The Kuroshitsuji soundtrack and character songs, Gackt (mostly "Hoshi no Suna" and "No ni Saku Hana no Youni"), Yiruma (especially the album First Love), and some Within Temptation thrown in, too.