Sebastian tried as hard as he could to remain standing. Blood spat from his mouth as he choked. He clutched his middle, where he had been run through by the blade. He glanced up, through his bangs, to pear at the demon before him, his own brother. He could hear Ciel yelling from above, but there was a roar in his mind that made it impossible for him to decipher the sound.

Rose. He couldn't die; he had to keep fighting for as long as possible. Sebastian thought about what would happen to Rosalina and Ciel if he were to die. He couldn't allow that to happen. He could feel his power draining, his inner demon growing weaker and weaker. Holding in all the energy that he could, he began to let his demon side take form; his skin began to turn black, his teeth, nails, and hair lengthened, and black feathers began to fall around him.

As blood poured from his wound, he growled at Dragus, who didn't react. He simply stood there, watching, amused. "Sebastian!" he heard his name being called from nearby, but paid it no mind. "Sebastian, stop!" Rosalina's voice made him pause. Two hands caught his face, forcing him to look down at the one calling him. Her eyes were frantic, fearful. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "Stop, please, you'll die if you don't stop," she cried.

"I'll die regardless," he muttered in a low growl.

"I can't let you die…not like this," she said squeezing her eyes shut as more tears threatened to flow.

"Rose," he whispered, his form slowly fading away. "You can't save me."

Rosalina opened her eyes; they had turned the deepest shade of red he'd ever seen. "Then, let me avenge you." Her hands dropped to his chest. She heard Dragus sighing heavily from behind her. He was obviously getting annoyed, but a part of her know that he was entertained by it.

Blood formed at the corner of his mouth and it began to drip down. Rose kissed him with every ounce of passion she had within her and he kissed her back, their mouths melding together. The sweet taste of his blood hit her tongue as it darted into his mouth. The kiss was different this time.

There was an underlying taste on Sebastian's side of the kiss, something she'd never know from him before. It wasn't a simple taste, like sweetness or even the metallic taste of his blood, but something much more difficult to describe. It tasted like fire and ice, like smoke and glass. It was kind and cruel, loving and angry.

She pulled away, knowing that there was blood smeared across her mouth. "Don't die yet, please. Hold on for as long as you can," she whispered to him before turning away. She looked at Dragus, feeling the demon within her surging to life, taking shape.

"Well, this is disappointing," he said calmly, not paying attention to the blackened skin, the erratic curls springing up in her hair, and the claws that she now wielded. "But I guess I can enjoy this. It'll take a while for him to die; so, in the meantime, I can kill you and that kid while he watches, utterly helpless," he laughed.

She hissed before jumping forward, twisting to avoid his blade. At the moment she first lost her emotions, she felt the new demonic power rise and, though she'd regained those emotions, that power still lusted to be released. Using that enhanced speed and power, she flooded Dragus with attack after attack, trying not to give him a chance to get on the offence; however, he was just as quick and just as strong.

Sebastian watched their battle from afar. His vision was beginning to blur at moments. He sank to his knees, still clutching the wound. He heard soft footsteps approaching from behind. Knowing it was Ciel, he didn't react. The demon grinded his teeth; he felt helpless, which wasn't a feeling he was used to. His energy was slowly fading; he could feel Death.

"Do you think she can kill him?" Ciel asked, his voice a soft whisper. He didn't get any closer than a step or two from the dying demon. He knew that the last thing Sebastian would want is any kind of pity or "baby-ing."

Sebastian looked at the two again, watching Rosalina as she began to struggle. Dragus's movements seemed so effortless. He choked again, seeing specks of blood fleck onto the ground. Overcome by coughing, he held himself up with one hand.

She'd been struck a few times, but nothing too serious…yet. At this point, she knew she couldn't win, but she had to try, for his sake. Rosalina was already having trouble keeping up and Dragus was showing no signs of slowing. Catching a glance towards Sebastian, she saw him on his knees, Ciel at his side, at the brink of death.

Suddenly, everything stopped…

Rose felt nothing. Everything stopped moving; there was no sound. She blinked, focusing on the image before her. Dragus's face was only inches from her own, a wild smirk plastered on his face. She looked down. The blade was buried within her, just beneath her breastbone. She thought that the placement was ironic, seeing as that was the same spot that Sebastian's demon seal had been.

Dragus released the hilt, stepping back to take in his victory. She would die much quicker than Sebastian, being much younger and much less powerful. Rose sank to the ground, feeling as if the world was in slow-motion. As if she could do nothing to prevent it, she closed her eyes and felt her body give out, hitting the ground.

"Hm," he snickered. "That was…underwhelming." He looked to the side, seeing the youngest demon, standing beside Sebastian, staring in awe at Rosalina's lifeless body. Dragus felt the last of her energy disappear and he began to walk over to them. "You, I don't need a Demon Blade for. I'll kill you with my bare hands," he said to Ciel.

Sebastian didn't need to look up; he couldn't feel Rose's energy anymore. It was over. She was dead and he would be soon, as would Ciel. It would be useless to tell Ciel to run. Dragus would catch him with no problem. He tried to stand, getting only up onto one knee before collapsing again.

"Don't try to stand, Sebastian," he said mockingly, stopping before him. "You'll hurt yourself," he laughed. "I'll kill the boy quickly." Ciel backed away a couple of steps. "It would be pointless to run," he warned. Dragus reached out, but stopped short. Ciel gasped, his eyes shooting open wider. Sebastian looked up quickly, not believing his eyes.

"Go to Hell," came a whisper from behind him. Rose had slammed the blade through his chest. She pulled it out, cringing at the sound of metal scraping against bone. Dragus turned slowly.


She didn't feel that he deserved an answer. Instead, she brought the blade up again, swinging it across. They watch in relief as the demon's head fell to the ground, his body following shortly after. Rosalina let out a long breath, one she felt she'd been holding the entire time. She dropped the blade alongside his body.

Sebastian coughed again, more blood dripping from his mouth. He could feel the last of his energy fading away and he couldn't hold himself up anymore. Rose caught him before he hit the ground, lowering him gently. Her wounds were still open and bleeding; she brought the one on her forearm to his mouth. "Drink, Sebastian," she told him, desperate for it to help.

She didn't know it at the time, but the small amount of blood that she'd taken in from Sebastian had made the Demon Blade ineffective on her. The wound still bled, but there was no pain; her energy was still strong. She had taken that chance to draw in all her energy, making herself invisible to the senses. It had worked. She hoped with every fiber of her being that her blood could heal Sebastian.

It made sense, now.

within genetic mutations…

creation of…

The reaction will…

by blood exchange.

Demonic blood exchange was the answer. By taking in the blood of another demon, she had become immune to the effects of the Demon Blade. Although, she didn't know if it would work for a demon already effected by it. Sebastian's energy was disappearing. Tears began to form in her eyes once again.

The bed was soft beneath him; the sheets were warm. He could hear the crackle of a fire burning nearby. Opening his eyes, he blinked, trying to focus. It was dark in the room except for the fire that cast a dim orange glow. There was a figure next to him, curled into the blankets.

He knew that form. Rose's pitch black hair contrasted against the white comforter, which was pulled up over her shoulders. In an attempt to sit up, he grunted, a dull pain wracked his middle. Glancing down, he saw that his was shirtless. There was a large bandage wrapped around him.

Sebastian moved his hand, but stopped feeling that it was being held down by something. He lifted the blanket slowly, trying not to wake her, to see that her hand was lightly entangled with his. A tiny movement across the room caught his eye. In the chair, next to the window, was Ciel, seeming uncomfortable in the position he was in. The young demon pulled his own blanket tighter around him.

He tried to remember what had happened after Dragus's death, but nothing came. He couldn't understand how he had lived, how she had lived. Lying back down, he gently rolling onto his side, pulling his hand away. Rose stirred as he pulled her closer. When she realized what was happening, she gasped. "Shh," he hushed her. "Go back to sleep. We'll talk in the morning," he whispered in her ear, his breath giving her chills. "I promise I'll be here when you wake," he added.

"Sebastian…" Rosalina smiled before she shut her eyes. "I love you," she whispered. "I always have."

"I know, Rose." He breathed deep. "I love you, too. I'm sorry it took me so long to realize."

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