Charmed- The Next Generation


Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt:


Wyatt Matthew Halliwell

-23 Years old

-Half White Lighter, Half Witch

-Powers: Orbing, Force Field, Healing, Telekinesis, and more.

Christopher Halliwell

21 years old

Half Elder, Half Witch

Powers: Orbing, telekinesis, and more.

Melinda Halliwell

18 years old

Half Witch, Half Human

Powers: Manipulate Time

Phoebe and Coop Halliwell:

Prudence Halliwell

18 years old

Half cupid, Half witch

Powers: Electro-kinetic, teleporting, premonitions, empathy

Paris Halliwell

16 years old

Half cupid, Half Witch

Powers: Empathy and Invisibility.

Paisley Halliwell

12 years old

Half cupid, Half Witch

Powers: Psychometry and Flight.

Paige Mathews and Henry Mitchell:

Helena Mitchell-18years old

18 years old

Part Witch, Part White Lighter, Part Human

Powers: Orbing, telekinetic orbing, and more.

Holly Mitchell

18 years old

Part Witch, Part White Lighter, Part Human

Powers: Deflection, Projection, and more.

Henry Mitchell Jr.- 16 years old

16 years old

Part witch, part white lighter, part human

Powers: No sign of powers.


Billie and Kevin Daniels:

Jace Daniels

16 years old


Fire starter, and more.

Other Characters:

Prue Halliwell- Was killed by the demon Shax in 2001. Her family has still yet to see her ghost but that may change soon.

Nomed- Was a low level demon in 2006 when he helped the charmed ones with the ultimate power. He is now collected powers over the last 20years and has become a force to be reckoned with.

Agent Murphy: He was once on the Charmed Ones side and protecting their little secret but someone has gotten to him and the Halliwell family better watch out.

Other characters to make appearances in later chapters:




Melinda Warren

Patty Halliwell



And More…


Episode #1

Prue Halliwell

It is now the year 2026...20 years after my mother and aunts, Piper and Paige, fought the Ultimate Power, which is my god mother Billie, whom I call Aunt Billie. That is all water under the bridge now and my family has been able to live a demon free life, for the most part, ever since.

My name is Prue Halliwell, daughter of Coop and Phoebe Halliwell. I am 18 years old and on my way to college in New York. I talked my favorite cousins Melinda and Holly into coming with me and our mothers are furious.

"I don't see why you can't just go to magic school like your brothers and cousin, Helena did!", Aunt Piper screeched to Melinda from the front of the car while my Uncle Leo drove in silence. Magic School had expanded a lot since Uncle Leo started running it over twenty years ago. Students ranged from nursery school to college.

"Mom you should understand the whole wanting a normal life thing more than anyone in this car.", Melinda said back. Leo smirked at how much his daughter sounded like Piper back when he was her white lighter.

"What are you smirking at?", Piper said to Leo.

"Besides Aunt Piper we are adults now and if anything happens we have the power of three.", I said while displaying a huge grin when she turned to look at me.

"Yea Aunt Piper chill!", Holly said. Piper turned and glared at her. "I mean don't worry.", Holly said with a little chuckle.

"Piper, honey, relax. Girls we're here.", Leo said as he pulled into the entrance of NYU. Melinda, Holly and I turned to look out the window and admired the scenery and all the cute college boys.

We grabbed our bags and got out of the rental car that Uncle Leo insisted we get when we were at the airport.

"I don't know why we just didn't teleport." I said.

"You wanted a normal life remember Prue.", Aunt Piper said to me. "Which brings up another good point…Rules!"

"Rules?", Melinda, Holly and I yelled.

"Yes!", Piper said with a smirk and raised her arms and flicked her wrist and a loud pop echoed and every one and everything in sight froze.

"Mom?", Melinda said. "Dad talk some…", Melinda stopped talking when she realized her father was frozen too.

"Oh yea.", Piper waved her hand at Leo and he unfroze. Leo looked confused for a second then looked at Piper.

"Piper what are you doing? What about exposure?", Leo said.

"Oh please look around who is going to expose us. Everyone is frozen. Anyway back to you girls…No Magic!", Piper exclaimed.

"Says the woman that just froze practically all of New York.", Melinda quipped.

"Don't get smart young lady. If the cleaners, elders, or anyone else come to us about any exposure risk you are coming right back home and enrolling into Magic School. Do you understand?"

Piper said while glaring at Prue, Melinda, and Holly. We just stood there and didn't speak.

"Do you understand!", Piper yelled.

"Yes mom, geez don't blow up the place!" Melinda quipped once again. "Now can you please unfreeze everyone."

"Not yet.", Piper said as she went to the trunk and pulled out a gym bag. "Now this is for emergencies only! There are vials, some potion ingredients, and cliff notes of the Book of Shadows if you need it. But at the sign of danger you better call one of your brothers or your Aunt Paige. Okay?"

"Yes ma'am", we all said in unison. Piper handed Melinda the bag and then unfroze everything with a waive of her hand. Piper started to tear up and she held out her hands and all three of us came forward and hugged her. They let go and then Melinda rushed to Leo and hugged him tightly. Melinda loved both of her parents but she was a true daddy's girl.

Holly and I looked on in admiration and silently wished our fathers were there. Then there was pink glow in the back seat of the car and Coop crawled out of the car, "Did someone call for me?", my father said to me with a grin. He always could feel when my mother or one of his daughters needed him.

"Daddy!", I yelled out and nearly tackled him. Then there was swirl of bright white lights in the back of the car and out came Paige and Henry.

"Mom…Dad", Holly whispered and rushed to them and grabbed them both.

"Where is mom?", I asked my father.

"Awe lady bug she wished she could be here but she is on the set right now.", Coop said and Prue looked down at the ground.

"Dad I'm 18 now you and mom really need to stop calling me that. And she is always too busy for me. What else is new?", I said. Piper and Paige exchanged a look.

"You know that is not true Prue.", my father said to me. "She will call you later on today. You know she is not quite fond of you moving out here. Especially how she used to be when she lived in New York."

"I am not her!", I said as I looked up and made eye contact with my father.

"I know sweet heart."

"Well girls you better get to your dorm.", Piper said. Every one said there good byes and then all the parents got back in the car and drove off.

"Now its time to have some fun.", I said. Melinda and Holly smirked at her and headed toward their dorm rooms.


Mel and I made it to our dorm and dropped the couple of bags we brought. We would conjure up some new clothes later…just seemed easier that way. There was knock at our door and we figured it was Holly who had a room down the hall with some other girl. Mel walked over to the door and let her in.

"So how is your roommate?", I asked.

"I don't know she wasn't there.", Holly shrugged.

"Well what do you guys want to do first?", Mel asked as she went over grabbed some flyers other students were passing out to the freshman.

"Tour of the library?", Mel asked while reading off the list.

"Boo!", Holly and I howled out and Mel giggled.

"Oooh there is a pool party.", Mel said while rising on of her eyebrows.

"Yes!", Holly said as she jumped up off the bed and walked over to the mirror. "And I have the perfect swim suit in mind." She said and then snapped her fingers. As her clothes glowed and then shifted into this sexy pink bikini. Holly looked at herself and gave her self an approving wink and then pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail.

"Hey don't go flaunting your projection power if your not going to share with your cousins!", I said and stood. "Make it sexy but not too sleazy."

"What are you trying to say about my swim suit?", Holly snapped.

"I'm just kidding", I giggled. Holly rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers and magically changed Mel's and my outfit. I was now wearing a read bikini and Mel had on blue bikini.

"Nicely done!", Mel said.

We all slipped into our flip-flops and grabbed some towels and headed over to the off campus apartments. Mel, Holly, and I were cousins but we treated each other like sisters. Holly wasn't even this close with her twin sister Helena. They were like night and day. I on the other hand was close to my little sisters but I had to leave them behind and venture out on my own. Out of the three of us Holly was the blonde and boy crazy one, Mel was the smart, beautiful, and responsible one, and I was the sexy, daring, and brave one.

My Aunt Piper always said I was a mix of her sisters Prue and my mother Phoebe. Apparently my mother had a bit of a wild side when she was younger and as for my Aunt Prue she was the brave and strong one, at least that is what everyone tells me. I never got to meet her. A demon named Shax killed her way before I was born.

Mel, Holly, and I arrived to the pool at the off-campus apartments. Some heads turned as we walked in but one person caught my eye. He was talk, muscular, with dark hair and blue eyes. In a word he was gorgeous. He and I looked at each other and held each other's gaze for about minute. Then some one that I would assume was his girlfriend stepped in front of him and made eye contact with him. I smirked and continued to walk around the pool. We all found some chairs and we all split up. I laid down, Mel jumped in the pool, and Holly went to make some more laps around the pool until she got the attention of a group of guys and they were all over her. I just laughed and continued to soak up the sun.

"Excuse me.", I heard a male call out. I opened my eyes was blinded by the sun. I put my hand over my eyes and there he was, the guy that I held a long gaze with.. He stepped in front of the suns glare.

"I am Ian… Ian McGrath.", he said as he extended his hand to me. I reached and grasped his hand.

"I am..", I started to say but then I was sucked into a premonition. I saw Ian and I rolling around in a bed, tongues locked and hands groping each other. I quickly snatched my hand back.

"Are you okay?", Ian asked.

"Yea I am fine…I am Prue…Prue Halliwell.", I said still dizzy from the images I just saw.

"Nice to meet you Prue…Interesting name…Its unique.", Ian said with a grin.

"Yea I get that a lot.", I smiled back. "So I take it you go to NYU?"

"No I graduated last year. I am just here to support my shy younger brother. He nodded over the guy in the pool that was flirting with Melinda, or at least trying. I smiled to myself. Melinda had very high standards and rarely dated humans and from her body language I could see she was about to come up with a way to ditch the kid.

"Why are you smiling at them?", Ian asked while interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh nothing…that's my cousin and she can be hard to get to know."

"Oh I see. Hey did you say your last name was Halliwell. Any relation to Phoebe Halliwell?", Ian asked and then I rolled my eyes and suddenly was irritated by his presence. It was not his fault though. Every one new my mother, in both the magical world and the human world. My mother had her own talk show called "Finding Love with Dr. Phoebe Halliwell". Its what kept her so busy from acting like a mother lately.

"Sorry did I say something to upset you?", Ian asked obviously reading my facial expressions.

"No you're fine. Phoebe Halliwell is my mother.", I said back to him. I glanced behind us and noticed the girl from earlier glaring at us. I didn't have to use my empathy powers to tell she was pissed. I shook my head and stood up. "I should get going and unpack and you might want to go give your little girlfriend over there some attention. I think she is getting jealous."

Ian laughed, "She is definitely not my girl friend. I just met her today and honestly don't have any interest in getting to know her. But you on the other hand I am very intrigued by."

"Why because who my mother is?", I asked with a hint of attitude in my tone.

"No, because…well this may sound strange…but when we touched hands I felt something. I can't-I can't explain it. Did you feel it?", Ian asked.

"Maybe it was static shock.", I stated sarcastically. Ian smirked at me.

"Well I guess your not going to make this easy on me are you?", Ian asked.

"Well I'm not that kind of girl.", I said while staring into his bright blue eyes. "But I have to go and I would say maybe I'll see you around campus but you're not a student here so I guess if it's meant to be we will find each other again. I grabbed my things and waved for the other girls to grab there things and catch up and I walked out.




"How did you lose track of them!", I screamed at one of my minions.

"Piper froze the everything and then all the parents were there with the girls so I made myself scarce.", the demon muttered to me.

"Made yourself scarce huh?", I said in mere whisper and then quickly conjured and energy ball and watched it turn the demon into ash as he screamed in pain. "Pathetic tracker!"

"I warned the charmed ones I would come after the next generation and now I am just powerful enough to do it!…TIME TO PLAY!"