Episode 5- Little Monster Pt2: All Grown Up


Once HJ was safe and my mother and aunts came back from there battle with some demon they knew from a long time ago they sent us back to NYU to pack our things.

"This sucks!" I said as I threw my suite case across the room.

"Yea it does, but we can come back next semester." Melinda said.

"Mel please, there is always going to be another demon or hunter. We can't just stop living our lives." I said.

"I'm shocked you said that. Out of all of us girls you are the one that loves a good demon fight." Mel said.

"I do…But our mothers are always putting us on the bench and handling it themselves or sending the beloved Wyatt and Chris! We are Halliwells too! Besides I can kick both of their asses." I said and Melinda just rolled her eyes and then a swirl of bright white lights appeared and then Wyatt materialized.

"Speak of the devil.", Mel said.

"More like the perfect angel." I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Hey don't get mad at me. I should be mad at you for hinting to my mom that we needed to move back to magic school." Wyatt said. I took in a deep breath. Wyatt was not my problem… Chris was and Wyatt was just collateral damage in that battle.

"Sorry you know Chris and I have been getting each other into trouble since we were little and you are always hit in the cross fire because you are to close to Chris." I smiled. Wyatt grinned at my analogy.

"Whatever Prue. I don't know why you out of everyone wanted to come here anyway and pretend to be normal. You can learn so much more at magic school." Wyatt said.

"People treat us weird at magic school and it's all because of our stupid last name. Not to mention that you and Chris have a reputation of scaring away all of our boyfriends!"

"That is not true." Wyatt grinned.

"Oh please!" Mel said. "Boys are scared to come anywhere near any of us because of the two of you."

"Well you're my baby sister and I want to make sure you are dating someone that can handle anything. And if he can handle a simple spell from me he can handle anything."

"Simple!? You turned him into a pig for a week." Mel said and I giggled.

"I am laughing but it is seriously not funny because your overprotective routine was fine when it was just effecting Mel's love life but it has been affecting all of us Halliwell girls. They are all horrified of you." I said to Wyatt.

"As they should be." Wyatt said smugly. Then our door swung open and in entered Holly with her bags.

"Uggh who invited the boy repellant." Holly said referring to Wyatt. Mel and I laughed.

"Jeez am I that bad?" Wyatt said.

"Yes!" we all said in unison.

"Fine I'll try to back off but I can't speak for Chris. Hell he just threw your latest suitor into a shelf." Wyatt said to me. Ian? I wondered how he was doing? I would not be surprised if he was already scared off by my family.

"How old is he anyway?" Wyatt asked.

"None of your business." I said but the truth was I didn't even know. I would assume like 21.

"Whatever! You guys ready?" Wyatt asked.

"Umm can you please orb my bags to my room at magic school. I have to make a stop somewhere." I said.

"But we have to stay in groups-" Wyatt started to say.

"Yea okay thanks. I owe you." I said quickly as I teleported out.


I materialized back into the living room of Ian's place.

"Ian?" I called out. No one answered and I heard music blasting from down stairs. I found a door and walked down a flight of stairs. I found Ian and his little brother sparring with swords. They were seriously going at it. Ian did a maneuver and caused his little brother to lose his footing and fell on his back. Ian hoped on top of him and brought the sword to his throat.

"Your dead." I heard him say over the music. He finally noticed me watching them.

"Who is that?" his little brother said to Ian. Ian climbed of his brother and helped him up. He waived his hand and the music turned off.

"Seth this is Prue. Prue this is Seth." Ian said.

"Hmm nice to meet you Prue." He said while eyeing me up and down and then he offered me his hand. I took it and shook it. "You look familiar."

"Yea you were flirting with my cousin Melinda at the pool party not that long ago." I said.

"Oh wow. So the beauty is genetic I see.", I rolled my eyes and gave him a jolt from my hand to his.

"Ow!", He said as he jumped back.

"I thought you said he was shy." I said while Ian laughed.

"He has his moments." Ian said. "Seth can you leave us alone for a minute."

Seth held his hand and avoided eye contact with me and ran up the stairs.

"See you finally got out of that dress." Ian said.

"Yea, I just left the dorms. We packed up and my cousins took my stuff to magic school."

"Are you okay? I know you really wanted to stay here." Ian said.

"Well I will be fine. I guess I can come back next semester. I just want to make sure we can stay in touch." I said.

"I hope we will do more than that." Ian said and I smiled widely.

"Really? My family did not scare you off?" I asked.

"No. I think it will take more than getting thrown into a shelf to scare me."

"Well I guess that means you would pass my cousin Wyatt's test then." I said.

"Is that right?" Ian said as he walked up to me. I nodded and was mesmerized for a second before I saw his birthmark again.

"Oh right. The phoenix witch thing." I said.

"Can we talk about that later?" Ian said as he was just inches from my face.

"Don't you want to know where you came from?" I asked.

"Not right now." Ian said and then kissed me.



Wyatt orbed Holly and I to the dorms at Magic School but I realized I forgot some stuff in my old room at the manor. Wyatt orbed me back home. I was headed up to my room and then in shimmered a boy. He was on feet and then he fell to the floor. He was groaning in pain. He was clearly injured.

"Mom! Wyatt!" I called out. I rushed down to help him. "What happen to you? What is your name?"

"It is Zander…where is Piper?", he groaned.

"You know my mom?" I asked.

"What is going on?" my mom said as she ran in with my father and Wyatt right behind her.

"He is injured. He called out for you mom." I said.

"Me? I never seen him before." My mother said.

Wyatt knelt down to heal him. He put his hands over the wound and it was taking longer than usual to heal him. Then there were sparks.

"What was that?" Piper asked.

"I don't know. Something is different." Wyatt said as he continued to try to heal him.

"I know what is wrong. I had this problem when I tried to heal Balthazor."

There were more sparks and then he finally fully healed the boy.

"Who is Belthazor?" I asked.

"He was a half demon that was injured. I tried to heal him but could only heal his human half. I guess since Wyatt is half witch he was able fully heal him." My father said.

"Thank you." The boy said.

"Why did you come here?" Wyatt said angrily as he realized he just healed a demon.

"For her!" He said as he looked at my mother. "My father said if I ever got into trouble that I should come here and ask for you."

"Who is your father?" my mother asked.

"His name was Derek. I am the half-manticore you saved almost 23 years ago."