well here is the final chapter: enjoy!


He sits there i the study thinking about how the powers in this house are going haywire and there is no way to reverse it, there's no spell he could use that could help. It's not exactly helping that he feels his sanity slowly slipping away everytime he thinks of his kids and how he lost them. They aren't dead oh god forbid they die...actually they might be better off dead...no! They are his kids he should not be thinking that way.

Kit is desperate for an answer as to why this is happening and how he can stop it before it affects him too. But alas no answer can be given, this is life, no one said there was going to be a happy ending after all and it would be quite stupid of him to start complaining that life isn't fair after the amount of times he's told Simon, Tori, Derek and even Chloe that life isn't fair.

He's slipping and he knows it. He has to come to a solution- or conclusion- fast like A.S.A.P. He knows that if he goes M.I.A Lauren would never forgive him and there would be no corner of hell he could run to that she would not hunt him down, drag him out and torture him until he bled out at her feet.[1]

On the other hand he could give in to his powers, to the sorrow but than he would be weak and that would just add anger into the mix of dark emotions already running rampant.

A third choice would be to kill himself. The one thing Simon could not do. If he dies Lauren would be left alone with the kids but if he keeps living he would succumb to the dark powers within and she would be no better off.

As Kit comes to his conclusion he thinks that maybe the Edison Group was right i trying to rid the children of their powers and killing them. If this was the fate of supernaturals then dieing certainly was more appealing.

That's when it clicks, Kit has his brilliant idea. He's going to kill himself- and actually go through with it, thank you.

His plan is simple. Jump off the tallest building in this city. No big deal right? Wrong, turns out Kit is afraid of heights. Conveniently enough at the sight of the ground so far down he faints and falls off the building. Not the graceful jump or fall he imagined but it did the trick.

HAHA! He did it. Kit defeated the darkness by taking his own life before it could claim him.

Devil's POV

Ha! Does he really think he won? What a foolish man! As the Devil i always know the outcome of a life i've touched.

I won this round. Poor old Kit killed himself thinking he could cheat darkness when all he did was get me another deliciously, delightfully tortured soul, only earlier than planned. Still what a delightful soul it was.

Ah, i love my job, who wouldn't love to be me right now!

It's such a shame i couldn't keep torturing his soul, it would have been that much more scrumdidlyumptious. Oh well...

On to the next soul i suppose...

That's the end but fear not i will make a one-shot entitled She Knew which will be in Lauren's perspective.

[1] i got that from Sherrilyn Kenyon's book Invincible from the Chronicles of Nick.

(you dont even have to say anything that makes sense if you dont want to)