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Chapter 1.

Two months had passed since they started it. Two months since they had left all the doubts, lies and fears behind and decided to give themselves an opportunity and become a couple. Two months of alternating beds, breakfast with his family, funny faces at work when they arrived together and long walks in the Park on their days off. The best two months of their lives.

Now the lights of a beautiful Sunday at the Park - walking, talking and embarrassing themselves with a couple of unplanned make out sessions – were sinking down on the horizon as they made their way back to Castle's loft for the night. Beckett had been on call all day but they had been lucky, and the killers in the Manhattan area had behaved for the first time in a while.

Until then.

Beckett's phone started whining for attention in her pocket, startling both of them as they crossed the road out of the Park. The detective let out a long sigh and reached for the annoying device.

"Too good to be true…" She said before she slid her finger over the touch-screen of her iPhone. "Beckett."

Castle kept walking, listening to Kate's half of the conversation and pulling her with him with the hand she had slipped inside his own pocket due to the chilly temperatures. It seemed they had a body. He loved their job, but couldn't stop himself from thinking that it was quite a sad way to end such a beautiful Sunday.

Finally Beckett hung up. "We have a body. It's not far from here, we could go by foot." She suggested.

Castle shrugged and nodded, his lower lip making that cute pout Kate loved. "Ok. You guide, boss." He said winking at her.

Kate squeezed the hand inside his pocket and pulled on him towards the address they were required at.

It took them no more than fifteen minutes to arrive to the crime scene, and when they did, everybody was already there doing their respective jobs.

They were at a High School gymnasium. Weird place to find a body on a Sunday, Castle thought. He could see a woman lying on the floor, surrounded by a huge pool of blood. She was young, but not enough to be a student. Maybe a teacher.

Beckett stopped to talk to Lanie who was a few feet away from the body, writing on her pad and talking to a uniform. Castle, on the other hand, walked towards the victim. He was curious, as always.

When he got there he took his time to watch everything with full attention. The GSWs were visible in her chest and hip, and he could tell she had been dragged for a couple of feet, having into account the patterns on the bloodstain. Maybe the killer wanted to hide the body but had been interrupted.

He was there, rolling theories in his head, trying to find one that fitted, when he saw her face. Something struck him suddenly. He knew that woman. He couldn't remember who she was, but he was sure he knew her.

"Hey, Beckett!" He called her. "Do you find her face familiar?"

The detective frowned, concern starting to build inside her. She walked closer to the victim to look at her face. "Hmm. No, not really. Why? You know her?"

Castle squinted a little and nodded. "Yeah, I think I do."

Back at the precinct, after finishing their fieldwork, Castle kept trying to remember why the victim's face seemed to ring a few bells in his brain.

"I still can't imagine where could have I met this girl." He said out loud.

Beckett, who was now placing the new pictures on the murder board, looked at him and smiled. "It's probably nothing, Castle. This things happen." She said, putting a shot of the woman's blood-covered chest on the white board. "Or… Maybe… Well, she was kind of your type. You know, from… before…"

Castle gave her a look. Yeah, he had developed his own look. "Really?"

"Hey! You ask; I give you possible answers. You were not a monk when I met you, Castle."

A kind of proud smirk invaded his face. "Yeah…" He said wistfully.

The detective looked at him for a moment, her brows joined slowly above her hazel eyes, and when she saw he was not 'leaving' the thought, she hit him hard in the back of his head. "Hey! No fantasizing!"

"Ow!" the writer whined rubbing his head. "Ok. Sorry."

It was almost midnight when they decided to leave. There wasn't much they could do at night and they didn't have many leads.

The school janitor had found the body. The man worked on Sundays to clean up and have everything ready for the week start on Monday. They had had to call an ambulance after the poor man had a panic attack, so he hadn't been able to tell them much.

Also, there wasn't supposed to be anybody else in the building that day, which made the fact that she had been killed within the previous four hours to being found, a little weirder.

She didn't have any kind of ID on her, so they had to wait and see if her fingerprints were on their database. Until then, she was Jane Doe #00347586M at the morgue.

Back at his loft Castle was restless in bed. He couldn't stop thinking about the victim. There had to be something. She was stuck in his mind for one reason, but he couldn't find out what it was.

After a long while trying to make himself sleep, he gave up and got out of bed, trying not to disrupt the slumbering detective lying practically on top of him.

He went to his study and sat on his chair, rubbing his face with both his hands. Then he remembered about a big scrapbook he had somewhere around the dozens of shelves surrounding his desk. Maybe Beckett was right and the beautiful blonde had been one of his old conquests. If that was the case, she probably had been photographed with him coming out of any kind of event.

The morning found Kate alone in bed and feeling kind of cold. Her personal heater was nowhere to be found and his side of the bed was already cold, which meant he had been up for a long time.

She didn't have to wonder where he was or why he wasn't beside her in bed that morning. She knew how his mind worked. That woman had clicked something in his brain and he was not going to stop until he found out what it was.

Beckett got out of bed, used the bathroom and then walked to his study, where she knew he was.

And there she found him. Castle's head was practically hanging off the back of his chair. His mouth was open and he was snoring like a pig. Kate couldn't stop a chuckle at the view. His neck was going to hurt like hell…

She moved closer to him and put a soft kiss on the tip of his nose. He just wrinkled it and kept sleeping. Then she put another kiss to his left eye, then the right one. He moved his head to the other side and blinked repeatedly.

"Hey!" He said when he realized it was Kate beside him. "Ouch. My neck." He growled.

Kate smiled. "Yeah. That's gonna hurt, babe." She said kissing him on the lips and rubbing his sore neck. "Take a hot shower, I'll start breakfast."

He grinned at her like an idiot. "Thank you." And he stood up from his chair; daydreaming about that hot shower he was about to take.

Kate noticed the scrapbook in his desk and opened it to take a look. "You found anything in here?" She asked before he could walk into his bedroom.

"No. Nothing. Maybe I just think I know her but I don't… I don't know."

Beckett smiled. "If you really know her, we'll find out." She assured him.

When they arrived at the precinct the boys were waiting for them with some good news. The prints had been checked and they had a name.

"She's Alyssa Willick, twenty eight years old. She worked as public relations at 'The Back Door' club. The place is kind of elitist. Rich and famous pay a fortune to get in there." Esposito explained to them as they walked to their desk. "Ryan made some calls and we're going to talk to her boss right now. Oh, and Lanie called. The autopsy report is ready, you can go pick it up whenever you want."

Beckett nodded and smiled at the detective. "Ok. Thanks Espo. Call me if you find anything with her boss."

"Sure!" He said, giving them a thumb up. "See you later."

"Ok, Castle. Go make some coffee. I'll check this CSU reports and then we'll go see Lanie." She ordered, placing her papers around her desk.

The writer did as he was told and went to the break room to make two cups of coffee. Now they only stopped to buy it when they slept at her place, since he had the good stuff at home and she preferred it to the other. Still, he missed bringing her coffee every morning, so he took every chance he had to make it for her at the precinct. Old habits die hard.

After giving her her second dose of caffeine of the day and checking the reports, they left to the morgue to see Lanie.

"I can't tell you much more than yesterday." The ME told them when they entered her office. "Two gunshot wounds; one to her right hip and one to the chest. None of them were actually mortal. She bled out slowly. That fact made me think that maybe she was shot in the morning."

Beckett's head tilted to her side. "Why do you think that?"

"Well, it would have taken like a couple of hours, maybe three for her to bled out and she had been dead for at least four hours when we found her. That would place ToD at 2 pm more or less, but she could have been shout around 11 am." Lanie explained.

Beckett winced. "Hmm. That complicates things a little. Ok. Anything else?"

Lanie walked to a counter close her table. "I found this in her pocket. It seems to be a phone number." She said, handing the little piece of paper wrapped in a plastic bag to Kate.

"Thanks, Lanie." Said the detective putting the bag in he pocket. "Call if you find anything else."

"Sure, girl."

That evening, after having followed every lead they had at the moment, they were all gathered in front of the murder board exposing their theories and adding the new information the had found that day.

When Castle was about to tell his own crazy story he was interrupted by someone calling his name.

"Mr. Castle?" The voice asked.

The writer turned around followed by his partners, all intrigued about the foreign voice in their bullpen. "Yes?"

The man walked towards them offering his hand to Castle that shook it a little suspicious. "Oh, hi, Mr. Castle. My name is Andrew Carlson, I was Alyssa Willick's lawyer."

Castle frowned. "Oh. Then maybe you want to talk to the detectives here. I'm not very helpful when it comes to legal formalities."

The lawyer shook his head. "No. You are who I need to talk to. Could we do this in private?"

"Anything you have to say, they can hear it." Castle stated, looking back at his friends.

Kate took a step closer to Castle. She felt very protective and this was way too weird. Why did their victim's lawyer want to talk to Castle alone?

"Ok, then." Carlson said. "My client wrote her last will three years ago, Mr. Castle, and you're in it."

Four voices rose at the same time. "WHAT?"

The lawyer's eyebrows jumped in surprise and amusement. "She left you something I'm sure is going to… surprise you, at least." The man took a stack of papers out of his briefcase and proceeded to read. "In case anything ever happened to me, I grant the full custody of my son, Aidan Benjamin Willick, to Richard Castle, his biological father."


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