A/N: Written by request by Wolf on the Edge, thanks for the idea, this was fun to write. Hope it turned out how you expected it to.

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with the story, without you guys, this story wouldn't be where it is.

Song: Heaven

By: Bryan Adams


"Hey, Lydia."

"Hi Stiles." Lydia was sitting on the couch in the living room, engrossed in reading her newest magazine.

Stiles walks over to the couch, lifting Lydia's legs up so he could sit underneath them. Lydia could sense that something was bothering her fellow pack mate, so she lays the magazine down. "Ok, what's up?" Stiles doesn't look at the red head. "Stiles, you know I'm going to bother you until you tell me."

Stiles sighs, "It's just...well…"

"Spit it out. You can do it." Stiles glares at Lydia.

"Derek's been acting weird lately and tomorrow is our two year anniversary and I don't want to force him into anything but I was going to ask him but he'll say no and…"

"Slow down, Stiles." Lydia places her hand on the boy's arm, trying to comfort him. "Now, what were you, what are you going to ask him?"

Stiles blushes. "Well, umm, I was going to ask him to… well, this is so embarrassing…if he'll marry me." Lydia looks blankly at him, Stiles turns his head away from the girl. "I knew it was a stupid idea, I don't have anything to offer him. I don't even have enough money to buy a lot on the Monopoly board, let alone buy a ring." Stiles turns to face Lydia. "Lydia?" The boy starts to poke Lydia's legs, trying to get any form of a reaction.

Jackson walks into the room, eating a piece of triple layer chocolate cake. Swallowing before speaking, "What's up with her?"

"I-I think I broke her." Jackson shrugs and then continues to walk through the room to the stairs, ascending them and going to his room.

Lydia jumps up from her position on the couch, "STILES!" Stiles jumps, falling off of the couch and landing on the hard wood floor. "I'm going to have to find… no I'll be your wedding planner! We'll have winter… no, it'll be a beach theme…" The girl rambles off her ideas for the wedding while Stiles gets back on his feet.


Scott looks at his alpha, "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I was going to go to the jeweler's today, I want you to go with me…"

"How serious are you with this?"

"I just said that I'm going to the…"

"I can't believe this." Scott pauses. "You better be extremely serious about this!"


"He'll be so…"


"Geesh, what's your problem?"

Derek pinches the bridge of his nose. "I want you to go to the jeweler's with me and we have to make a quick stop at another place."

"Why? Wait, what were we talking about?" Derek gets an annoyed look on his face and grabs the young beta by his shirt and tosses him into the vehicle.


"ALLISON!" Lydia shouts. Allison comes running into the room.

"What? Did something happen? Hunters? I'll call…"

"Stiles wants to get married!" Allison doesn't fully understand what her friend just told her and just stands still. "Allison, Stiles wants to propose to Derek."

A smile forms on the dark haired girl and walks over to Stiles, hugging him. "You and Derek are going to look so cute! We're going to need…" Stiles stops listening as Allison breaks the embrace and starts talking to Lydia about wedding plans.

Stiles leaves the room, leaving the two girls to talk, and goes outside to his waiting jeep. Getting inside, the man drives away from the pack home to a familiar spot.


"So, you wanna marry my son?" The Sheriff looks at Derek like he's a criminal in an interrogation.

"Um, yes sir."

The Sheriff turns to his son's long time friend. "Scott, you're ok with this?"

Scott shrugs, "I guess."

"Scott, I need a better answer than 'I guess'."

"Yes, I'm fine with it."

Derek and the Sheriff have a stare down, until Stiles' father starts smiling and gets out of his seat to go over to Derek. The alpha stands and the older man brings him into a hug. "Welcome to the family, Derek. I'd be honored to have you as my son-in-law."


"I hope this is the right decision…yeah, two years…he's been acting weird lately, so what if he doesn't…I know he loves me... I wish I could get his parents' blessings… really? Thanks. I love you too mom." Stiles sits on the green grass of the cemetery in front of his mother's stone. The boy continues to talk to the stone, telling his mother about everything that is and was happening at this moment of his life. Stiles looses all track of time and fails to notice that it was now dark out.

Head lights of an approaching car illuminates the granite stones. The humming of the vehicle stops and the slamming of the door echoes throughout the silence of the night. A figure approaches the man, who sits cross-legged on the ground in front of the Stilinski tomb stone, and sits down beside the boy, pulling him in close to his side.

Derek and Stiles sit in silence until the alpha can feel his mate's heart beat slow down and his breathing evens out. He carries the younger man to the car, driving home.


"You look like you're about to be sick." Derek looks at his beta, evilly. "Wow, what's gotten in your ass?"

"Scott, just… just leave."

"Whatever… oh, I told Stiles that you want to take him for a walk through the woods." Scott leaves the alpha to suffer by himself.

'Why Peter chose Scott, I'll never know.' Derek thinks to himself as he gets enough strength to go upstairs to retrieve his mate.


"It'll be the perfect opportunity."

"But what if I mess it up? What, what if he says no?" Stiles starts to hyperventilate. Allison and Lydia go to his side, trying to comfort him.

"He's not going to say no."

"Yeah, he loves you. He'll for sure say yes."

"I hope you girls are right."

"Stiles, when have I ever been wrong?" Stiles raises his eyebrow at Lydia. "That was Jackson's fault!"


"Whatever." Lydia huffs out. There's a knock on the door. Stiles' heart starts to beat faster. "You'll be fine, just go." Lydia and Allison push their pack member out of the room.

"You ok?"

"Y-yeah, I-I'm fine."

"Ok? Um, you ready?"



Both Stiles and Derek walk in silence as they go farther into the dense woods of the Hale territory.

'In the clearing, that's where I'll ask him.' Stiles thinks to himself.

'Almost there, it'll be perfect, the rock that over looks woods and the town.' Derek's inner wolf purrs in approval. The alpha chooses the rock not just because of the amazing view, but his inner wolf wants to show its mate his kingdom and the promise of a home.

Stiles sees the clearing ahead, just a few short footsteps and… they're in the clearing. Stiles stops walking and Derek stops to turn to his lover.

"Everything ok?"


"Can this wait until later?"


"Come on." Derek grabs Stiles' hand again, intertwining their fingers.

Ten minutes later, Stiles makes Derek stop again. "We're almost there."

"Just, just give me a minute." Stiles gets down on one knee.

"There's no time to tie your shoes Stiles." Derek picks up the younger man, placing him on his back and continues walking, for the both of them. Stiles huffs out his frustration.

Derek finally stops walking, gently placing Stiles back on his feet.

Oh, thinkin' about all our younger years

There was only you and me

We were young and wild and free

Nothing can take that away from me

Stiles looks out across the land, never seeing such beauty before. Derek walks up behind Stiles, wrapping his arms around the skinnier man's waist and placing his head on Stiles' shoulder. "What do you think?" Derek whispers into Stiles' ear.

We've been down that road before

But that's over now

You keep me comin' back for more

"It's amazing. How…"

"It's my father's land and his father's before him. Now it's mine and yours."

Baby you're all that I want

When you're lyin' here in my arms

I'm findin' it hard to believe

We're in heaven


"Yes, yours." Derek starts to get nervous and letting go of the younger man, taking a few steps away from Stiles, he doesn't let his nervousness show, well he doesn't think…

"Derek, you ok?"

"W-what? Y-yeah I'm fine, why wouldn't I be? I mean, we're up here, you a-and I looking over the city." The alpha goes to lean against a near-by tree, but ends up missing and falling over. Stiles runs over to the fallen lycanthrope. The young man kneels down next to Derek.

"You ok?"

"I'm fine." Derek looks up, locking eyes with Stiles and bringing his hand up to cup Stiles' face.

Oh, once in your life you find someone

Who will turn your world around

Bring you up when you're feeling down

"Stiles, I-I love you so much."

"I love you too Derek."

Yeah, nothin' could change what you mean to me

Oh, there's lots that I could say

But just hold me now

'Cause our love will light the way

Derek shifts, grabbing something out of his pant's pocket.

"Normally I would be up for it, but can't we get a hotel or something? Doing it in the woods is not exactly my thing, Derek."



"We're not going to do it, well not right now at least."

"Oh." Stiles' cheeks turn bright red. "T-then what…" Stiles remembers that he's suppose to ask Derek a very important question. "Derek…"

"Stiles, I-I want to… just listen."


"Shh." Stiles refuses to keep quiet.

"I have…"

"Stiles, will you marry me?" Derek interrupts, exposing the box that contained the ring.

I've been waiting for so long

For somethin' to arrive

For love to come along


"Will you?"


"I'm sorry, I knew…"

"I was going to ask you." Stiles whispers, hypnotized by the ring in front of him.


"I-I was going to ask you, I didn't have a ring and I don't have much to offer but…"

"You, you were going to…"


Derek sits up more from his position on the ground, crashing their lips together. "Yes, Stiles, I'll marry you."

Now our dreams are comin' true

Through the good times and the bad

Yeah, I'll be standing there by you